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The Legend of Zelda Comes to Blik & A Heroic Giveaway

The Legend of Zelda Comes to Blik & A Heroic GiveawayYou asked and we answered. We’re thrilled to announce that your #1 requested wall decal – The Legend of Zelda – has come to Blik with eight stained glass wall decals based on artwork from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

The Legend of Zelda was released in the U.S. by Nintendo back in 1987. It was the very first game in the popular series and it introduced a whole new level of gaming combining action/adventure, puzzle solving and roleplaying. The game centered around the playable character named Link tasked with rescuing Princess Zelda and his ensuing adventures. The artwork has evolved since the early 8-bit graphics and in the latest version, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, enjoy the HD cell-shaded brilliance of the gorgeous fully remastered 1080p graphics.

The Legend of Zelda Comes to Blik & A Heroic GiveawayYou don’t have to be a Legend of Zelda fan to like the eight new Zelda stained glass wall decals x Blik. Like traditional stained glass, these colorful decals tell stories from The Wind Waker with six of the eight featuring the hero Link in various action poses using items he acquires in the game – BoomerangSwordWind Waker – GoldWind Waker – SilverGrappling Hook, and Hero’s Bow. The Helmaroc King stained glass decal tells the epic battle between Link and the evil bird while the Princess features Link with the Master Sword after he has defeated Ganon and saved Princess Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda Comes to Blik & A Heroic Giveaway

The Legend of Zelda Comes to Blik & A Heroic GiveawayWin 1 of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Stained Glass Wall Decals!

To celebrate the launch of this legendary video game series at Blik, we’re rewarding 5 lucky winners with 1 of these 8 stained glass wall decals from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. What do you have to do to win one – solve puzzles, defeat a boss or save Princess Zelda? No, all you need to do is comment on this blog post by September 19, 2013 and tell us which stained glass decal is your favorite and why you like it best.

Giveaway Details: 5 winners will be rewarded with their Zelda stained glass wall decal of choice: Boomerang, Sword, Wind Waker – Gold, Wind Waker – Silver, Grappling Hook, Hero’s Bow, Hermaloc King or Princess. To enter, comment on this blog post and tell us which The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD stained glass wall decal is your favorite and why. Comment by 11:59pm PST on September 19, 2013. 5 winners will be selected at random.

UPDATE September 20, 2013: The giveway is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! We enjoyed reading your comments and your passion for the The Legend of Zelda is amazing. Since we had 558 comments at the time of the deadline, we decided to select 10 winners (instead of 5)! The winners have been notified: Heather J; 3rddimension; cmgirty; Kathy; Ayriez; Kristina; Alicia F; Morgan; Andy M and Erin B. Congrats to our 10 lucky winners!

564 Responses

  1. Benjamen

    Zelda Wind Waker: Sword ! Classic old-school link pose!

  2. heta s

    I like wind-wacker gold because I see that as sign of hope and future.

  3. Gustavo

    Hero’s Bow looks boss. I would put that on my wall.

  4. Vincent Pellizzi

    The “Sword” decal is my favorite, as it is the iconic piece of stained glass art used in promotion for the game. Moreover, it shows how this young boy has developed the courage to be ready to face great and dangerous challenges.

  5. Ann Warner

    Wind Waker- Silver is my favorite. I really like the red color, and it looks gorgeous with the wind swirling around Link as he uses the Wind Waker. Also, Makar looks adorable hiding in the background.

  6. Danyell Jones

    We’ve been Zelda fans since the days of the gold nintendo cartridges. Now we’ve passed the torch to my 13 year old, and she will absolutely die when she sees these!

  7. Kristen

    I love the Sword stained glass! It’s classic and focuses on Link.

  8. Jeff Meeks

    Sword- It is beautifully done, and would look great in any game room.Especially my game room! Well done!

  9. Juliana

    The Helmaroc King one is simply stunning! Plus an epic battle. :)

  10. Michael Martin

    Oh God it’s so hard to choose which one is my favorite!

    I would have to say that the Wind-Waker Helmaroc King is the best :) . You don’t even get to see the Helmaroc King’s wings in such detail in the game, so it’s really beautiful to see! It reminds me of a Phoenix !

  11. Daniel B

    I like Hero’s Bow because it has the King of Red Lions.

  12. Stefan Richter (@stefanrichter)

    I would love one for my daughter – she’d think it’s Peter Pan :-)

  13. Homer L

    This is fantastic news to Zelda fans like me!! Thank you, Blik, for creating these beautifully done stained glass wall decals. My favorite is definitely Zelda Wind Waker: Princess. It reminds me of the original “The Legend of Zelda” from 1986. I had to go through all those puzzles, dungeons, mazes, and defeat Ganon in order to rescue Princess Zelda!!

  14. Marianna

    I have to say maybe it’s the girl in me, but I love “Princess”. I love the expression on Link’s face.

  15. Florence Mims

    The Helmaroc King edition is stunning. I like it for its beautiful details.

  16. Rachel Purton

    My favorite is the Helmaroc King – it is gorgeous, love the color!

  17. MacKenzie

    Very nice I would not have thought to have wanted Zelda art in my home but wow very well done

  18. Mellisa Otwell

    I like the Helmaroc King decal the best because of the amount of purple and the overall shape and design.

  19. julie

    My favorite is Helmaroc King. The bright colors and the action image is so great. I love it!

  20. Ghostface Millah

    Wow. Too many to choose from, but I’ve always been partial to the grappling hook. Or the one with the Zelda in it – that one is beautiful. Either way, THESE ARE AWESOME!

  21. Kitty

    While they are all gorgeous, the Zelda Wind Waker: Princess design stands out to me. I love it because it calls back memories of the original games, forcing you to think about how far the game has come and all of its many reincarnations. A perfect homage! :)

  22. Sérgio Santos

    My first child will be born in January 2014 and what is the best thing his room can have than a wall decal about Zelda? My favourite is the “ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS”. Is simply stunning!

  23. ATL

    Princess because she is the reason for it all! These are amazing, BTW.

  24. Christopher

    I like them all but Grappling Hook is my favorite with Helmaroc King coming in second. I have been a huge Zelda fan since Ocarina of Time, when I had to hide under the bed to watch my brother play. Grappling Hook is my favorite because I like the fire background and the way Link swings in style. Great job overall!

  25. Nola G.

    Oh wow these are beautiful!! I would love to hang the Princess stained glass in my home!! Although the action images are also beautiful the Princess scene I feel tells more of the TALE of the legend of zelda :)

  26. TG

    My favorite is the bow, I like the art there and Link is smiling

  27. Brittany

    The Hero’s Bow is a great representation of the past and present Zelda games. It truly is an image for all Zelda fans.

  28. Jeff

    My favorite would have to be Hero’s Bow. I really love the composition of Link against the iconic King of Red Lions boat on the open sea which is signature to the The Wind Waker. Beautiful work on all of these!

  29. Jeff S.

    Love Hero’s Bow! Great visual with the clouds at the same angle as the arrow.

  30. Elana

    I think my favourite is Hero’s Bow, because I love the colours in the background and the way he pops out a little bit from the frame!

    I wish there was an Ocarina of Time one!!!

  31. Will

    Definitely grappling hook, i loved swinging around a castle with nothing but ocean underneath. What a great game this is. I wish my ‘Cube still worked!

  32. Julie

    I think my favourite one is the one with Zelda’s head on the top, with her hair flowing. It’s very Alphonse Mucha! Beautiful!!

  33. jodie

    Boomerang, it was the first weapon after the sword, that gave link a leg up

  34. Eloise

    Boomerang – I come from a land down under and like Link, have left my home to pursue my destiny!

  35. Natasha

    My husband and I have both been longtime Zelda fans and played TP together when we first dated. I would love to hang one of these next to our copy of Hyrule Historia and our Master Sword. I think my favorite would have to be the ‘Sword’ decal because of the beautiful use of color on the stained glass, the detail of the sword and shield, and Link’s determined expression over the triforce symbol. The ‘Hero’s bow’ decal however is a very close second because the bow is one of my favorite items and I love the detail of the sea and the sky with Link smiling in the foreground and his boat in the background.

  36. irene

    i love Zelda Wind Waker: Princess. The princess is so gorgeous and pretty! i also love that it sort of looks like a poster for my wall :)

  37. Christian P.

    Hero’s Bow! The sea reminds me of fighting octoroks on the beaches. There was always something wondrous about exploring on the coast of the watery realm.

  38. Melissa

    The Princess hands down.

  39. Connie

    The Helmaroc King is my favorite because of all the wonderful details and colors. They’re all great though.

  40. Jaclyn Reynolds

    The grappling hook, they all look amazing, but that’s my top choice!

  41. Cody

    My favorite is “Boomerang”. The blue, greens, and purple really stand out from the rest and the design of the stain glass feel is really unique with its hard angles.

  42. Kathy

    Princess. I love the use of colors and the fact that it portrays both Zelda and Link.

  43. Lisa Bernard

    Boomerang! I loved using this weapon in the game! It made the game much more fun for me. And, my brother and I had a song about the boomerang not coming back that we would chant when we used the weapon.

  44. Patrick A.

    Silver – not sure why, I just really love the way it looks.

  45. Emily

    The Hero’s Bow is my favorite decal. They’re all gorgeous, but I like that one the best because I always liked using the bow in the games.

  46. I want all of Blik's Legend of Zelda wall decals | GamerTell

    [...] out of the picture, try winning one. Blik is giving away five of them, to people who comment on its blog entry announcement by September 19, 2013. The winners get to choose which decal they want, and will be randomly selected. There were only [...]

  47. Reza Elghazi

    It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

  48. Annie

    I have to go with the Grappling Hook. Always my favorite accessory in the game, and the decal image is dynamic and has motion.

  49. Mike Jones

    So hard to choose, the entire set would be pretty amazing. I think Zelda, Sword, and Grappling Hook are my favorites though.

  50. Sharon

    All of the decals but if one stands out just a bit more than the rest…it would be Hero’s Bow. Always liked the sport of archery and the pose is so Zelda.

  51. rebecca steinberg

    The Hero’s Bow for sure! They are all fantasic and I would have to buy one of the other ones to have a set to put them on the closet doors of my zelda themed guest bedroom. The Bow I love because it has the King Red Lion in it. I love that sassy boat.

  52. ryan t

    I can remember having the 1st NES Zelda with gold plating on the cartridge way back when it first came out and loved it. Now my youngster loves Zelda as well. He’s 4 and diagnosed as ASD, but he loves Mario and Zelda games and would play them all day if he were allowed. That being said, all of these new bliks are really awesome! Having to pick a favorite I’d choose the Helmaroc King because of the vibrant colors and being able to see the sea below. I also really like that it’s the only circled/domed top of the lot!

  53. Alex Song

    The Princess design is my favorite. Two classic characters in beautiful poses! I only wish this had the arched window design like the weapon ones!

  54. Amber A

    The Sword decal is amazing. It’s heroic and powerful and generally bad ass. My 9yr old son, who is determined to be Link for halloween would love this stained glass looking decal in his room – acting as its protector!

  55. Samantha

    WOW! My husband is in the military and going to school- he is away at training for several weeks and I am re-doing his office area while he is gone. A long-time lover of Zelda, I know this would be an amazing finishing touch!!
    He would love ANY of them, but I think the princess would look really spiffy in the area. When he comes back from training he’s going to have a LOT of school catch-up to do since he is missing over 2 weeks in the middle of the semester, I’m betting this will help him break from the monotony.
    We would really sincerely appreciate this! You guys are an amazing company!!!


