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Troubled by dull, blank surfaces? Blah! Don’t be ordinary, be revolutionary. Grab that sad looking desk, table, cabinet (or our favorite the ever plain bookcase) and spruce it up with a new Surface Skin.


1. What are these Surface Skins you speak of?
Surface Skins is a brand new line of super durable, self-adhesive art that allows you to personalize just about any large surface in your home or office quickly and easily. Use them to cover desks, tables, cabinets, bookshelves or whatever. Surface Skins were developed to bring some graphic goodness to boring furnishings everywhere.

Surface Skins were developed with a new film that allows the design to be “floated” over the selected surface during installation. The skin’s lamination provides a durable, protection to surfaces and makes them easy to apply and remove. Similar to the concept of personalizing your cellphone or laptop, Surface Skins let you to bring art off the walls and onto other objects in your home.


2. What are the Surface Skins designs?
We’re collaborating with several Blik artists to bring you a new design created for the Surface Skins line. First off, we’re teaming up with our Venice-based neighbors WRAPPED to launch 12 Surface Skins based on WRAPPED’s artfully-crafted gift wrap. Their wrap uses high-res photography of animal hides, insects and modern art with such vibrancy and clarity that the surface skin looks real to the touch. Surface Skins by WRAPPED come in four different rectangular shapes and are designed to be trimmed down to any surface or table size. The designs are: Homage, Clement, Legal, Abbot Kinney, Burst, Gouache, Broadway, Ride, Mildred, Oversee, Stratus and Still. The graphics will fit the following size rectangular shapes:
48″ x 24″ – $42
60″ x 30″ – $64
72″ x 36″ – $90
80″ x 30″ – $87


3. What took you so long to bring Surface Skins to me?
Until recently, there really wasn’t a proper film that could cover a surface with ease and not damage it. We’ll credit Blik co-founder Scott Flora (we fancy him a revolutionary) as having the idea a few years ago and finally finding the new material to make it a possibility.


To celebrate this momentous launch, we’re giving five WRAPPED Surface Skins. To enter to win*, tell us what piece of furniture you’d cover and what design (use the product name) you’d like to win. It’s a giveaway as easy as Surface Skins.

*Giveaway Details: The WRAPPED Surface Skins giveaway runs until 11:59pm PST on May 3, 2013. To enter, leave your comment below. Valid only to US and Canada residents (sorry!) Winners will be announced on this blog on May 7, 2013.
Go ahead, invade your space with art and color. And keep an eye out for other Surface Skins to come. We’re just getting started!

UPDATE: Congrats to Anna Vainer, Janie L, Linda, Sarah & Eileen. You are all getting the WRAPPED ~ Surface Skin of your choice. Keep an eye out for an email from us.

189 Responses

  1. Jade

    Id use oversee to wrap a simply made coffee table to add spark to the room :)

  2. celeste

    I would cover a beat up Ikea Micke desk. Oversee is what I would like most.

  3. Julia

    I’d use service skins to cover parts of the door, keeping the white frame around. Will look like I am walking into a painting every time I open the door.

  4. Brianna Deihl

    I wrap the top of my work desk. It’s this old bankers desk and totally fugly. It needs some spice! (Mildred design!)

  5. Tara S

    I would decorate my desk at work!

  6. Julie

    I would cover my nasty old ikea coffee table that I somehow cannot live without!

  7. Janine C

    I would use legal to recover the nasty red/brown bench in our kitchen. Love this product!

  8. Jessica R

    I would cover my boring dresser with the Clement skin. It would add so much texture and interest to the space instead of just being a bulk!

  9. Melissa Barton

    I SO want to wrap the (inside) of my front door!

  10. Janie L

    I’d add some modern “POW” to a blank coat closet door. Our house was built around 1910, so it would be awesome to have old and new mixed together.

  11. Alec Imperial

    I would add the Clement Surface Skin to the dresser sitting in the closet. Might be incentive to bring it out into the room finally!

