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Attention Threadless fans! Blik launched new wall graphics, Pattern Wall Tiles and Surface Skins designed by Threadless, just thought we would add to the already addictive collection. Who’s excited?

Pattern Wall Tiles:
Fishes in Geometrics ~ Pattern Wall Tiles
What better way to catch a fish than a geometric shape? Their slippery scales won’t slide off of your wall with our adhesive pattern wall tiles.

Hula Girls ~ Pattern Wall Tiles
Say aloha to the new Hula Girls. If your walls could talk, what story would the hula dancers tell?

Wall Graphics:
Yay Gay
It’s all about equality and showing your passion for the cause. Yay Gay!

View Master
Remember these? You could travel the world and come back home again, or just decorate the wall, with this graphic.

Surface Skins:
Desert Untitled No. III ~ Surface Skins
It’s raining pyramids! Or is it? It’s all about perspective with this new desk skin.

Birds of a Feather ~ Surface Skins
Birds of a feather flock together, and stick like glue to the surface they adhere to.

Lovebirds ~ Surface Skins
Don’t you just love “love”? If not, at least the birds make it look cute.

Trees ~ Surface Skins
Nature is constantly growing and changing, just like your style and space. Try a surface skin that will reflect your ever evolving self.


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