  56. Daniel Ramirez

    Hero’s Bow all the way. It’s my favorite item from the game series.

  57. Kent Agramonte

    I love the “Zelda Wind Waker: Sword: decal. It looks just like the opening sequence of the game where Link is holding the sword. It is by far the most heroic piece.

  58. Caten

    Hero’s Bow. It’s majestic, dynamic and the bow is a classic game item.

  59. Nicole Clark

    The Hero’s Bow. It’s my go to weapon of choice in every game I’ve played. The pose and “window” look pretty awesome as well.

  60. Sharon Schoepe

    I love the Zelda Wind Walker Princess. I love the colors and it reminds me what an amazing game it is.

  61. Jessica Reusze

    The Wind Waker Silver is my favorite. It really shows the whimsical features of the game very well.

  62. Joe

    I love the one with the reddish background. Such a cool color combo! :-)

  63. Brian Medina

    The Hero’s Bow…. I remember seeing these pictures so long ago and thinking I would’ve loved posters of them. I’m so glad that Blik brought them out and I can’t wait to decorate my gaming room and office with them. Great job guys.

  64. Nadine S

    I love Zelda! And my favorite is the Wind Waker in gold,

  65. Melanie

    These are amazing! The Helmaroc King one is my fave. It’s a constant reminder of your vengeance against that bird and Ganondorf!

  66. sophie

    Wind Waker: Grappling Hook! The colors and action are striking and exciting, like the game!

  67. Kyra Gorski

    When I was a kid this was my favorite game! The grappling hook decal is awesome!

  68. Angelique

    Love Grappling Hook the most!!! They are all absolutely stunning to be honest so it’s a difficult choice. I can’t wait to put one in our game room!

  69. Chel

    Princess! Although the other ones are so pretty too, so hard to choose!

  70. Eryn

    Hermaloc King is my favorite. One, the colors are amazing, along with all the tiny details. That tail!

    Secondly. Hermaloc King is a great boss that I enjoyed beating.

    Man, I would attend a church with Link stained glass windows. ;)

  71. Miguel Partida

    Hard to choose, I like Sword, Grappling Hook, and Hero’s Bow.

  72. Caitlin Stumpf

    Oh my gosh! I absolutely love the Helmaroc King stained glass! It’s gorgeous (:

  73. Kelsey M

    It’s so hard to not select them as a set. I’d want all of them to be equal spaced around all the walls in my room. But, if I had to choose one, I’d say Hero’s Bow. It shows the most memorable part of Wind Waker: the boat.

  74. Courtney

    The Hero’s Bow is friggin awesome! Classic weapon, fabulous pose.

  75. Ben Fleck

    They are all absolutely stunning and beautiful, but my favorite is the Hero’s Bow. It captures the essence of the Legend of Zelda – looking skyward, the target out of sight, ceaselessly fighting and adventuring throughout time… just like the player playing all the various games… Timeless, classic, beautiful, wondrous, and inspiring! Any of these would earn a hero’s spot on my wall!

  76. Christa Jones

    Zelda Wind Waker.. I’d love to win this for my husband.. when he’s gaming he sings the Zelda theme’s an adventurers anthem. <3

  77. Jason

    Sword is my favorite. It gives a real sense of Link’s determination to save Zelda at any cost. He means business!

  78. Aurora

    It’s really hard to chose a favorite, every time I look I like a different one the best. Right now it’s Wind Waker – Silver. All designs are full of the awesomeness

  79. Alieisx

    I love the Boomerang why… because its the most random of the weapons. Also Link’s Awakening is my favorite video game of all time. My husband has the life bar tattooed on his wrist and when I saw it I struck up a conversation with him and here we are!

  80. Angie S

    My favorite is Helmaroc King. I love its vibrancy, and the look of determination on Link’s face is classic.

  81. Jordan R

    My favorite has got to be “Hero’s Bow”. It illustrates Link’s heroic spirit, and the beautifully drawn wind in the background portrays the essential role wind plays in the game.

    Also, the King of Red Lions is hanging out in the back. What more could you ask for?


  82. Alec

    The Silver decal is great, the movement and action in the wall decals reminds me of the game when using the Baton.

  83. Arnaud Canivet

    The Princess stain glass decal is my favorite! I used to own a poster just like it, it was my favorite poster ever.
    I am so happy these decals are finally available!

  84. Amber Kane

    These new wall graphics are beautiful! My favorite is the Helmaroc King. Vivid colors and would be a welcome addition to my daughters room decor.

  85. Kat

    I would have to say my favorite is Princess. It has all the elements of classic Legend of Zelda in the style I love the most. And my daughter would LOVE to have the princess she is named after on her wall.

  86. Marie W

    The Helmaroc King represents good versus evil and provides the satisfaction that good triumphs over evil.

  87. Heather

    Grappling Hook is my favorite. I find it inspirational as well as visually compelling.

  88. Liz S

    I think the Helmaroc King graphic is beautiful and would love to have it on my ugly old wall!

  89. Zach

    The Sword! It’s the perfect balance between traditional stained glass aesthetic and cell shaded awesomeness.

  90. David

    I gotta go with the boomerang decal, simply because that weapon shows up in most of the Zelda games and is really fun to use!

  91. Chris Shriver

    ***Spoilers if you’ve never played Wind Waker***

    First of all – each of these are absolutely stunning. The color palette used in each decal is exactly how I would envision a Zelda stained-glass window to look. My favorite has to be the Princess decal. I love how Zelda (Tetra) is floating above Link. It tells me two things. That she’s the overarching reason in which this quest exists, and also that she is always in the back of Link’s mind. He’s doing what needs to be done – which is kicking major butt and saving the world!

  92. nandoboom

    Going to need extra walls to put these on.

  93. John Follett

    Wow! These are all great. It is tough to choose a favorite but I think Grappling Hook takes the edge for me, follow closely by Hero’s Bow.

  94. Katwa

    Nice work Blik – Love your old school game graphics and these are no exception!! Sword is my fave hands down for it’s sheer classic awesomeness…

  95. capo


    Why? It has a sense of regal grace and shows that Link is ready and willing to protect. Not to mention it’s gorgeous with the winding ivy!

  96. Alex

    These look fantastic. I like “sword” best, but they’re all great. I’ve got just the place for it, too!

  97. Leena Saleh

    These are so beautiful!! I think Zelda Wind Waker -Gold is my favorite because it’s the most whimsical and reminds me of the magic of that amazing game which was the first video game my husband and I played together after we got married :)

  98. Alex

    The Helmaroc King. It’s so colorful and it’s the most action-packed.

  99. Mia

    Oh my, these are absolutely stunning. My favourite must be “Princess”. Why? 1) it has Link _and_ Zelda, 2) it shows such grace and portraits them both in a beautiful way. I would be proud to have this in my apartment =)

  100. Eric R. Miller

    I love the princess one. It reminds me of my girlfriend and her love of the Legend of Zelda.

  101. Jerrod A.

    Princess is my favorite, it has always been my favorite of the stained glass pictures from Wind Waker.

  102. Jennifer

    Sword-Link is the main focus here and he just looks so awesome. This really doesn’t help my impatience for this hd re-release of Windwaker

  103. Jessica

    Zelda Wind Waker: Helmaroc King is definitely my favourite. These are so awesome and I plan on buying one even if I don’t win!

  104. Celeste

    I love all of them, they are all fantastic in their own ways. My favorite is Helmaroc King because it is so amazingly colorful and detailed to the point of being psychedelic, which suits my style. The bird, the sun, the sky, and the waves all together create an image that honors the beauty of nature as the Zelda games do. What nice pieces of artwork these are! My fiance and I would love to have one in our apartment, which is currently overwhelmingly white. He is an avid gamer and Zelda is one of the few games I play.

  105. Christian

    Zelda Wind Waker: Wind Waker-Gold is completely awesome. I would use this in my office.

  106. Jessica

    I so want the Zelda Wind Waker: Grappling Hook. It’s simple, but it’s so awesome.

  107. Dylan Lundquist

    Hero’s Bow looks AWESOME. I love the colours and pose on it, very reminiscent of WW.

  108. Sondra

    I love the Hero’s Bow the best. Not sure why. They’re all equally awesome!

  109. Ben Post

    The Sword graphic would go great right over my bed. Link could guard me as I sleep!

  110. Dawn

    I love all of them but especially Wind Waker Gold. It’s a perfect representation of the game by centering on the wind waker and the colors would also look great in my room.

  111. djb1986

    I love the Princess Zelda one. The last boss fight has to be my favorite of the entire series.

  112. 3rdDimension

    I absolutely love the princess stained glass. I think it’s great because it tells the story of these two reluctant heroes so well. It’s all in their facial expressions. Mainly the eyes!

  113. Meoskop

    Sword is classic and active, the only thing better would be if it was Zelda instead of Link.

  114. brent

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: WIND WAKER – SILVER it has to be this. They are all so good but Link is top notch in this design.
    There is a space ready for it in my bedroom

  115. Bitoi

    I live in a small hut on the skirts of Outset island and I would love the poster of Link & Zelda to adorn one of my walls. It’ll be in celebration & reminder of the hero of time and princess who saved our land from the tyranny of the evil Ganon! Even If I don’t win this, I’ll gladly pay 37 rupees for this wonderful piece of art :)

  116. Secret2Everyone

    Helmaroc King is the coolest!

  117. Lindsey R

    Zelda Wind Waker: Wind Waker – Gold — the colors are just stunning in this!

  118. superzombiepower

    Hero’s Bow! It looks so optimistic, looking out towards the skies and whatnot. Plus, I’m a sucker for the bow in Zelda games.

  119. Margaret King

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: SWORD I love the colors and the game.

  120. Kittipath Prasartkaew

    Ohh… they’re all so amazingly beautiful. But if i have to pick one, then it will be the boomerang because that was the first weapon i picked up.

  121. Shane A

    Gotta say Windwaker – Silver. Beautiful use of color.

  122. Tim Best

    Definitely Princess. Looks awesome.

  123. Grumble Grumble...

    All are awesome, but Helmaroc King is my favorite. I’ve been enthralled by this beautifully composed, riotously colored image of an epic boss battle for years and am overjoyed to see it available in such a gigantic size.

  124. Ming Cai

    I love the Princess one. It tells the whole story of the Wind Waker in one glass-stained piece. It also makes Link more iconic because he has his Master Sword, his favorite weapon.

  125. Thomas Kessinger

    Gotta love the grappling hook. It looks Beautimus and captures the motion so well.

  126. Lili

    I love the Grappling Hook decal! The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is one of my favorite games, and I especially love the cell-shading!

  127. Karen Opferman

    Our favorite is Wind Waker- Gold. My children are big time Zelda fans. I choose this one because Wind Waker is my son’s favorite Zelda game!

  128. karen hunter


  129. Brooks Warehime

    A bunch of great looking art. The Helmaroc King in particular looks fantastic. So many colors blended together beautifully. Awesome decals.

  130. Linda Moss

    My favorite is the Zelda WindWaker: Princess. I love the castle!

  131. EK

    I would choose
    Zelda Wind Waker: Wind Waker – Gold
    It has a playfulness about it and I like the lilac accents.

  132. Miguel D

    Ahh the Wind waker is my favorite game ever, and all these decals look amazing! The princess is my favorite one!

  133. Stevie-Ra'

    This is such a hard decision! Helmaroc King is probably my favorite of them all! I’ve played zelda since I little. Wind Waker is amazing and all of these remind me of the Wind Waker Link I have tattooed on me, but I think the Helmaroc King defiantly captures the game amazingly!