  12. andys

    I’d cover my writing desk, which could use a facelift after this many years.

  13. Andy L

    Is there some good reason I can’t upload my own design and have you print that on this “skin” material you speak of?

  14. Ailssa Z

    I would use the Homage skin to cover my metal, two door craft cabinet.

  15. MK Battles

    I would use the Mildred and cover the front of my scratched up huge stacked file cabinets. I love orange and it’s just enough of a pop of color!

  16. Emily

    I’d love to cover our very standard IKEA coffee table. It would really bring some personality to the whole room!

  17. Renee

    I would cover some boring end tables with the Mildred surface skin!

  18. Linda

    love, love this. I ‘ve been looking to replace our 15 year old metal ikea table as having children has worn down the surface. What an awesome product. Do I hear Millie…Hola

  19. Chloe

    My Fridge! It’s massive and old, and a weird, sad off-white – the kitchen could really use some colour!

  20. maria

    I love the skins! I would (and will) wrap my headboard. I live in a Blik filled house, so I’m excited about this new product.

  21. Julie

    I would use Burst to cover the top and front of my tv stand for another piece of art to look at when facing the tv!

  22. pim

    to redo an old coffee table i have from ikea! it’s still good wood and this would be easier than sanding and repainting it!

  23. Scott

    I’d cover the wooden “X” underneath my Pier 1 glass table top! It’s a deep red and I’d love to change it to something more fun!

  24. Rachel

    I found an awesome 70′s desk in an alley that has a great shape and awesome drawers with funky knobs. But the surface of the table has scratches and lots of wear and tear, I’d love to put a surface skin on it and make it a centerpiece of my office!

  25. Frances M

    I’d wrap my kitchen cabinets or my refrigerator door. Or maybe the bottom of my longboard! So many possibilities…

  26. Sarah

    I would use the Abbot Kinney to give a facelift to three very boring Ikea Billy Cabinet doors a facelift so that they could actually pass for the buffet for which we’re using them. The CB2 placemats made from recycled vinyl billboards currently taped on them just aren’t doing the trick.

    PS – How about some street art skins? Taggers can be great artists, but we’ve had a hard time finding one that will let us hire him/her to paint our furniture…

  27. Amanda

    I would definitely cover my studio sewing desk!!! Perfect for jazzing it up.

  28. RebeccaL

    I’d use homage on my daughter’s boring white dresser. We both would love it!

  29. Scott Yates

    Totally what I need! Way better than my idea since I much artistic talent. Years ago I bought a fake Eames Lounge chair 3D model from a thrift shop. It looks good from the front but the wood part on back appears to have had tape stuck to it for years and had a long chunk of a single ply of wood missing and wood putty filled into another part. So it sits in a corner so the back isn’t visible. I recently decided to make it into an fun art piece (I am getting rid of a love seat so the chair will look odd in the corner by itself) and put it in a more visible spot. My idea was to repair the back then paint it a fun color or cool design (which I prefer but am not an artist). I like Gouache a lot and think it would really make the chair pop! I do have the skills to take the chair apart, repair the back and reassemble, the Wrapped surface skins will help me wrap up the project!

  30. Whitney

    I would cover my plain jane wood desk at my office! In a corporate world where every piece of furniture looks like every other one I would FINALLY have a little bit of creativity to the hum-drum space!

  31. Caryn C

    It is hard to choose just ONE design because i like so many of them. I would like to HOMAGE my set of 2 dresser because my living space doesn’t allow wall hangings and I need a little color in my life.

  32. Rachelle

    I do most of my creative work on the ugliest desk imaginable. It’s not inspiring in the least. I’d love to make it a fun workstation!

  33. SusanS

    I would use it to cover a very boring, very white, very square (in every sense of the word) conference table in our small architectural and engineering office. After all, if we can’t put a fresh face forward to our clients, who can?!

  34. kat e.

    I would love to cover my cheap-looking IKEA dresser to bring a little more class & pizazz to the giant style-less void it leaves in my room. Now which one do I love the most?!

