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LYRICAL STYLINGS THAT WILL ROCK YOUR SPACE + GIVEAWAYWe’re excited to introduce 9 wall graphics by Paper Jam Press. Music plays an important part in our lives and these lyrical catchphrases inspired by popular rap and rock songs give us something to think about.

  1. How You Like Me Now
  2. Fight the Power
  3. Thinkin of a Master Plan
  4. I Wanna Rock Right Now
  5. Everyday I’m Hustlin
  6. Don’t Believe the Hype
  7. We Like the Boom
  8. Yes Yes Y’All
  9. It’s Like That | Cause That’s the Way It Is


Started by Ariana Orland in 2009, Paper Jam Press phrases are simple meditations that remind us all to keep being awesome. Each wall graphic is available in 2 sizes and several colors so whether you’re looking for a meditation or motivation, these new wall graphics will surely inspire you.


Which catchphrase inspires you? Tell us and you could be 1 of 5 lucky winners to win their Paper Jam Press wall graphic catchphrase of their choice.

LYRICAL STYLINGS THAT WILL ROCK YOUR SPACE + GIVEAWAYGiveaway Details: Which Paper Jam Press wall graphic catchphrase inspires you? Tell us why by commenting on this blog post to enter to win your Paper Jam Press wall graphic of choice. Comment by 11:59pm PST on October 25, 2013 to be entered. 5 winners will be randomly chosen and notified on October 28, 2013.

UPDATE: The 5 lucky winners were randomly selected and notified via email on October 28, 2013. Congratulations to Vera, Tiffiny, Nicole, Daly and June.

23 Responses

  1. Joanna Barker

    “I wanna rock right now” would be amazing in our home – I’m always listening to music, and that line just begs for the song to be turned on and turned up loud!

  2. Erica Jean

    Thinkin of a Master Plan inspires me because I desperately need a master plan to decorate my tiny room on a cheap budget.

  3. Christal Chacon

    Fight the Power is so me. If I’m not running, cycling or swimming; I’m thinking of something else to do that will challenge me. The Power I’m fighting in ennui & the slow crawl towards inactivity and old age.

  4. Kim McGill

    Thinking of a master plan inspires me to put this on my wall because my daughter and I are always saying that our cats are thinking up a master plan to rule the world ( they already rule the house)

  5. Nicole BK

    ‘Everyday I’m Hustlin’. The kids are always trying to work their charm to get more… reinterpreted, yes – but its so appropriate!

  6. EK

    “We Like the Boom” could find a home on the wall right above the bass amp.

  7. Tiffiny

    I work for Habitat for Humanity and we are currently renovating an 1882 building for our new offices. Most all of these would rock in our new space! “Thinking of a master plan” for our construction office, “Everyday I’m huslin” for fundraising “I wanna rock right now” for our family support specialist who is a part time pastor and guitarist.

  8. Shannon Willoughby

    “I wanna rock right now” would be a fitting addition to a wall in my home because that phrase pretty much sums up my awesomely nutty little 3 year old’s main goal in life. Or “fight the power,” that fits too. :)

  9. JY

    “Everyday I’m hustlin” needs to be on my bathroom mirror to remind me why I wake up every morning

  10. Vera Paras

    “How You Like Me Now” – Coz’ I’m a rebel; I don’t high five.

  11. Sean B

    “How You Like Me Now” — Gone through quite a few changes as of late and just turned 26, this would look awesome on the wall of my living room.

  12. Jessica

    “How You Like Me Now”: Because A. I love the song and B. I’m the type of person who doesn’t care what you think of me. I will be who I am, always.

  13. Rivka

    “I Wanna Rock Right Now” because sometimes Mommy just needs to rock out. Best times are when the whole family joins in and this would remind us to do it more often.

  14. Daly

    “It’s Like That | Cause That’s the Way It Is.” I’d put that in the game room. I’ve had to say it too many times on games night to family and friends who try to argue why a rule is the way it is. :P

  15. Kat

    I’m very inspired by the phrase: “Its like that” “Cuz thats the way it is”. This is just perfect for the wall in our family room next to our comical, yet one-sided house rules. My family would get a kick out of it, and I can just point to it whenver someone has an issue with the way we run our house.

  16. Jen Rutsky

    “Everyday I’m Hustlin” is my and my husband’s motto so of course I have to go with it. Love me some Rick Ross!

  17. Fran

    I hate to be a bore, but isn’t it “it’s like that AND that’s the way it is”? Nice decals though.

  18. It'sARainbow!

    I like the Thinkin of a master plan very much!

  19. Blik

    Yes but Paper Jam Press is inspired by song lyrics so their letterpress prints are not always an exact quote.

  20. June Nylin

    “Everyday I’m Hustilin” because it’s important to proactively seek new opportunities every day!

  21. Megan

    How you like me now. Is basically our anthem. It really speaks to our attitude as a couple and pulling through some really tough times where I others thought we couldn’t make it. We have summitted many mountains and continue to keep climbing and I think this blik could really keep inspiring us day after day. And would look bitchin on our wall.

  22. Melanie

    How You Like Me Now!
    I launched a the company Poppy Sports and I am branding. This speaks to every small step we take to let the brand shout out!

  23. Dell Inspiron One 23

    Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing it

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