  134. Pyracantha

    Boomerang – Because Link always comes back to me.

  135. Tylah T

    Definitely Zelda Wind Waker: Helmaroc King. It captures the most epic boss battle of the game, where Link finally gets to rise from the smoldering ashes of his first failure to pound the giant phoenix-chicken, who kidnapped his sister, in the face with a skull shaped hammer…Pure satisfaction embodied in a trope as old as time: boy versus beast.

  136. Renee

    I am so excited for these decals since the Zelda series is my favorite videogame series of all time! I love the one with Link and the grappling hook! That is one of my favorite tools to use in this game, and the vibrant colors would look awesome on my walls.

  137. Tonya Jimenez

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: HELMAROC KING!! The colors and the graphics just POP out at you. It’s such an amazing graphic, I could sit and look at it all day long. I LOVE the colors!! I’d put it up right near my chameleon’s habitat so she could decide which color she likes best and change her skin! LoL

  138. Dan

    The Zelda one, I think. I like her character and the art nouveau influence on it.

  139. Cat

    The second, because Link looks so cool!

  140. Nicolb

    Princess … because it’s dangerous to go alone.

    (But really, look at how gorgeous it is!)

  141. Andres V

    My favorite is the Princess because “It’s a secret to everybody” but “it’s dangerous to go alone , take this”.

    “Hey, Listen” that’s the one that I want most so “well, excuse me, princess”.

    For real the “Princess” one is really amazing :)

  142. Wes

    I’d totally get the Boomerang! I used to sick it on Chu-Chus for hours just to get the next potion unlocked! That, and just mowing down grass for rupees!

  143. Sean D.

    I love the Link swinging one — something similar was actually almost going to be a tattoo I got a few years ago. I photoshopped it here:

    … but, I chickened out. I won’t chicken out on getting these decals, though. They’re probably less painful to install than a tattoo. Or so I hope.

  144. Levi

    I want the Sword poster SOOO bad! You can tell Link is ready for his adventure just looking at it!

  145. Pamela Barth

    The one of the Helmaroc King. Number one it is gorgeous and epic. It reminds me of my favorite battle of the game. It’s second of course to…(SPOILER ALERT) stabbing Ganondorf in the forehead!

  146. Sean C.

    the bow and arrow one because it highlights my fav LoZ tool

  147. Linda

    I want the Wind Waker – Gold, cuz it’s better than the Wind Waker-Silver :p

  148. Christina

    The Grappling Hook graphic. Nice coloring and appearance of movement!

  149. Sam Dornfest

    I just have to go with the Wind Waker: Silver. It fits with the theme of the game perfectly. Definitely my favorite one overall.

  150. Kyle

    Wind Waker – Silver makes Link look like a god! Yes please!

  151. Kyle Fraizer

    Why do i not have all of these…. and how do you pick only one….
    If i was going to pick just one, however it would be the one where Link is vs The Helmaroc King…. that was just one of those battles that always stuck with me…. I don’t see the Skull Hammer in the decal, but that item, and smashing it into that bird,…. there was so much satisfaction in every swing…

  152. Jeremy

    Hero’s Bow. The bow is one of my favorite weapons. Plus it’s got his ship in it.

  153. Connor

    I definitely want one of these, they are awesome :)

  154. ori

    Princess of course

  155. Sean F.

    I’d have to pick Sword because the background looks the most like an actual stained glass window.

  156. Helen Scullin

    So hard to choose…but I really do have to go with the Helmaroc king. Mainly because it’s beautiful and he was my favorite boss in the game!~ ^_^

  157. Tiffany

    My favorite would have to be Hero’s Bow. The composition is great and I feel like there’s a lot of story involved in the artwork. Plus, Link’s pose is, as the name suggests, heroic!

  158. Zach

    I love the Hero’s Bow graphic, makes Link look like the totally epic hero he is! :D

  159. Jessica

    Hero’s Bow. I love the motion of the piece. You really get the feeling of the wind and being on the sea. One of my favorite parts of the game was just sailing around and this evoked that same joy when I saw it. :)

  160. Candy

    My entire basement is the classic mario from Blik. Now we have these beauties. My favorite is the Bow and arrow Zelda. Really pretty wall stickers. So cool!

  161. Candy

    My entire basement is done in Blik classic mario decals. Now I need another room to put these wonderful wall decals up. My favorite is the Hero’s bow Link. Must own this one , for sure!

  162. fran

    Princess, but would be happy with any!

  163. Tom

    The Wind Waker: Princess design is absolutely gorgeous!
    It takes me straight back to the moment when you go to Hyrule Castle and see the stained -glass windows depicting Hyrule’s history…
    Amazing work!

  164. Jeff

    Whoa grappling hook looks awesome!!

  165. Lucas

    I love the Hero’s Bow Graphic, almost as much as the bow itself. Wind Waker is such an amazing game and totally loved every second of it. I am totally anticipating the release of the HD version coming out for Wii U, and am totally jazzed that Nintendo made these Wall graphics. The Hero’s Bow graphic has a very colorful and thrilling feel as well as capturing the epicness of the game.

  166. Chelle Hanson

    Love the Hero’s Bow and Wind Waker: Sword! Both are so iconic to the series and so well done artistically. I like that the Hero’s bow incorporates more of the elements of the Wind Waker game specifically: the waves and Red Lion. The Wind Waker: Sword carries with it more of the symbolism behind the Zelda series (Honor, Courage, Sacrifice).

  167. Liz G

    My favorite is the princess! Because Zelda and Link are my favorite characters of all time. I love that Link looks so determined and you know he’s ready to save the princess again.

  168. Alex

    All are awesome, but Helmaroc King is my favorite; it has amazing detail!

  169. Kelsey

    I love the Wind Waker – Gold one the most, because the way the wind and the seagulls swirl around Link is beautiful and he looks like he’s floating in the sky over Outset Island.

  170. Kelly

    I like the princess one because it features both character’s Zelda and Link!

  171. Keenzach

    The princess one is my favorite because it can represent the whole series and not just the windwaker game. Besides the Helmaroc King one (which would be my second favorite) the other ones are all pictures of him using the item at the top and while they are beautiful as well they don’t do it for me as much.

  172. Rob T

    Wow! Amazing decals. These are so colorful that it seems to attract much attention. They all look so cool.

  173. Kevin

    The Helmaroc King is the best.

    The level of detail is amazing. It also captures the scope of the fight from the game perfectly.

  174. Nicole Nilsen

    I’d love the Hero’s bow One, I’ve always had a soft spot for that and I love the design.

  175. BrianK

    I think that I like the helmaroc king best. It evokes the epic battles that Link always encounters

  176. Raphael

    I saw an image from IGN and followed the link to the site. These images are amazing. They are truly a masterpiece and are a perfect collectible to any Zelda fan. Amazing Work.

  177. Bonnie B

    Hermaloc King… So much detail. I love it!

  178. Eric

    I just bought Helmaroc King and Hero’s Bow! These are awesome!

  179. Benjamin

    All are colorful and unique but my favorite is the Helmaroc King. The artwork not only depicts that epic battle well but as a piece of art itself its just surreal.

  180. artemis

    sword is my favorite!

  181. Carlos

    Love the one with Link and the princess. Only one with it!

  182. MC Gamer

    Wow! These are awesome and will surely broke me… I really like the Princess one, very amazing!

  183. Janette

    I love the princess. The colors are beautiful and it has both Link and Zelda in it. I loved playing this game when it first came out!

  184. Levi StensonJones

    HELMAROC KING as it has so much going on there, and the visuals are just phenomenal

  185. Mihaianu Alexandru

    Wind Waker – Gold gathers all my nostalgia in one place

  186. Elizabeth Weitz

    All of them make my nerd heart glow brightly, but the one that speaks to me like a blue fairy is The Sword. I would not only put it in my living room where everyone could see it, I would arrange an altar before it (complete with burning candles) and make visitors to my home offer up a token of worship to it in the form of coins.

  187. Denise

    I personally like Zelda Wind Waker: Hero’s Bow. The reason behind that is because of the fine details etched on it. I could also see the Triforce design on the frame and everytime I see that logo, I would always feel relaxed because the Triforce represents “Equality”, which means no more bullying and mocking in my case. I like how Link is particularly aiming for whatever it is outside of the frame because somehow, it looks kind of real. It makes me think that Link is real by seeing how he posed.

  188. Kevin J

    Man, the Helmaroc King one is super epic. It captures Link in one of his epic moments, overcoming the odds to save his sister, doesn’t get better than that! Really shows of the spirit of the series.

  189. Ayriez

    Zelda Wind Waker: Helmaroc King is my personal favourite! Shows the kind of creatures Link has to often face, doing so with daunting courage!

  190. Brian T

    Magical & Heroic!

  191. Ringo

    Grappling hook! Why? Because Link is totally having a “cool guys don’t look at explosions” moment! Who doesn’t want that on their wall?!

  192. Aethelwulf

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: SWORD all the way but have to admit BOW is coming in a close second. The temptation to buy all eight is far too strong. Curses.

  193. Nick G

    Thinking long and hard about this, I would have pick the Princess stained glass decal as my favorite. Just look at it, the golden hair of Zelda cascading down, like the rays of the sun. Link standing in front of Hyrule Castle, sword drawn and shield at the ready, demonstrates the courage that he posses in order to save the Princess.

  194. momchil

    The essence of Legend of Zelda

  195. Carissa

    Beautiful work on these! I didn’t know what to expect with these new Zelda bliks and I think you guys totally nailed them, its a great concept and the art work is amazing.

    Looking forward to getting all of these!!

  196. Randy R

    I want all of them, but if I had to choose one for now, it’d be Princess. The juxtaposition of Link and Zelda make for a great piece on it’s own. Eventually I want all eight on my walls.

  197. Izzy Miyake

    Hero’s Bow with the awesome pose and king of red lions in the back

  198. Matt Ng

    My favorite has to be the one with Link and Zelda. Having the triforce at the top along with Hyrule castle in the background it’s hard not to say this one is your favorite.

  199. Kyle S

    I’m a huge fan of the Helmaroc King decal. The motion, detail, and vivid colors captured in it are a fantastic representation of the game – the stained glass style is super classy. These are all fantastic!

  200. Stephen T

    I like the ‘Sword’ design the best because I intend to try and use it as a template for an actual stained glass project, though it may have to be slightly simplified in some areas.

  201. Cody Jolin

    I choose Hero’s Bow. I feel that it is the most kinetic of all the new Zelda images…let that arrow fly, Link!

  202. christopher


  203. Lindsey

    “Princess” is definitely my favorite of the bundle here. It reminds of Cover Art for the series but in stained-glass form, which is fantastic!

  204. Geon B

    Personally I love the “Hero’s Bow”. There is a simple elegance to it that I think really shows a kind of average day for Link. He’s done this so many times that he’s almost at ease.

  205. Francis P.

    Wind Waker: Sword. Simple, colourful and classic.

  206. Jazz

    The Princess one. My girlfriend would like it so bad!

  207. Charles

    My favorite is the sword because it looks just like a real stained glass window and Link looks like he’s ready for action.

  208. Erin J

    Link and Zelda!

  209. Trey W

    Link and Zelda, because you can’t have one without the other!

  210. cmgirty

    I like “Hero’s Bow”. It’s such a classic symbol of LoZ.