  35. Amy

    I’ve had the same off-white (and getting off-whiter…) dresser for almost 10 years: my friend sold me when we graduated from college, so it’s definitely older than that. :) I’d love to cover it with something fun, to give it new life without repainting or re-finishing it and putting all those VOCs into the air!

  36. Jessica

    I have this hideously horrid dresser in my room. It’s “black”, old, bulky, and needs a complete update. Anything would be better than it is now. It’s such an eye sore and I think this would be the perfect thing for it.

  37. Dave W

    I would cover our boring old white kitchen table to make it go va va voom ;)

  38. Sue

    I’d cover my Smart car!!!! ( I put little Blik decals on it now, changing with the season or just whenever the mood hits me. Covering the entire car would be cool!!)

  39. jess frank

    I so need this for my huge executive desk.

  40. Annie Belanger

    I would cover my old work desk, it would add some swag to it! And probably help me get inspired :)

  41. Jake

    I’ve got an entire, massive, wall of my apartment that needs some decorating. It’s approximately 15×20 (feet) and is practically BEGGING for a blik skin!

  42. Nadine S

    I would use the Oversee design to cover an ugly service door.

  43. Denise Taylor

    I’d love to cover our dining room table like this rather than buy a new table!!

  44. Alex Leger

    I’d cover the front door of my home and my garage doors as well! Sometimes people get tired of the everyday mundane environment they live in. So I’d kick it up a notch by adding some WOW! factor to he old neighborhood. We often paint our front door just to add a pop of color and I believe adding Blik graphics will go a step beyond by allowing us to add some artistic expression and personality! Different mood, different graphic the possibilities are boundless .

  45. Anson

    I’d zebra-up my front door with new “Ride” BLIK Surface Skin.

    Fun idea.

  46. Amy Franz

    There are so many things I could cover with these skins, but the main thing would be the front door. I just moved into a funky apartment complex and the front door is kind of boring. My roommate and I have been discussing what we can do to the door without damaging it or painting it. Now I have a solution… possibly for free…. (Pick me! Pick me!)

  47. Madeline

    AWEsome give away. Merci Beaucoup.

    I’d cover a refrigerator door with the bountiful bursts of colour in Oversee OR the door to my art space because it would make me smile every time I went there and saw it. :)

  48. Ricardo

    Using Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman’s Homage Surface skin.. I would wrap the small round table I just placed in our home as a place where our twin 4 year old niece and nephew could go crazy with creative childhood no erasers allowed out of the box sketches that they dream up!! and we can collect and sell for a nickel!!

  49. Maria

    I would revive an old wood dining table with Stratus and if any was left over I have a couple small end table tops that could use it too.

  50. Bonnie

    I’d LOVE to wrap the bi-fold doors in my foyer!

  51. Ari

    I’d cover my dining room table. My husband and I are remodeling our dining room/formal living room into a place we’d actually like to hang out in (right now we eat in our kitchen/family room). I love the “Burst” skin. My husband just challenged me to design a room with his favorite sports team colors (Aston Villa: light blue and maroon), and this would bring in both colors.

  52. Beth K

    I’ve been remodeling a foreclosed home,inside and out. We are almost done and should be able to actually move in soon. We built a bar area between the kitchen and living room and have had a hard time figuring out what to do for the bar countertop. I think this would be a perfect solution!

  53. Paul B

    I would wrap my ugly white and blinding (the light from above reflects onto it) U-shaped desk at work. Something like the faux wood or the paint platters would be awesome (and a great conversation piece for people stopping by).

  54. Lucy

    I would cover this ancient, dull brown dresser using Stratus.

  55. Saparya

    Absolutely LOVE these! I would use the Stratus on my plain off-white fridge – it would add so much fun and color into my tiny apartment kitchen!

  56. Kellie Z

    My tween daughter would love Oversee on her bedroom dresser – then we will paint the walls to match.

  57. Larry

    I would cover a desk and make a headboard (on plywood) and I think. I know my wife will love Burst and Stratus…hard decision!
    She would be very impressed with the final results I am sure.

