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Did you ever want to know more about the designers and artists at Blik? We’ve decided to do an artist spotlight every other month to give you a little insight into six artists at a time. Plus, you’ll save $10 on their Blik graphics*. It’s a win-win. To kick-off this fun new idea, we handpicked six versatile artists to highlight.

1. Threadless: Our partnership with Threadless began in 2006 with a Blik loves Threadless design competition and took off from there. Now, Threadless is one of our largest brand partners and helped us launch our innovative and eco-friendly Pattern Wall Tiles collection in 2010.

2. WRAPPED: Last fall, Blik and WRAPPED brought their Venice roots together to develop a line of wall wraps based on WRAPPED’s line of artistic, custom wrapping paper. The result has led to Blik x WRAPPED Surface Skins, a new product category of super durable, self-adhesive art that allows you to personalize just about any large surface in your home or office quickly and easily. WRAPPED was launched over a year ago by Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman when the duo set out to do what they love most: translate their passion for art and nature beyond wrapping paper.

3. Christy Flora: Christy Flora was one of Blik’s first artist partners. Her designs are based on artwork from her eponymous line of greeting cards and stationery that Blik co-founders were fans of. 11 years later, Christy’s kid-friendly designs still rank as top-sellers.

4. Jim Houser: Almost a year ago, we launched four designs from Philly artist and musician Jim Houser. Jim had been on Blik co-founder Scott Flora’s radar for a couple of years and they finally connected. We love Jim’s sense of fun and whimsical characters. Today, we’re also launching a new design from Jim: Sprouts ~ Pattern Wall Tiles. More Jim is good for everyone.

5. Keith Haring: What can we say about Keith Haring, the iconic artist and activist whose work responded to urban street culture of the 80s? Blik was fortunate to start working with the Keith Haring Estate in 2004 and since then has made Haring fans happy with 15 affordable Haring designs, including the new Keith Haring Surface Skins.

6. Hannah Stouffer: San Francisco artist and illustrator Hannah Stouffer came to Blik in early 2010 and helped add a prominent female influence to our growing artist roster. When asked to describe her work, Hannah calls it “feminine decorative embellishments that are counterbalanced by macabre motifs, the animal kingdom and the never-ending pursuit of illustrating explosive emotional transcendence.” Deep…

To get a $10 off Blik code, head over to Facebook and answer one super quick Artist Spotlight question. Once you’ve filled in your name, email and answer, the $10 off code will magically arrive in your inbox. The code is good for $10 off one of the six selected artists and is valid until July 2, 2013. But don’t drag your heels, you only have until Tuesday, July 18 to get a code (and Tuesday, July 2, 2013 to use it.) Got that?

The code is good for $10 off Blik products designed by these six selected artists. Maximum quantity discount applies to is 1 package per design. Sound confusing? For example, if you buy 2 packages of Flutter by Christy Flora, you don’t get $10 off each package. It’s $10 off maximum per design – no matter if it’s 1 or 20 packages. So if you put 2 Flutter in your cart, only one of them is $10 off. Please also note that the discount cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotional code.

See you back in August for the 2nd installment of Blik’s Artist Spotlight.

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  1. Robby

    I love your designs! They’re gorgeous and very inspiring!

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