  211. Patrick

    I love the Princess decal, for a few reasons. First, it represents the basis of every Zelda game we’ve come to love (Link saves the Princess from doom). These are both iconic figures in video game history and are featured prominently here with gorgeous detail. You can tell they are both young, yet are wise beyond their years and show courage in the face of certain danger. The whole decal radiates wisdom, courage and power, creating the spirit of the Triforce and the adventurous spirit of the game I love dearly.

  212. lori byrd

    The Helmaroc King is my favorite to win. It is so beautiful and colorful! I hope to enjoy it soon

  213. peter w

    The link and princess is the best. It is just an iconic image of everything the game is about. Just looking at it brings me back to the days of staying up all night, just to get to the next dungeon. Good times.

  214. Michael Reed

    I like the Helmaroc decal

  215. Brantley Heath

    My favorite is the one with Link kneeling with his sword and shield. The perfect portrait for the Zelda series!

  216. Evan Jensen

    Love these. Would thoroughly enjoy Wind Waker Wand Gold, as those swirling clouds really liven up a room.

  217. Robare Pruyn

    Without question it’s the Princess Zelda one. It has all the Windwaker trapping while also somehow looking just like an Alphonse Mucha print!

  218. Katherine W

    “Hero’s Bow” is so lovely. It has bold design and a delicate simplicity. I love the clouds that run parallel with Link’s bow- the lines really strengthen the image and create a powerful, inspirational atmosphere. The environment of Wind Waker is so rich and lushly animated, and the image really captures the iconic design elements of both the air and water. The color scheme of green, red, and blue contrast each other well and create a lovely harmony. I really love the design!

  219. Nick Hede

    Princess decal for sure. My favorite part of the game was when you descended into old Hyrule, and the castle imagery in the background of the Princess decal has that.

  220. Valerie Vezina

    I love love love the Zelda Wind Waker: Sword. Classic, represents well the whole series while retaining the spirit of Wind Waker. And it would go very well with my Special Edition Zelda 3DS and Wii U…!

  221. Line Fortier

    My daughter would LOVE the Zelda Wind Waker: Princess one. She has been a fan of the series ever since I gave her my controller to help me collect money to buy the blue ring in the first game. We have made lots of memories while playing the different games of the series.

  222. Tim

    Princess is the best – because you can’t have a picture without zelda, she’s who your fighting for

  223. Catrina M

    I like the first one. The profile of Zelda really make it.

  224. Ethan

    Definitely the Princess. Link, Master Sword, Princess Zelda? What more do you need?

  225. Brad

    These are wonderful. It’s tough but “Princess” is the best one in my opinion. It’s beautiful, it’s the only one with Zelda on it and that last battle was unique.

  226. Mattey

    Hope I win – I would love this one:


    I fear winning though because once I have one I will surely “need” them all. :)

  227. David

    Helmaroc King – Classic boss battle

  228. Alicia Hanley

    I think my favorite is Helmaroc King, I love the colors and the action. Princess and Hero’s Bow are both pretty awesome too. It would be hard to pick just one.

  229. Zythe

    Wind Waker Silver, it just looks so -powerful-.

  230. Ryan

    I like the Bow the best – though of course I like the princess, sword, and grappling hook a ton too!

  231. Jared Deck

    Though all of them are so fantastically done, if I had to choose a favourite it would be the Princess decal. It contains the story’s key elements (our hero, the princess, the Triforce/crest, and the forgotten kingdom), telling the repeated tale of the whole series. These symbols and intricate design reminds me of how stories were told in stained glass through iconography.

  232. Taylor Steward

    They’re all pretty awesome! If i have to choose… The princess one is best… It’s called the Legend of Zelda, so, you know… should have a picture of Zelda :)

  233. Rachel

    Squee! I think I like “Hero’s Bow” the best, because the action and the colors are so dynamic!

  234. Lysa

    I love the Wind Waker: Sword one! That’s such a classic Link, and my 10 year old son would love it for his new bedroom in our newly built home! Fantastic.

  235. Joe

    Just looking at it tells you what the legend is all about

  236. Kassandra

    The “Princess” decal is my favorite because I think Zelda looks beautiful in this piece.

  237. Josh Miller

    Hermaloc King is the most beautiful one, the shape, the colors and the image are just amazing!

  238. Morgan Gray

    Zelda Wind Waker: Sword is awesome! The colors look so beautiful together and the pose is very reminiscent of the classic Zelda games! I love it!

  239. Charles

    The sword is my favorite, It reminds me of the countless hours I played of the wind waker back in high school. It was the sole purpose of my master sword tattoo.

  240. Chris

    Princess, because… it features Zelda, of course! Along with Link in all his left-handed glory. We have a perfect spot for it, too: a bare spot of wall over our computers next to the Legend of Zelda wall calendar.

  241. Gamedeals

    The “Princess” one is definitely my favourite. I have a (rather large) Zelda collection and this would look amazing on my office wall and in the photos/videos of my collection.

  242. Mateya

    Wind Waker – Silver is my favorite, but it was a tough choice! It is my favorite game in the series and the composition of this one just reminds me the most of how magical and charming the game felt.

  243. Cecile

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS is my fave because it features Zelda!

  244. Nick T

    The Helmaroc King one is my favorite, I like the colors in this one the best and also the shape of this poster.

  245. Merri-Lee Stine

    These decals are amazing- Love Wind Waker, can’t wait for the WiiU release.

    It was difficult to choose just one, but I decided to list ZELDA WIND WAKER: HELMAROC KING. It could have been any of them. I like them all.

  246. Pickadilly

    Windwalker Silver is awesome!!!!

  247. Halley


  248. Joelle Riccobono

    It is so hard but I am going to have to go with The Helmaroc King window! That is because the entire scene is so colorful and full of action. It makes me excited just looking at it. It is perfect.

  249. Halley

    I love these all so much! So beautiful! The Hero’s bow is my favorite because I’m really into archery and I love that he dragon boat is in the background

  250. Lorena

    Zelda Wind Waker: Princess is my favorite, it looks more like a classic stained glass, and it features Zelda and Link (I love Zelda since Ocarina of Time).

  251. .Z.

    Sword: it looks like a stained glass window that would of been made in tribute to link

  252. Boomer

    Them look amazing!!! My favorite is Princess. AWESOME!!!

  253. Lone_Kendoka

    OH HAI.

  254. Lady Kaiju

    My favorite: WIND WAKER – SILVER

    This is one of the few where Link is smiling! Plus the design pops out of the stain glass framing. The wind swirl and leaves really make it a dynamic piece that draws the eye from across the room. Link doesn’t just look like a work of art from legend but like he is going to jump out of the picture ready for adventure. <3

  255. giro

    all look awesome, but I like the princess one the best! It’s cool to have both Link and Zelda in it

  256. Miles

    The sword one is my favourite, although choosing only one was quite hard

  257. dezh

    I like the one with Zelda, because we gotta keep our goal in our sights, yo.

  258. Kate

    Wind Waker PRINCESS is the best. It has both Link and Zelda and features Hyrule Castle which was the coolest part of the game. Such a nostalgia trip for the Ocarina of Time/A Link to the Past fans.

  259. Leah

    They’re all beautiful. Though if I had to pick just one, I’d go with Wind Waker – Silver. I love the colors and the way the wind swirls around him.

  260. Rachel B

    I love the Link and Zelda decal. It reminds me of a promotional movie poster.

  261. Susan

    Wind Waker-Gold gives me a good feel ~

  262. Josh

    I absolutely love the grappling hook and sword Bliks! I would put these up at the office if I won! :)

  263. Arlen Pavka

    Gotta say Princess would be my choice. It’s got a nice sense of gravitas.

    Also, good luck to everyone, but I’m kinda worried if it’s this easy to enter how will they weed out duplicate entries :/

  264. Jennifer

    Zelda Wind Waker: Princess – I just love the colors and details of this one the most and Zelda is one of my all-time favorite characters.

  265. Marieev

    These are all wonderful! I love the Grappling Hook version the best.

  266. Caroline

    I’ve always enjoyed the stained glass art from Windwaker, and the Helmaroc King is my favorite. I love the flow and depth of the art, the rainbow of colors, and all the small details that reflect how Windwaker is such a complex game despite having a simple art style.

  267. Jack Rakan

    They all look great, but the Princess one is my favorite.

  268. DannyC

    Helmaroc King would look epic on my wall please :)

  269. Waldo

    Hero’s Bow! Love Seeing the King of Red Dragons and the blue sky and ocean in the back. Really captures the sense of adventure of Wind Waker!

  270. Brian

    Hermaloc Princess. It’s like a retro sci-fi poster (hero in front, love interest staring elsewhere), but I actually want this on my wall.

  271. Mark

    The Helmaroc King is definitely my favorite, it’s the most dynamic and depicts two(!) of my favorite boss battles. These are all fantastic though, I want to get all of them! :P Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda, so I hope these sell well, and maybe more get made. ;)

  272. Andrew

    I agree with everyone else, really difficult to choose a favorite. I’d have to go with the wind waker – gold design though.

  273. jey

    It’s hard to choose a favourite since all of these are stunning!
    Ultimately, my favourite is Helmaroc King!
    There’s just so much to look at and the swirl of patterns and colors on the Helmaroc is beautiful! Also, for some reason that I can’t really explain, it reminds me of the older games, especially Link’s Awakening and that is always a plus since it was a huge influence to me.

  274. AJ

    Hands down the Zelda Wind Waker: Princess, artwork. It’s classic and brings such euphoria and nostalgia to me. I’ve been playing Zelda for 15 years and I love the series and franchise.

  275. Bara

    It’s really tough to choose, but out of my top three favorite (Princess, Sword and Helmaroc King) I have to go with Zelda Wind Waker: Princess being my top choice. Beautiful colors and elegant line work, crowned with the Hylian crest and Hyrule Castle in the background make this my #1 favorite.

  276. Amanda

    Out of all of them, I have to say that Princess is my absolute favorite. I love the way it is designed. From an artist standpoint, I adore the way it was shaded. It is so colorful too! It also helps bring to life such an iconic series. :)

  277. Angelica

    My favorite out of all of them is Hero’s Bow, because Link looks triumphant – Very hero-like~! The background is beautiful and the pose is fantastic!

  278. Julleey

    I really like the Hero’s Bow one! The colours are so so nice! ^^

  279. Reymundo Santamaria

    Princess – Because it’s so beautiful and abstract!

  280. Elaine

    I love the “Sword” – beautiful colors, classic link pose. Difficult choice, though, they are all fantastic!

  281. Jessica

    My favorite is Hero’s Bow. I love the colors, the sky and the waves, pretty much everything about it visually!

  282. Christian M

    Crazy tough to choose a favorite.

    I think my first choice would have to be Princess. It’s
    clearness and simpleness really appeals to me. Plus, it’s got both Zelda and Link on it!

    My second would be the Hero’s Bow. I love the clouds and all the blue.

    I really think that they’re all beautiful, though.

  283. John

    Wow, the Helmaroc King decal is amazing. The level of detail of the sky and the ocean, and the dynamic flow of the battle. Masterpiece!

  284. Li

    Helmaroc King- This is my favorite window because the boss was truly magnificent. I remember it was one of my favorites out of any zelda game. He truly was a unique individual and I will always remember it.

  285. Trinhieeebinhiee

    The sword one :3

  286. Paula

    I like the Princess one best. It shows a beautiful elegance, and Zelda’s sad but serious face makes it even more elegant. You can just feel the emotion in it <3

  287. Kate Weeden

    I’ve been a huge legend of zelda fanatic for many years! One of these would be just BEAUTIFUL in my house! <3
    I love the boomerang one, it's stunning just like all of them are!! Would be a breathtaking addition to my wall at home!

