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Here at Blik, we love our fans, so we would like to reward two #SHOWUSYOURBLIK winners for sharing their wall graphics with us! It was tough to choose a winner, but we want to give a couple of our awesome fans with some cool Blik swag; we’re giving away a free Blik tee and a $25 Blik gift certificate to two #SHOWUSYOURBLIK entries. Thanks Diana Lien for submitting Ride ~ Surface Skin up at Outlier Solutions and Nancy Dellarocco for submitting Koi by Ilan Dei.

Wondering how Nancy put Koi outside? According to her, “I broke all the Blik rule, so that I could have an outdoor koi pond on my old garage wall this summer. A little caulk helped adhere it.” Way to be creative, Nancy! Keep submitting and supporting!


Submit photos for #SHOWUSYOURBLIK
1. Tag us on Instagram: We’re @whatisblik. Tag us and include the hash tag #showusyourblik
2. Post a photo on Twitter: We’re @whatisblik. Tweet a photo to us and include the hash tag #showusyourblik
3. Post a photo on our Facebook page. We’ll be keeping a #showusyourblik photo album there with some of our favorites.

The QUALITY of the Photos:
We’ll only consider clear, high-res photos. No blurry images, please.

What can YOU win?
A Blik tee and a $25 Blik gift certificate.

BONUS Winning Opportunity
If your photo is over the top phenomenal, we’ll consider it for Blik’s product label packaging, our online shop’s product pages and prime homepage placement for a week. Of course, your name and image will be credited. If we do pick your photo for packaging, we’ll contact you and ask for a high-res photo to be emailed (minimum of 150 dpi and sized 4 x 6). In addition, we’ll have you read and agree to our terms of use, essentially giving us the right to use your photo royalty free and that granting us permission to use it in marketing on our website or packaging for however long we see fit.

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