  58. Matthew

    I have 7 and 4 year old girls that can really enjoy their food at the dinner table. I have an all black 4′x4′ dinette that needs not only color/content updating, but a little help with surface durability. I’m sick of constantly cleaning, drying and removing my kids’ placemats. Why not just make a table-sized one!?!

  59. Margaret King

    computer desk

  60. cassandra mccann

    ride on my kitchen table

  61. Kimberly

    I would wrap the drawer fronts of my bedroom dresser that I “inherited” (it sounds better than “handed down”). :-)

    The dresser has classic mid-century modern lines, but an ugly woodgrain finish. I have always intended to refinish it someday, but it’s so much work! Blik Surface Skins would be much easier and way more cool! I would use the pattern “Burst” because I like the colors and its “less busy” pattern.

  62. Julie

    Ride on a sliding door

  63. Debber

    LOVE! I would throw open the basement door and cover those wooden battleship gray steps in a Gouache flash! Bam! Suddenly I feel inspired to do laundry-CRAZY I know….

  64. Erica M

    Due to tough times, I had to move into my mom’s tiny storage room. My main piece of furniture is my old, ugly childhood dresser (w/fish hand painted by a younger, less talented me). It could really use the help of CLEMENT to give it a more modernized look.

  65. cherie

    definitely Homage. I need it to add “spots” of colour to my dining table in an otherwise black and white kitchen.

  66. Andrea

    I’d love to put this on my coffee table and end table. Also I think it would look great on my son’s book shelf. It might every be great for the front of my drawing desk.

  67. Luke

    just furnished my living area of my living/dining area with no cash to spare. This is a quick fix for our beat up dining table with black and whit retro chairs. Hard choice but I would get WRAPPED in “Still.”

  68. Benjamin

    I’m a full time student, and what do I have to look at for over 7 hours each day? Yup, it’s my drab old study table. Although its gotten me through finals and exams, I think it needs a new update. Something to spruce up the look and make it enjoyable to study again. The OVERSEE Surface Skin is bright and colourful, the perfect fit for me!

  69. Tiff

    I would cover the kitchen cabinet doors and maybe the refridgerator?????? !!!!!!

  70. Sharon W.

    A modern slate grey desk with metal legs.

  71. Matt

    I just bought bunk beds for my two little ladies. The wraps would make their little room very special and spark their imaginations, which is all a dad could ask for!

  72. Matt

    I forgot to add that I would like the homage design on the bunk beds!

  73. jeanne kitchens

    I’d surface the most boring, plain-Jane, brown pre-fab twin-set of wardrobes. So useful but so boring. They have inset panel doors that are begging, no screaming, to be covered with some funky and awesome Blick Surface Skins!

  74. Sharon F

    I would use the Oversee design to cover a craft table . love it .

  75. David

    I am about to become an online instructor and cant decide on a decent backdrop for my videos. This would be cool. I was thinking just a plain couple of doors… this would add a whole new dimension…

  76. Brigitte

    I’d build a “cat-condo-kitty-litter-cabinet” and wrap it in either Ride or Still.

  77. Gaby

    I’ll cover my sad looking desk at my lab with Homage! It will cheer up my years of being a poor grad student!

  78. James Hosack

    I would use the Stratus on my bookshelf. Beautiful stuff!

  79. Caroline

    Such wonderful new designs! I love the Stratus, I would use it for my old self-made industrial desk in the study. It has seen many homes and shows the signs, so it could use a make-over!

  80. Anna Vainer

    I’m envisioning a wild IKEA hack with the amazing BURST wrap. My plain bookcase with two extremely boring “fake country” look would be absolutely transformed when I’d apply the wrap to their plain doors. And then the living room would feel personal and chic. Not only that, I’d totally brag about the hack all over the Facebook about it, pretending to be nonchalant about it.

  81. Sneha

    LOVE the Oversee print – I’d use it to liven up the drawers on my broke-college-student IKEA desk and chest!