  288. Shun

    Princess because it shows the gracefulness of Zelda, embodying all the classic themes and motifs of the Legend of Zelda series while maintaining the timeless Wind Waker art style.

  289. Vicki

    All of them are really amazing so it’s hard to choose just one. If I have to pick, I’ll chose the Sword.

  290. Sato

    Helmarock King! I really love every single one of these decals but the Helmarock shows off Link’s valiant nature and the struggles Link faces at the beginning of the game.

  291. Mark Dominic

    I had a head injury which prohibited my driving for a few months in the 90′s. The way thru psychical therapy & all the doctors was Zelda and the many fantastic plots that took me away from the pain and misery I was enduring at the time. After I completed Link to the past I was addicted and Hyrule became a part of my life. As to which work I love the most Link and Zelda is my favorite as they best represent to me what the game is all about. The Hero the Princess and the Quest to right the many wrongs they have endured.

  292. Lizet

    Helmarock king is my overall favorite. I don’t know but the colors really just stick out to you and to be honest was a personal favorite boss fight.

  293. Emma

    I really like the first one. And since I am terrible at putting my feelings into words, I’ll try my best to let you know why I like it so much. One, it’s beautiful (like my jaw is on the floor and there is drool everywhere) and two, the way Link is standing in front of Zelda’s portrait is like he is saying “This is person I am meant to protect, time and time again. And nothing will stop me from protecting her.”

  294. Becthor

    boomerang- aparece un link mas aventurero en un entorno salvaje, tambien es muy colorido y con muchos detalles,me agrada que valla arrastrandose por la jungla con una exprecion ruda es un buen detalle,aparece un pequeño cerdo que a escapado de link :) .Todos me gustaron mucho pero este es mi favorito

    boomerang-link appears more adventurous in a wild environment, it is also very colorful and with many details, I like that fence crawling through the jungle with a rough exprecion is a nice touch, and shows a small pig that escaped from link :) . really liked them all but this is my favorite

  295. jmj

    The best is the Helmaroc King. Great background with Links fight.

  296. Stephen E.

    The one with Link aiming his bow is my favorite!

  297. Inuyashamish

    I like the bow and arrow one the best

  298. Chuck

    The Helmaroc King one is awesome! It shows Link in an epic battle.

  299. Mark O.

    My favorite is the one with Link and the title character Zelda. It looks epic!

  300. Mike

    The Princess design is the ultimate one, I think. It displays the Heroic Link after triumphantly defeating Ganondorf, and I think that’s something to proudly hang on a wall in celebration after having beaten the game, or even before as encouragment!

  301. cris b

    Loving the Princessone, it has both Link and Zelda!

  302. Lauren

    The Princess one is my favourite – Zelda is so pretty, and you can’t have a Zelda game without her!

  303. Michele T

    Wind Waker – Silver: It’s hard to choose just one, but this design actually hightlights the Wind Waker in action. The colors are also gorgeous, and the expression on Link is just adorable.

  304. Chris Mason

    Hero’s Bow. It looks beautiful. The detail to it looks amazing and a lot of hard work put into it. The blending of the clouds and sky makes it seem like a picture right out of zelda and something people would enjoy to see in their favorite zelda games.

  305. Erin V.

    I love the Zelda.

    The Wind Waker – Silver is also especially lovely, but Princess Zelda is always the winner. Especially the Zelda in Wind Waker because she’s just awesome.

  306. Meagan P.

    Wind Waker – Gold is my absolute favorite. I adore Link’s innocent and content face in this one. It captures his character perfectly. All the little details and different colors are gorgeous as well. I just keep staring at it and seem to discover something new each time. This stained glass decal truly shows the spirit and classical senses of The Legend of Zelda series, and of Wind Waker especially. It’s a beautiful showing of music and peacefulness!

  307. Sarah

    I also adore Helmaroc King! <3

  308. Timothy Lincolne

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS is the coolest looking one!!

  309. Ewan

    Helmaroc King is my favorite because Link in action is so cool. And it was a great boss fight!

  310. Vivek T

    The decal of Link and Zelda. The artwork of both characters with colours in the background are beautiful!

  311. Evan

    Zelda Wind Waker: Princess, and this is because it seems so heroic and atmospheric with Link ready to go with his sword and shield and Zelda is a nice pose in the background.

  312. Moechii

    I love the Hero’s Bow, but they’re all so beautiful. Wonderful job and good luck to everybody! :D

  313. Amy

    I like the Wind Waker – Gold, the best. It’s got a dynamic movement to it that seems to be lacking in the other windows, both in Link’s pose and the setting around him, and the look on his face is, it’s hard to describe, but it’s beautiful, devoid of conflict and full of a sort of serenity that I can associate with a love of the open ocean. In truth it’s hard to choose, they’re all so fantastic!

  314. Tony

    Zelda princess is the best. Love the way her hair looks.

  315. Chandra Graham

    Holy Crap, these are AWESOME looking. Talk about a blast from the past and memories of spending long hours to finish a dungeon to get that coveted item, or trying to speed run so you can beat Ganon quickly.

  316. Chandra Graham

    Holy Crap, these are AWESOME looking. Talk about a blast from the past and memories of spending long hours to finish a dungeon to get that coveted item, or trying to speed run so you can beat Ganon quickly. I love the bow and arrow one best, but they are all so cool…

  317. Lindsay

    Wow, these are all gorgeous, would love one on my wall. My favorite is “Princess”.

  318. Lianna

    “Princess” is absolutely gorgeous — I love the colors and patterns.

  319. rick

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: BOOMERANG!!! Because it looks like he’s about to pop out of the decal at any moment. Doesn’t get much cooler than that :-)

  320. Krrry

    “princess” is just beautiful and go well in my anime club……………….

  321. Ryan

    I like the poster with Link and Zelda. It really captures the epic feel of the series.

  322. anoud

    i like the bow one the colors are so beautiful

  323. Ryan L

    I love the princess decal! I would love to win that one!

  324. Dawn

    It’s really hard to pick, since they’re all beautiful, but I think “Princess” is the prettiest. It’s just gorgeous and would look so cool on a wall or door!

  325. Amanda

    The one where Link is kneeling down with his sword and shield. It gives it that feeling that he TRULY is the descendant of the Hero of Time, sure he is as you later on you figure out in the game, but that picture really captures that moment where you can see it more for yourself, other than the iconic green garb and blond hair. Personally, it sets it apart from the others, making it more than just a ‘Wind Waker’ piece, like a feel for ALL of the other Links within him as well.

  326. Matt

    My favorite is the princess because it shows the connection between Link and Zelda that threads the whole series.

  327. Jimmy

    The Grappling Hook is BY FAR he best item, and the best poster.

  328. Higa

    Princess decal is the most heroic looking design. Nothing comes close.

  329. Salman Saqeef

    So hard to choose just one above the rest, but my favorite would probably be Wind Waker – Gold.
    I think it best captures the spirit of the game.

  330. Jean

    Princess – Love the details made with Zelda’s hair and that the master sword is featured.

  331. Theresa

    Princess, definitely. I love the colors and details; it really stands out to me since it includes Zelda, our heroine, and Link, our hero. Along with Link holding the master sword; It really gives a classic feel to The Legend of Zelda.

  332. Pat

    Love the one of him slaying the bird, makes me think of an epic or something.

  333. Sarah

    I like them all but I’m going to say the one with the Hero’s Bow,it just looks so iconic of Zelda!

  334. Maggie

    Fave: The Sword pose with Zelda, it’s beautiful.
    I love Wind Waker, it’s one of my favorite LoZ games. :D

  335. Rafael

    The Helmaroc King decal is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! O_O

  336. Tom

    Princess is not only my favorite of these, but my favorite Zelda image ever. I remember playing the game cube version and staring for at it and just going wow I wish i could just have a window like that. The simple yet complex design just pulled at my heartstrings, its simply one of my favorite pieces of art.

  337. Leilani

    I like the Hero’s Bow most! Link’s pose is cool and he has a small smile. You can see King of Red Lions in the back, and I love the scenery… it could be either a gentle breeze and calm waves; or a rushing wind and strong, wild waters. Overall that piece gives me both a relaxed and exciting feel, and that’s why it’s my favorite! Plus it portrays the sailing which was a main feature in the game.

  338. Amanda K

    I love all of them, but if I have to choose just one, I have to say Wind Waker Gold. I feel like it captures the what the game is the best.

  339. Madeline

    I love the Hero’s Bow one. It looks positively majestic! Wind Waker is easily one of my favorite Zelda games!

  340. Sierra H.

    Love the Princess one!

  341. Nancy

    Princess – because Zelda. :)

  342. Kyle

    The Hero’s Bow art looks lovely. :3 Link’s pose is very clear and I love how the wind and clouds are angled in the same direction as the way he’s shooting. It’s not too busy, and the splash of red from the bow icon at the top and the King of Red Lions behind Link sort of balances out the blue/green combo.

  343. Sarah

    “Princess” is undoubtedly my favorite. Not only is it visually stunning, but it also has a kind of “complete” feel to it that embodies the magic and whimsy of the Zelda series.

  344. John M.

    The “ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS” is my favorite of the bunch. The design of the decal is simply beautiful. With his Master Sword in hand, Link looks like he is ready to take on the world, defeat Ganon, and rescue his sister and Princess Zelda. There is nothing more you could ask for from the timeless classic known as “The Legend of Zelda.”

  345. Forra

    I really love the Princess one. Just a classic epic type of pose flanked by some classic stained glass too.

  346. Kristina

    My favorite image is the silver windwaker! I absolutely love the color choice and I’ll never forget the first time I heard Makar playing his fiddle in the forest haven! :)

  347. Lynsey

    My personal favorite is the Helmaroc King, it’s colors are very complimentary and vibrant, it would look great in my new apartment! The walls are so bare!

  348. Serena

    I like the hero’s bow because I like the pose and the sea behind him is just wonderful!

  349. Guillermo

    Helmaroc Kings’ amount of detail is incredible and by far my favorite. The colors man…LOOK AT THEM, I’LL KNOW IF YOU DIDN’T! :p

  350. gABRIELLE

    I really like the first one.

  351. Johann Smoot

    I like the Hero’s Bow because it is my favorite weapon.

  352. Christina

    My favorite would have to be Princess. Zelda’s hair looks pretty detailed. The overall design has a good use of color and detail. And I really like the expression on Link”s and Zelda’s face. Seemed to have captured their essence pretty well. Next favorite would have to be Hermaloc King. It was a pretty hard choice.

  353. Dora

    Princess – It’s awesome the way you portrait Zelda an Link. I have 2 daughters and they love Zelda as a princess.

  354. Olivia Conrad

    My favorite is Princess. The details are lovely and the colors are wonderful together! Princess Zelda looks beautiful!

  355. Echon

    Zelda Wind Waker: Princess – This one captures the moment when the player is ready to take on the big bad and defeat the game. Link stands ready with the ultimate sword to brave the final fight to save the world. His expression says it all: I’m ready! Here I come!

  356. Christine

    I love the Princess stained glass piece most. The Alphonse Mucha motif really raises it to a whole other level of artistic dignity. I can imagine putting it in my daughter’s room where she can look upon it and develop an appreciation of two things: 1) art nouveau and 2) the best Nintento series ever.
    Keep up the great work!

  357. Melena

    I love the Hermaloc King one. It is beautiful and the colors are gorgeous!