  82. Ange

    I would use Mildred to cover our large custom made dining table that my four children must have mistaken for a cork board /art easel over the past few years. It has been stabbed with various object and drawn all over. To quote my 3 year old when I caught him one day and asked him what he was doing. Simply put….”I am just working on my work”

  83. Thuy

    Finally it has come. I need to replace my vintage 1980s white laminate kitchen cabinets and this is the perfect remodel job.

    Why not do all in legal wood grain except one, which will throw people off and do ride zebra skin.


  84. Meghan O'Reilly

    I would use either burst, since they have style, or ridee, so they can pretend to be on safari, to cover my bunnies’ wooden two story cage. I have always felt the outside of their little home doesn’t suit their spunky personalities or my own decor.

  85. Leah Dennison

    I’ve been looking for something unique to do with second hand dresserS :) One I got from my neighbor who passed away — Thanks for this lovely idea and opportunity blik folks!!!’ :) I hope I win!!! crossing my fingers…I do!!!

  86. EK

    I would cover several surfaces of a black combo desk/bookcase student study area I have. Oversee or Stratus would invigorate the space. Any leftovers? I would use to cover a guitar case which completes the study space. I think it would look really great!

  87. JC

    I would cover some old bookshelves.

  88. vyanho

    I would cover my son’s headboard and make it the focal point in his bedroom decor.

  89. Carol

    I would cover a flea market find Chiffarobe. It will be a stunner!

  90. Lois C

    I would cover my son’s weary, worn out Sauder desktop with Ride to renew its use and add some pizzazz to an otherwise nice but plain and nerdy room!

  91. Jo

    I have a large, second-hand, metal filing cabinet I need to put in the office where I have a small mental health therapy practice. It would look so much nicer in a skin – maybe Clement to keep the industrial feel of the piece.

  92. Ange

    I would use Mildred to cover our large custom made dining table that my four children must have mistaken for a cork board /art easel over the past few years. It has been stabbed with various objects and drawn all over. To quote my 3 year old when I caught him one day and asked him what he was doing. Simply put….”I am just working on my work”

  93. Smerica

    I want to put “Mildred” on everything but mostly my old coffee table.

  94. Meeeeeee

    I work in at a college where everything is grey/blue or red/black. I need something to cover my desk to excite students and especially meeeeeee. Even my colleagues would appreciate having something better to look at than a blank white wall. Help meeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  95. Q

    I would skin the desk surface in my office!

  96. Hana

    I would like to cover the countertop of a kitchen island I bought from Ikea. :D

  97. Andrea

    I want to put Homage on my bedroom door!

  98. jCarone

    The cover “Burst” would make a nice accent to the back panel of a wooden and glass shelf bookcase along with covering one of the panels on my floor screen. Nice!

  99. Martha

    Gouache would be perfect to cover a scratched up bookcase in my office! Thank You!

  100. Anna R

    These are unbelievable! My favorite bookshelf is screaming for a makeover with the Homage skin :D

  101. Vera

    I’ll love to upcycle our old patio benches in time for summer

  102. Caitlin

    I would cover my banged-up university-surplus bookcase with Oversee!

  103. tanya

    I would use STILL to cover the IKEA Malm drawers we have in the bedroom.

  104. MEg

    I would cover my desk at home or work, or both. Both pieces are from IKEA and need some color. I would pick either Homage or Gouache

  105. Jill Villanueva

    I would love to use Gouache as a backsplash for me entertainment unit to add some pizazz.

  106. Joan

    I have this study table that is so blah… would love to add more color to it so I won’t fall asleep while I study.. :)
    I think the stratus design will be good..

  107. Jan

    Most definitely Mildred my coffee and end tables!

  108. Lenay

    Uh, the STILL Surface Skin pretty much made my heart skip a beat. I’ll need to have that asap to cover my white studio desk surface! That would sure inspire me to create more :)

  109. michele

    I would like to cover my bar so that happy hour could be even happier!

  110. valerie

    I would probably have to save it until I get some furniture. My college degree hasn’t exactly gotten me a job yet. Still hoping for a place of my own. In the meantime I would probably cover my refrigerator? Would they fit a refrigerator? I hope so.

  111. Ashley

    My seriously old and beat up IKEA coffee table. I’ve had it since college (9 years) and it has definitely seen better days. If it doesn’t get a face lift, it’s got to go.

  112. vanessa

    I would cover my white table that I bought and it makes me sad every time i look at it…i want that to change!!
    BURST skin, that is the one I would want on it

  113. CarrieP

    I would use Status to spruce up a cheap bookcase. LoveIT!

  114. Lisa

    Love these!! I would use Stratus to update an old IKEA coffee table and some IKEA chairs :)

  115. Derek

    I’ve got a desk that would look great covered in the STRATUS SURFACE SKIN

  116. Terri

    I want to cover a GUITAR that my brother is making by hand from a 100 year old tree he had to cut down. The ultimate re-purpose!

  117. Tina

    I want to cover my table with Homage! It’s so cute!

  118. Melissa (Books and Things)

    Oversee on my table in my craft/art space.

  119. Danielle

    I would really love to use ‘Oversee’ on my beloved telephone table I got for $3 at a rummage sale.

  120. William S

    I’d wrap Mildred all over my bed frame.

  121. Adile

    I would use clement on my fridge!

  122. Jaime

    I’m just finishing my PhD and got a job offer in Toronto, so I’ll have to move and furnish a whole new house! I’d love to have the ‘Stratus’ surface skin to make a large coffee table the bright centerpiece in my new home. :)

  123. Colin

    I would like to use Clement to cover my desk. It is super boring.

  124. Lisa

    I would Surface Skins to improve my husband’s treasured coffee table that I put sticky kid protective bumpers on when my twins were born. He agreed. But when I peeled off the sticky protective bumpers, the varnish on the edges was smeared. We both love the Gouache Skin. I would need 2 in the smallest size or one 72 X 36 to make it all better!

  125. Kristin

    I would love to use the Oversee surface to cover my Ikea headboard and footboard. They’re very minimally designed dark wood, and I need something bright and colorful to lighten up the room.

  126. Melissa

    I would love the Stratus surface skin for my cubicle’s desk at work. I am a journalist and would definitely appreciate the jolt of creativity. Plus, it’d make everybody jealous.

  127. keiadnae

    I would put Mildred on either my built-in desk in my apartment, or procure and old desk from someone just so I can cover it!

  128. Caryn

    Homage! Just converted my extra room into a adult/kid friendly art and work space and feel like this would he great on the huge desk! Would definetly add art with a kid vibe!

  129. Paula

    I would love to cover my kids long work table with the ‘Gouache’ skin! Now that they are older it is more of a homework table and it could cover all of their toddler marks. Then the table would look more cool since it resides in my studio (so I won’t mind having it there!)

  130. Diane

    A Stratus Headboard for the bedroom makeover! Wild like me.

  131. Julie

    I would pick HOMMAGE to cover my sewing table (not where I do my cutting!) It is an old metal table from a school that also sometimes serves as play table for my kids because the it has adjustable height settings! Looks like a great product!

  132. Pramudita

    I think putting it on the door will be so much fun! I can have different surface on different doors

  133. YumYum

    Homage or Stratus, can’t decide. Will wrap the office door, adding excitement to work.

  134. Claudia

    I would use CLEMENT on one of glass sliding doors, the middle door. It would be cool to cover just one of the doors for something different, privacy and a bit of art.

  135. Carly

    Dude! I want to cover my bicycle in a Legal (wood grain) surface skin. It’s my old beat-up beater bike and it could use a refresh. Betting a surface skin would be just the ticket :)

  136. Trudi

    Would love to cover the giant ugly rolling cabinet we inherited with the house. Make it into a cocktail bar!