  358. ajtpak

    The Princess. The detail is amazing o.o

  359. Josh

    Princess: It’s so beautifully done and really does the game series justice!

  360. Brandon

    There all really beautifully done and the way they each capture the game.

  361. Mugi

    My favorite one by far is the one actually showing Zelda. She is one of my favorite characters of all time, and definitely my favorite female and princess. I love her so much and I find that decal portraying her beauty so incredible. I would love it more than anything in the world to win that decal.

  362. Katie White

    My favorite is the Princess one. I like this one the most because it really reminds me of the original Wind Waker and brings back so many wonderful childhood memories. They are all so beautiful, thank you guys for making them :)

  363. ernest

    my favorite is the sword and shield piece. its a iconic image of link with his most memorable weapons in the franchise shown in a unique and beautiful way that realy highlights the artistry of the series.

  364. Julio R.

    Princess – Heck, all of them are wall worthy

  365. Corinne Gonzalez

    Link fighting The Monstrous Helmaroc King. I still remember the thrilling battle. The excitement lingers in my soul. The stain glass poster perfectly depicts it.

  366. Nathaniel

    I must admit it is hard to answer because all of them are gorgeous, but i must pick the Princess because i like seeing link and Zelda together, it gives me a sense of completion

  367. Jordan White

    The one with the sword and shield on top. Why? Well because Link looks like a freaking boss in that one!

  368. Karissa

    I LOVE the Princess. Zelda looks extremely beautiful and wise. Link shows determination and courage in his eyes. They both give off a very powerful vibe. The colors are vibrant and soft, I love how it just pops out at you. I could wake up to this picture every day with a smile on my face (:

  369. Shadow Ganondorf

    The Zelda & Link stained glass brings back so many wonderful memories. The beautiful art style reminds me of the underwater castle located deep beneath the ocean. Looking around and just enjoying the scenery in-game.

  370. Megan

    My favorite decal is the Wind Waker-Silver. When I saw the decal I felt exactly like I have the multiple times that I have played it. In my opinion, the silver decal has the overall feel of the game and is the best suited choice. I love it and I couldn’t have thought of a better design myself.

  371. Claire

    I would love to win the princess one for my room go Zelda!

  372. Kaitlyn stevens

    My favorite is the bow. its really dramatic and an awesome weapon that just looks amazing depicted that way.

  373. Andrew

    I love the gold wind waker poster. I think it portrays the very sense and emotion of link and him controlling the wind around him. The shape of the poster also gives me nostalgia of the first time I ventured into hyrule castle. The red is beautiful and I think Link shows determination and courage. :)

  374. Ryan C

    My favorite is the Princess poster, because it reminds me of finishing the final battle and the feeling of satisfaction that came with it.

  375. Steven

    Link and Zelda would be a great inspiration as i play Zelda and learn how to write in ancient Hyrule .

  376. Leland

    They’re all arresting images but I have to say that the only one with both Zelda and Link is my favorite. I like how Zelda is in the sky, and above Hyrule Castle as if she’s watching over it. It sort of gives her a divine, wise quality that is very suitable. It also corresponds to the fact that Zelda is sought after throughout most of the games, but is often out of reach, and hard to attain, as if she were in the sky. Link, on the other hand is on the ground but looks as brave and virtuous as always.

  377. Steve

    My favorite is the sword. While the artwork is very much Wind Waker, the pose and setup is very much consistent with every Legend of Zelda game that has been made. Well done.

  378. Erin Barnes

    I love the sword. It encompasses everything the hero Link is all about. It shows this bravery and the skill he has and the promise of just how far he is willing to go to get his princess.

  379. Deimos

    Princess decal

    These are so breath taking!

  380. Coco

    My favorite is the “Princess” decal because it focuses on the relationship between Link and the character who embodies the title of the franchise: Princess Zelda. Their connection is what fuels the entire series of video games, and it is reminiscent of the original Zelda game. The details shown in Zelda’s hair and the master sword are marvelous, and the colors and patterns are beautifully done. Link’s heroic face is captured amazingly, and I believe it is a wonderful piece that reminds one of the root of the game.

  381. Peter C

    The Hero’s Bow. Right now I’ve been looking for some new things to decorate my room with. This decal is just glowing with elegance and serenity. Definitely suiting for the over-all theme of my room. :)

  382. Royce

    Princess all the way cause you can’t separate link from zelda

  383. Matthew

    I love the Helmaroc King. The colors are so vivid and show one of my favorite bosses from the Wind Waker. If I had this I would proudly hang it on my wall and show it off

  384. James

    I like the Hero’s bow. Definitely my favorite item in every Zelda game I’ve played. It would make a perfect 6 year anniversary present for my girlfriend too!

  385. Ivan

    They’re all so good, but I would choose the Hero’s Bow just because the King of Red Lions is in the background

  386. Maggie M


    I’d really like to have the Hero’s Bow wall decal. I think that it is the one which shows the best the magnificence of Link’s character. The details are amazing and the colors are simply astonishing. To look at Link aiming his bow skyward without fear or doubt is just stunning. I have a Legend of Zelda themed bedroom and I’d like to add this piece of art to my collection.

  387. Daniel J

    I love the Princess decor, the stance Link has taken suggests his role as guardian to her is paramount no matter what the cost; and I like that.

  388. Pandy

    Hero’s bow is stunning!

  389. Alex P

    My personal favorite would have to be The Helmaroc King. I like the look of it,and it just seems to be more detailed then most of the others. I also like the fact it’s not based on an held item like a lot of the others which makes it different and unique in my eyes. The fact that it’s also the Helmaroc King which is an amazing boss, is also a good factor for it being my favorite.

  390. Joshua Tiller

    I am going to choose the Hero’s Bow.
    I enjoy the confidence link portrays in this picture. It is very elegant and captures the sense of adventure of my The Wind Waker. It is a beautiful work of art that would fit my wall perfectly ^_^.

  391. Heather Johnson

    Helmaroc King, because my friend did a painting of this one on a plate for me at one point, and it is outrageously beautiful…I’d love to pay tribute to it this way.

  392. Chris E.

    I really love the Wind Waker – Silver. It brings back the memories of first obtaining the Wind Waker from the King of Red Lions. It’s one of the least accented items in the game at that time, but with the acquisition of the Wind God’s Aria, the Wind Waker becomes one of the most used items in the game. Love the decal.

  393. Nam Phan

    I like the Princess one the best. Why? Because that is the entire story of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ right there.

    “A Princess with the power to bring salvation or destruction to her world. And a boy who bears the destiny of hero on his shoulders. The Princess will be kidnapped, and the boy will step up to become her hero. This cycle will go without any hope of stopping. But even so, he will fight. He will never give up.

    His name is Link. This is The Legend of Zelda.”

  394. Joshua Gilbert

    I want the ZELDA WIND WAKER: SWORD. I love Link and looks great with his sword and shield

  395. Mark

    i love the helmaroc king because he is my 2nd favorite character in the whole king and the fight between link and him was my favorite fight, since he was getting revenge and such

  396. Vic

    Princess – Because it’s ZELDA!

  397. Jessica

    Princess here too, my 5 year old daughter loves watching daddy play Zelda, and this scene is her favorite. :)

  398. Heather D.

    My absolute favorite is the Wind Waker Silver, because I can just picture one of the tunes playing as Link is swinging around the baton in this picture.

  399. Hannah

    I’d have to say Wind Waker – Silver is my favorite. Simply because for the longest time I never noticed Makar hiding back there. It’s probably been close to a decade since I first played Wind Waker and he was always my favorite. My sister once gifted me with a plush of Makar that she had made.

  400. Kevin

    Princess. It captures Zelda’s beauty and Link’s stoic nature as the silent hero so well. I love Wind Waker so much and if I had the money I would definitely get all 8.

  401. Jessica

    Wind Waker Red because I really love the curved window shape and also this design is the most magical to me with the whisps of the wind waker. It captures the essence of the game. And is also quite beautiful

  402. Jonathan C.

    By far my favorite art work that I personally adore would have to be the one with Link fighting the Helmaroc King. Wow, all of those beautiful colors that really bring out the life and detail in the stuns me:O. Another reason as to why I fancy this picture from that of the other one’s would have to be that the picture really brings out the battle of the actual game…The unforgettable and nostalgia filled battle that reminds us of why Link endured the pain to go on this adventure….TO SAVE HIS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD from that monstrous (but awesome looking) creature!! I cannot wait to play the remastered version for this game is why I love video games and The Legend of Zelda (Wind Waker was my first <3)

  403. Dustin

    The Hero’s bow is my favorite, because the bow is one of the most iconic Zelda items. I also love that it includes the boat! Link would have never gotten far without his trusty boat!

  404. Peri

    Love the archer Link one. The background color really makes Link pop out.

  405. Monikai

    Out of everything that Zelda has to offer, the most liked weapon of choice for me is the Hero’s Bow. I always liked using the bow to tear down my opponents in a distance or snipe them like a shooter game.

    The background gives me the sense of adventure with the whole sea at the beginning of the game and so forth. Plus with Red Lion, it doesn’t end there as you traverse into The Tower of The Gods to get the Hero’s Bow! Link, when holding the bow in hand, looks like his bow will pierce the clouds of their darkest days.

  406. Jordan C.

    One of my favorites is the Helmaroc King because it captures the essence of the game quite well. Despite the game’s style it still has the capacity to be truly epic.

  407. Brittany

    Zelda windwaker:Princess one is my fave..its like link is proving he is Zelda’s personal guard and that the princess herself looks regal and calm . The image itself is just peaceful but yet powerful, knowing their fates are ever intertwined by an invisible red thread that keeps them tethered together in every adventure they had and will have in the future.

    I love how peaceful it looks as well. I have a shirt of this stained glass image and I painted d a ceiling tile with that stain glass image its still hanging on my old HS ceiling at the front entrance xD

  408. Elise

    Nothing beats the “Princess” design, because what’s a Zelda design without Zelda? She is georgeous and has the courageous Link by her side. This design really sums up the series in a beautiful way.

  409. Elizabeth

    i love the one with Link and the Princess. it just looks amazing and makes the whole scene look heroic

  410. Kcorrie

    Absolutely “Sword,” ’cause it’s most reminiscent of the original, old-school Zelda!

  411. Kevin Bernat

    After much examining, my favorite has to be Hero’s Bow. I feel it captures the essence of what made The Wind Waker so great: sailing through the sea under a blue sky. Having the King of Red Lions in the background is an added bonus as well! Nice work!

  412. Laura S.

    My favorite is The Helmaroc King stained glass decal! They’re all wonderful, but this one feels like you’re looking out straight into the middle of an epic battle. The rounded composition and bright colors instantly capture the eye and there’s so much to look at!! It really captures the essence of the Zelda franchise to me- beauty, magic, adventure and heroic acts.

  413. Eric

    My favorite would have to be Wind Waker – Gold. I like the color scheme and, while the others are nice, this one actually features the Wind Waker itself.

  414. Jason

    The one with Helmaroc King looks baller. I love that fight.

  415. Deanna

    These are great! I love them all. So hard to choose. Sword though, I think is the most iconic, and so it inches out just above the rest for me.

  416. Jenny

    The Zelda games are my favorite series and it’s wonderful to see them in such a beautiful art form. What a wonderful job you’ve done crafting these decals! The Silver is my favorite– Link looks so ready to tackle his quest and optimistic that he will succeed. His half smirk speaks of adventures to come and confidence in himself. It would be a great subtle reminder to have this on my wall, always reminding me that I can accomplish what I set my mind to if I trust in myself and give it my best effort.