  137. Carly

    I have the most god-awful 3 drawer dresser in the bedroom. My husband (a designer) hates it, but I got it because it was 2nd hand, cheap, and available. Our first child is due in only 8 days, so we’ve had more pressing things to spend our money on. I would love to use OVERSEE to cover it up and bring some style to our sleep sanctuary!

  138. Digital Buddha

    I would use Still to wrap my meditation altar to enhance
    a more spiritual calm to the energy of the tabernacle.
    Om om om

  139. Meka

    I was just saying to my husband that we would have to paint the top of our coffee table. The kids have ruined it. I would love to refinish it someday but I don’t have the time. Surface skins would be perfect, but how would I pick a pattern? They are all fun. Probably Oversee. IT would look best in the room. But I also like the idea of a cow hide on my table. What do you think?

  140. Kizzi

    for my ongoing basement/rec room makeover, I would cover the old Target coffee table we have down there. It’s pine and in good shape other than puppy teeth marks, remnants of Transformers stickers and marker art from my son. I was going to sand and paint it but this is sooooo much cooler.

  141. Palma Jordan

    It would be perfect for a small dresser that I would like to repurpose for my den.

  142. Palma Jordan

    Ride in 60 X 30 would be perfect for my dresser that needs to be repurposed.

  143. heather alton

    I would use the following Cement on a 70′s chest, Mildred on my old Ikea desktop, and Abbot Kinney on a scratched up Parsons table :)

  144. Erika

    I will definitely cover the red portion of my kids’ Ikea Virre slide with the Hommage surface skin. Win or not. Thank you, Blik, as I have been racking my brain for a year on what to do with this. I also think I will need cement skin to cover my dining table that has been destroyed by litte people with crayons.

  145. Hope

    I’d use Gouache to cover the chest of drawers in which I keep all my art supplies!

  146. Sheronda

    My one year old and her Daddy have totally ruined my favorite lovely wood coffee table. I sigh every time I look at it. I would use the “Gouache” to make it pretty again. And either the “Mildred” or “Oversee” to cover an IKEA dresser in her nursery that is super blah. Refinishing was the plan, but sometimes life gets in the way. Its currently hiding in the closet. The Surface Skins would allow it to come out from hibernation.

  147. Josette

    I would love to use a skin to cover a stage that my husband made for our six year old son to play his music on!

  148. Jessica

    Clement skin + IKEA dresser = Happy Jessica

  149. Brie S.

    I would use the Clement Surface Skin to cover a set of bookshelves for our guest room (that currently needs quite a bit of love…).

  150. blik’s new surface skins: decals for furniture — yay or nay?

    [...] as exciting as a bowl of cereal without milk. After seeing what can be done with Blik’s news Surface Skins, I’m beginning to imagine a bright future for my dull office. A new line of durable, [...]

  151. Cathy

    I’m digging that Oversee option on the dresser front – could totally see that in my son’s room!

  152. Wendy

    I have an old this end up coffee table that has survived 4 children and friends that could definitely use an update! Great product idea!

  153. Heather

    I would love to use Oversee on my kitchen table..would liven the space up and give me a total new look!

  154. julie

    i would cover a door that i had removed to turn into huge oversized art!

  155. David F

    I would use that RIDE skin over my headboard! How awesome!!!

  156. Lynn M

    I would wrap the door to my classroom. I think my Grade 9 English students would LOVE it!

  157. medea

    already calculating how much I’d need to cover the dinged round wood laminate table at home!

  158. Jennifer Desai

    I’d use Mildred to cover the side of my wine rack/cabinet (floor to ceiling) that I set on fire by accident while lightin incense! Just needs a new surface non burned surface and this will do the trick!

  159. Holly

    Revamping my living area to include a work station, I would wrap my desk in Gouache… but my coffee table needs a little love too!

  160. Steph

    My boyfriend’s large wood laminate dresser in the bedroom- everything in this apartment is brown (I just moved in)!

  161. Doug C

    I would wrap my book case im currently building for my first apartment! I would use STRATUS

  162. Liz D

    I would use the Broadway skin to cover my two living room end tables. They would go well with the decor.