  417. Winnie

    Heroe’s bow. I love the optimism in the image!

  418. Brandon


    So much goodness in one picture. Link, Zelda and Hyrule. This is what its all about.

  419. Shandi

    HERO’S BOW!!
    That’s my favorite because Link looks so majestic! I love the colors too.

  420. Veronica L

    PRINCESS ZELDA- I believe this picture captures the true romance of the series. Yes, aside from all the adventuring and what-not involved in eventually “saving the day” . . . . I just find the romantic aspect of this series more charming and worth it than I do for a certain plumber / princess. (At least Zelda can fight!) Boo-ya Princess Toadstool! You got zinged!

  421. Maria

    I love the princess! You can’t have Link without Zelda.. I simply love the artwork, gorgeous!

  422. James K

    Absolutely the Princess. The composition is nice, and more major characters is better. Also, Link looks particularly heroic.

  423. Nikola

    I’m in awe at how amazing those decals look!
    They’re all great but the Wind Waker Silver takes the cake, just one look and you are enchanted.

  424. Brooke

    Princess – Really fallen in love with this one! It makes me motivated to start a new drawing and Zelda’s hair is just simply gorgeous!

  425. Phillip

    Love the one with the Zelda Wind Waker: Princess decal. I love it because it’s the only one with Zelda and the master sword in it.

  426. Micah L

    The first one with Princess Zelda and Link is so beautiful!

  427. Jennie W

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS because it has Link and Zelda!

  428. Jacqueline

    I think my favorite decal is the Helmaroc King one. I adore the use of colors and the fact that the scene is action-oriented.

  429. Jessica

    Hero’s bow!!!! Such a beautiful piece and my favorite item in the series.

  430. Danica

    They are ALL insanely beautiful and honestly it’s so very hard to pick a favorite, but I think if I really have to choose then, Helmaroc King. The colors are just so perfect, and really well showcases the style and color and adventure that is Wind Waker’s style of Zelda.

  431. Mario Mejia

    If i win one of them i can die happy :3

  432. Patrick Hurley

    “Wind Waker: Sword” is flat out beautiful! The color choices, the design on the shield, the expression on Link’s face, all of these elements make this decal outstanding! Of course, I’d like every one of them on my wall

  433. Robert

    The Helmaroc King, oh my goodness.. Awesome battle, amazing colors, soooo pretty

  434. Derin

    Princess- My absolute favorite in which it does not only illustrates elegance and triumph as it is, but it stands by the name we all come to know; The Legend of Zelda, where all of us were taken by surprise when the hero’s name is not Zelda but Link, who takes upon himself to protect his homeland and his Princess from evil. Just this image as is own demonstrates a one of a kind quest that will forever stay in my heart, never forgetting a shield to protect and sword to advance, clearly a worthy piece of art.

  435. Bob

    I really love princess, the colors just stand out and I loooove that master sword!

  436. Aidan

    Sword! I love it because I can really see Link’s courage showcased in the art. This is Link before he had the master sword, fancy gadgets, or any awareness that he was involved in this grand quest. He’s just a boy with an old sword and the family shield trying to save his sister. And yet you can see the determination in his eyes. Great stuff!

  437. Jose

    I’ve been looking for actual stained glass of the Princess one in particular. I’m actually trying to do a wood carving out of it. In any case, that one is my favorite. It is absolutely gorgeous.

  438. Edward

    The decal with Princess Zelda and Hyrule Castle in the background with link posing with his sword and shield is the most amazing to my eyes.

  439. Emily

    Wind Waker Silver! This one just looks so beautiful with the clouds swirling around him and Makar sitting there looking all cute in the background. Link looks so adorable also!

  440. Jessica Chin

    The decal with Pricess Zelda is the one I personally love. It’s the best represents the Zelda series as a whole.

  441. bruno cowen

    the helmaroc king battle is easily my favourite; the artwork depicts the scene extremely well, and the vibrant colours are really eye catching. it looks amazing.

  442. Stephen

    They’re all pretty cool, but the hero’s bow decal just strikes me as being particularly realistic. It feels like a stained glass window you would see in the game. It also has the sense of telling a part of the story to it.

  443. Chris

    Princess! There’s a few others I think are beautiful, but Princess is the only one I could frame on my wall, and it’s got Link, Zelda, Hyrule Castle, and the Royal Crest in a stained glass art style like the Master Sword chamber in Wind Waker.

  444. Caitlin

    I like the Wind Waker Silver one the best!

  445. Heather

    Princess because it has Link with the master sword and Zelda.

  446. Melissa

    The gold Wind Waker wall decal is my personal favorite. I prefer the colors in this one to the colors of the silver Wind Waker decal although both images feature a cheery, smiling Link who faces the viewer. This draws me into these two particular images.

  447. Gabe

    I need these in my life!… and my room.

  448. Frenchie L.


    There all pretty amazing looking :/ It really makes it look like one of those old-fashioned/ Renaissance days. Like a good vibe every time you look at it you know? That kind of sunny and adventurous feeling. Any one is good really, it captures a unique scene, and my feelings towards each individual ones have different perspectives. So prettayy. <3

  449. Lysander

    I absolutely adore these!!! The one with Princess Zelda would be an amazing gift for my younger sister, who is absolutely obsessed with The Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker included! This decal would be a fine addition to her wall and I know she’d be thrilled to come home to it plastered triumphantly on her wall!!!

  450. John

    The battle with the Helmaroc King is really beautiful. I love the full action of the print vs. Link’s poses in several others.

  451. Nicolle

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS – totally worth looking at it a hundred and one times! :) I love Zelda!! yay! I love how Link has such a serious look on his face!! :)

  452. Jordan

    The legend of Zelda heroes now looks awesome because it captures links magnificence and is the embodiment if his adventures. This is best classified through the marvelous backgrounds that capture the animation that takes place in the game

  453. An

    The one with Princess Zelda is so Awesome!!!!

  454. Devin

    Wow, I think I’d go with any of the graphics where Link is using his baton or the battle with the Helmaroc King. They’re all so good >.<

  455. Juan Puliche

    I absolutely love the Zelda Wind Waker: Helmaroc King wall decal because of the artwork and such an epic minion to Ganondorf. Worth to display.

  456. Omar

    I would be very thankful to receive the Princess Zelda decal because the history of the franchise is captured in this resplendent piece of artwork. Some people claim that video games are a waste of time, but games like those of The Legend of Zelda series prove otherwise. They are magnificent stories that have created an entire realm that we all love. They entertain, amaze, and, most of all, inspire. The Princess Zelda decal conveys all of that and more with its vivid colors and dramatic symbols. It would truly give any fan the feeling of being a part of the mythology that is The Legend of Zelda.

  457. Shane S

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS is my favorite because Link and Zelda are both depicted. It’s the best overall design imho as well.

  458. Rivaldo

    The Zelda Wind Waker: Princess decal is my favorite, because it’s got both Zelda and Link on it

  459. Colin

    I like Wind Waker – Sword because it reminds me of the original classic Zelda.

  460. ApolloT

    Definitely Princess. Can’t have something that’s The Legend of Zelda without Zelda on it.

  461. Louise

    The Princess dekal is the most beautful! Our hero standing ready with his sword and shield in front of The Hyrule castle glowing in the early morning <3

  462. Rasmus

    I really love the decal “wind waker silver” with Link smiling and conducting the wind just like in my absolut favorite game. I want to be reminded of that adventure every day!

  463. Drew Mitchell

    I like the wind walker one the best. Link looks playful and happy, and I play an instrument too.

  464. Angel

    The Hero’s Bow decal is asthetically pleasing to my eye. I love how the green border and the blue sky compliment each other nicely, as well as how giving the viewer a sense of the wind’s movment through the use of the clouds and movement of the ocean’s waves. Not to mention how they include The King of Red Lions in it!

  465. Scott Dennison

    While the Princess decal is very nice, it does not have the distinctive stained glass window shape as the others, and thus looks more like a poster.
    My favourite is the Hero’s bow decal. The colours of it are the best of the lot, in my opnion (I like ‘Sword’, but not the purple/red/blue combination in the background), and it shows a recognizable image of the Wind Waker, as opposed to the others where it could be from any Zelda game.

  466. Ryan M

    I would like the Helmaroc King stained glass wall decal because it re-tells one of my favorite battles in all of Zelda history. It is very nostalgic for me.

  467. Drew Mitchell

    Sorry, I mean I like the wind walker silver one. Link looks playful and happy, the water spout background is cool and when I play my violin it will look like he is conducting me!

  468. Oliver

    They all look great, but Hero’s bow would have to be my favorite :) Awesome pose and look on Link’s face, combined with a background that sets the mood without being too ‘busy’ to distract from the foreground motif.

  469. Fraser

    i like the Bow one, it seems more heroic to me.

  470. Roy

    The one with Princess Zelda looks wonderful.

  471. Laura

    I like the one with link and the wind waker – silver. The wind waker is such an important item in this game. Controlling the wind helps you sail across the world, side quests, dungeons etc. Also with the forest in the background, is a nice touch.

  472. Kevin

    These are absolutely stunning! My favorite is the hero’s bow as I just love its colors and the iconic pose.

  473. Sophie

    These are all absolutely stunning! I think my overall favourite is the Helmaroc King for the beautiful details on the bird and the sun design up the top. Hero’s Bow is a very close second, since it has the King of Red Lions in the background.

  474. Mike

    Zelda Wind Waker: Hero’s Bow for sure! i love sniping enemies from far away. Link Rules! Zelda fan for life!

  475. Carlos

    Zelda Windwaker: Sword! It reflects Link’s true spirit of courage and bravery!!

  476. jonathan

    I like the princess best. It keeps the overall objective in the game as a major focal point.

  477. Leah

    Silver is my favorite. The colors are beautiful and it would match my bedroom.

  478. Kyle

    The Helmaroc King is my personal favorite. It is not unlike an illustration from and old-fashioned fairy tale book, in the moment where the hero is locked in battle with a dragon or similarly fearsome foe. It really captures the spirit of the art style of the game, with its simplistic flat coloration that truly lend themselves to the “stained glass” style of these images, or even like an illuminated manuscript with Biblical connotations. Awesome!

  479. Angel

    Tough choice between them all, but I’d have to say that Princess is my favorite; it represents the spirit of all that is epic from The Wind Waker!

  480. Hecmar

    “Princess” Is my favorite by far. It gives you a better sense of the epicness of the game… but all of the Zelda decals are awesome!

  481. Jason Leong

    Really like the grappling hook one… Link against the red of the fire just contrasts really well

  482. Miguel

    The first one is the best because of Zelda’s sweet face!

  483. Amanda

    These are gorgeous! My favorite is the Princess decal. The game itself is a work of art, and that decal really captures the beauty of that aspect. I like the fairy-tail quality of the decal, as that theme is prevalent throughout Wind Waker.

  484. Pamela

    WOW. These are all so beautiful! I think my favorite has to be Zelda Wind Waker: Helmaroc King… So many beautiful colors and Link looks ready to fight! :)

  485. Maddie

    I would love the Helmaroc battle scene. So detailed, and incredibly epic!

  486. Naomi M

    They are all so gorgeous, but I’m going to have to say that the Helmaroc King decal is my favourite. The colours are vivid and it is a very dynamic shot of a battle in progress.