  163. Genevieve

    I would use Oversee or Burst (or attempt to use it) on my cabinet/nightstand. It’s dull and tan and scratched up (my theme is art and nature) and I have no clue what to do with it! XD

  164. Alison

    I’d use gouache to cover my ugly refrigerator in my rental! Finally some customization for the kitchen!

  165. angie p

    I would cover my ugly coffee table with Abbot Kinney and make it beautiful!

  166. Kristen!

    I have a REAL ugly desk that is just begging for a BURST of color. See what I did there? Burst is the design I would use! :)

  167. Justin Andrew Mason

    I would use Bodhisattva to refurbish my old beat-up living room coffee table.

  168. Shelley Wehrman

    I would use “Homage” to cover my craft table. How cool would that be?!!

  169. Oscar P

    I would cover a TV stand I have from Ikea that needs some color to revive my place

  170. Curtis Wehrman

    I wonder if they would work on my front load washing machine. I’d use LEGAL. Or maybe for the front of the dishwasher?

  171. Chad O

    I’d like to cover my desk with Clement. My desk is a dark cherry color with a hutch creating a dark area to study. I think this surface skin would help to slightly brighten up the my desk area with a simplistic, clean design.

  172. Jenn

    Burst – I would use it to cover up the giant framed mirror that is attached to the wall in my stairwell.

  173. Lindsey

    I’d love to cover my desk with Still. It’s currently black and I can’t see anything on it in the dark. Need to brighten it up!

  174. Stephanie birditt

    I am a web designer and developer for a media company in LA and our office is so BORING. I would use the surface to cover my desk and maybe even the door to my office.

  175. Ruth Vallejos

    Yeah – I, too, would do a door. I would use “Gouache”. 2nd choice would be the dresser. For that I’d use Still. For no other reason than it would FREAK OUT the cat! LOL!

    Is this stuff tough enough to be walked on? Could you put it on a canvas floor rug? Hmm. So many options…

  176. Jennifer Caritas

    I’d use Abbot Kinney to cover the horrible IKEA armoire I bought with the intention of painting (but of course never did).

  177. Jennie B

    I’d wrap the top of my dresser! (Was planning to use regular Blik then Mod Podge over it – this would be better!)

  178. Alice

    I’d love to use Oversee on our computer work desk. A nice pop of color in our white office area would do great things for inspiration!

  179. Eileen

    I live in a sad little cube most of the day and would LOVE to bring life to it! The desk and cabinet would get the WRAPPED Gouache treatment.

  180. paul rankin

    I’d skin either the door to my daughters’ room or our lame generic 80s coffee table, to make it full of win.

  181. Johnny Vinton

    I have been thinking that my fireplace needs a makeover, Stratus would be perfect !!!

  182. Marissa

    I would love Oversee to cover either my work desk or dresser for my new apartment! Anyway I can bring more art into my space the better!

  183. Michele H

    I would use Stratus to wrap my crafting table. The splashes of color would be inspiring!

  184. Rachel H.

    It’s hard to choose just one design, as quite a few appeal to me. The number one thing I’d like to cover? Gotta’ be my kitchen cabinets — they’re beige Formica with mismatched wood trim, and I rent …
    I think Oversee would be perfect (or perhaps, Gouache).

  185. Max

    Children’s work desks because you can’t have enough creativity around the little ones. Really liking Stratus!

  186. Chris Case

    I would like cover my wife’s desk. If I won I would use Mildred to do the job right!

  187. Csaba S. Zongor

    I’m going to get all illegal with Legal all over my computer cave! Cave, you say? If I win, I will supply photos of this cave. Good luck, everyone!

  188. suzanne

    An end table that screams for a beautiful blik skin!

  189. Andrea

    I would use the mysterious “all that remains” to pizazz my new dresser drawers on a mod/contemporary piece I bought :
    and cut it down to fit all the drawer faces. It’d be fantastic!!!!!!

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