  487. John

    They’re all good but I prefer the “Zelda Wind Waker: Sword”. I’m love that traditional, ready-to-fight pose…

  488. Rebecca S

    My favorite was Hero’s Bow because of the mood shown in the image. Link is looking particularly heroic and self assured ready for what’s to come. Almost that pre-dungeon feeling of going to kick butt. Further it’s very visually appealing, especially the way he pops out of this particular frame, his weapon and had going over the edge of the stain-glass window area.

  489. Christine

    Love the princess!!!! It tells us the complete story of link’s story

  490. Leon

    The Helmaroc King is my favorite. It reminds me of mythology a lot. That epic feeling of fighting a BIG beast :) .

  491. Petter

    The princess decal was really nice! I think it’s the most classic wind waker picture.

  492. Andy

    Princess decal. What’s a Zelda poster without Zelda?

  493. Beth

    I like the Princess one best. I’m very glad to see these – I loved the computer wallpaper sets there are on!

  494. Martine G.

    I definitely like the ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS decal. So beautiful <3

  495. Sean

    Definitely the windwaker gold! Classic and epic picture!

  496. Darius Alexanser Hill

    I love the “Bow” stained glass one the most. Hell I love all of them. But the Bow one speaks to me. As Link is looking up towards the sky he is thinking I can keep shooting down my targets and I will reach my sister in no time. I just gotta keep “Shooting” for the stars. These are all really wonderful. :)

  497. LysanderxX

    Some amazing work here. Would love to have
    Zelda Wind Waker: Helmaroc King

  498. Fernando Torres

    I think the best is The Helmaroc King, it defines the beauty of the boss fight, the heroic moment when Link, fights for the first time with a boss.
    The first confrontation with Ganon, the quest to find his sister. I think its just an epic and very important moment in the game.

  499. Nicole

    The Helmaroc King decal looks pretty epic! I love the intricate design on the bird and Link’s action pose!

  500. ScorpionMG

    The Best one is the sword, It has so much beautiful art style in it, Its AMAZINGLY GODLY!!!

  501. Rita

    Princess one is so gorgeous looking!!! OMG I really want it, great work from the designer, respect him alot! :D

  502. Phil

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: PRINCESS – Its sheer awesomeness makes me want it! Zelda at the top above link shows how she is always links most important priority!

  503. Konky Wang

    Helmaroc King for sure!!

  504. Ren

    I’m PartiAl To The Sword. Its classic Link.

  505. Jeanette

    They are all very beutiful but the Princess is the one I prefer.

  506. Darla Ramirez

    I like the Princess one best…because it has not only Link, but Zelda as well. And both characters are important!

  507. Jennifer

    I love the one with Princess Zelda and Link. It’s beautiful.

  508. Melissa

    The Helmaroc King is the most striking stained glass. Looking at it reminds me of my favorite boss battle in Wind Waker. Fighting Ganon’s guardian was both intense and humorous as he swooped down to attack only to end up smacking head first into his own fortress. This is also the part where it builds up tension and excitement; the hero is only a few steps away from seeing Ganon for the first time along with saving his sister. The colors of his feathers have a great advantage to the color scheme, and the night sky combined with the low sun creates the perfect lighting. I also love that the ocean is included in the picture; it reminds the onlooker that despite the Helmaroc King’s strength and size, Link is ultimately the protector of the seas and master of the winds.

  509. Celeste

    The hero’s bow! My husband and I used The Legend of Zelda for our wedding theme, and it’s something we both really love. Now we’re waiting on our baby, who will definitely grow up learning a love for all things Zelda!

  510. Shadow

    I like the helmaroc king one best. It reminds me of hitting the helmaroc king with the hammer…that was fun!

  511. Matthew R

    The Hero’s Bow one would definitely be my first choice. It was my favorite item and I loved the different arrows available in Wind Waker.

    Here’s hoping I win!

    Thanks for making these!

  512. Ellen

    They are all so beautiful, so it’s hard to pick a favourite! But I think I’d like the Hero’s Bow one because of its georgeous colour and art style. Also, it perfectly illustrates Link’s determination when using this epic item. I am a huge fan of The Wind Waker and its artwork (and of everything to do with Zelda), and I love bright wall art like this, so this wall decal would be perfect for me!

  513. David

    I like the wind waker one the best because it encapsulates the series with its time of adventure plus the gameplay itself in The Wind Waker. I also love how colorful and well designed they are, especially the pointed top ones.

  514. Ed

    They’re all soooo good. I’d go with Helmaroc King though; the most visually stunning no doubt but the artist(s) did an amazing job with these.

  515. Malin

    I love them all, it’s so hard to choose, they are all so awesome!! Can’t I just choose them all? ;) But if I have to choose one favorite, after much hard thinking, I have to say that it’s the Princess. Because I like the colors and the light in it but mainly because I JUST LOVE IT AND IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!

  516. Kevin_Dellp

    Es genial, el que mas me ha gustado es el de Link con el fondo de la princesa Zelda sebre el… Me gustaria tenerlo en mi habitación…

  517. steven

    The Helmaroc King battle decal looks like its telling a mythological battle from the middle ages. It is absolutely stunning and beautiful.

  518. Aaron Rice

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: Hero’s Bow is definitely my favourite. A beautiful capture of Link heroism, also I really like the swirls in his tunic and cap! Oh, and obviously just the amazing art style.

  519. Grant

    I like the one with Link with the sword because it shows Link’s courage and persistence. Something you would not get in kids in this present world. It also is very detailed and very colorful. This would be my pick for a favorite wall decal.

  520. Amy

    Princess decal is very beautiful! I love the way Zelda’s hair is down and flows with rest of the decal. Link is standing there being all brave with his sword and shield out. Like he is defending Hyrule castle right behind him!

  521. Andy

    The Hero’s Bow: The fact that it has the King Of Red Lions in it just wins it for me. It’s also my favourite weapon in the game so for it to go on a wall in my flat would be ace!
    If i’m honest I love all these designs and must have been a great bit of fun to design and make them!

  522. Ben

    My favorite decal is the one with Link in the front holding his sword and shield with Zelda and the castle in the background. I don’t particularly care for the item specific ones. So my pick would be that one, the first one.

  523. Nat

    The Hero’s Bow please!
    It just screams “Hero”!

  524. Mac

    The Zelda Wind Waker: Helmaroc King wall decal would have to be my favorite out of all of these. It’s truly beautiful, and turns in epic battle into a story in the form of a picture.

  525. Mark

    I love the Hero’s Bow artwork, the spiral waves in the sea perfectly capture feel of the Wind Waker. Plus it features the king of red lions who was a pretty awesome sidekick! So many good memories with this game.

  526. Danny

    The Helmaroc King fight is probably my favorite of all time!!

  527. Chris

    Wow…all of them look so awesome. Windwaker silver please!!!!!! Such beautiful colours

  528. jeevon kay

    ZELDA WIND WAKER: HERO’S BOW because it looks like the one in the game. my favorite!

  529. Mel

    I like the Helmaroc King decal the best because of the beautiful tension created by the art.

  530. Zach

    Hero’s Bow is epic. Always my favorite weapon.

  531. Canyarion

    The one with Princess Zelda on top is gorgeous. Lovely hair, cute heroes. This really represents The Legend of Zelda to me: a hero, his sword and his quest to save the princess.

  532. nasanerd09

    I like the Wind Waker- Silver the best. The contrasting red and green colors look fantastic, and I always loved how the wind itself was Link’s instrument in this game.

  533. Zack Hackett

    I like the one with Link and the Wind Waker in the lighter colored one. It symbolizes how cheerful and colorful the game was while also maintaining its serious and deep storyline. Plus, how important the winds were obviously.

  534. Fredrik Lilleøkdal

    My favourite is the Helmaroc King, because of how good the buildup to the fight in the game was, and how memorable he is of an boss. It’s also the one of the eight which is most pretty, in my opinion :)

  535. Savanna

    My favorite is the Princess one! I love the way it really captures the essence of the game and the true sprit of Zelda as the princess and Link as the Hero! The design is just perfect!

  536. Jeffrey

    Hero’s bow is my favorite, but they’re all so good. I love these!

  537. teameblik

    Zelda Wind Waker Totally Kicks Butt
    mainly because we get an aerial view of his world but the bird is also pretty cool.

    Also download zelda games for handheld devices!!!
    —Free of Charge–


  538. Sage

    Hero’s Bow is the definite best!

  539. Shaun

    I’d pick Princess, cause Tetra does what she wants.

  540. Dan

    I like the princess one because that’s my wife’s favorite, and it’s just best to agree with her.

  541. skylie

    Love the colors in Sword the best, but Boomerang is a close second :)

  542. Camilo Nieto

    My favorite is “Princess”, I just know my daughter will love it!

  543. Jiggidyjeff

    My wife and I recently got married in June, and a huge theme to our wedding was Legend of Zelda. We have found out that we will be expecting a new addition in March and are in love with the stained glass ZELDA THE WINDWAKER HEROS BOW. The colors and detail are beautiful it would make an amazing addition to our baby’s nursery! THANKS!!

  544. adricaror

    Princess – She looks amazing and he really looks like a hero!

  545. Emily

    Helmaroc King is stunning. Love the design and details.

  546. Stephanie

    The Hero’s bow. I love the pose and the details and the Triforce at the bottom of it.

  547. James

    I really like the Hero’s Bow decal…it looks brilliant!

  548. Vivian

    Princess looks awesome!!! Love the design of it!

  549. Braden

    Although they all look astonishing, if I had to choose one, it would be the Helmaroc King. The battle between Link and the Helmaroc King is such a meaningful moment in the game. The monstrous bird that heartlessly kidnapped Aryll stands just feet away from Link. Their poor grandmother waits anxiously back at Outset getting little sleep in hopes she’ll ever get to see the return of her grandchildren. With the smash of his Skull Hammer, and the swing of the Master Sword, Link Finally gets his hard earned revenge. He gives it all his heart. Not for fame but for family.

  550. Christine

    Princess all the way! Love the colour and detail that was used. Will LOVE to have one!

  551. Jacob

    My favorite decal is the one with Helmaroc on it. It really exemplifies the courage and bravery of young Link throughout the story of The Windwaker and symbolizes the end of what he first set out to do, save his sister, which got him into the whole mess of the triforce.

  552. Nate

    They all look great, but my favorite is princess because it’s the only one that is square

  553. Greg Leitao

    The Princess Zelda one. It always gave the feeling of an epic and heroic quest to save a kingdom.

  554. Lizet

    The last one with link conducting with the wind waker,the colors go well with each other and the design is overall great.

  555. Lizet

    Uh oh i meant seventh sorry

  556. Jane

    Hero’s Bow is my favorite…really awesome design.

  557. Jasmine

    Wind Waker – Gold

    I like this one best because I feel like it capture the joy I felt while playing this game.

  558. Dorien

    I like the one with the big bird best. Probably because of the bird itself being in the picture, but also because it’s really colorful. Not that the other options aren’t colorful, it just feels to me that it has more cheerful colors.

  559. Smeg

    The “Princess” decal is my favorite. It’s the only one to feature the series’ namesake. It’s not all about Link!

  560. Minna

    They’re all amazing but the Princess one is my favourite out of all, it’s a classic!

  561. Bill

    I love the Helmarok King one. It is very colorful.

  562. totsntales

    Your portfolio is amazing.!!!!! I will choose one for my home too someday. Only one word for this…EPIC!!!!

  563. Ed

    So sad that I missed this giveaway… Guess I’ll have to buy them all.

  564. chellsea

    I love the classic one with the sword.

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