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Say GOODBYE to flat monochromatic walls and say HELLO to vibrant blocks of color. Color Block graphics by Mina Javid use color and crisp geometry to change the perception of your space. How cool is that?

We are thrilled to be pairing up again with LA architect and designer Mina Javid for color blocking graphics. The graphics are designed to influence more space than a single, flat wall. Think large panels of color that can organically grow into a piece of art on a wall or wrap around corner or ceiling. Color blocking is available in two sets: Color Block Parallel and Color Block Slant. Each set comes in four color combinations, all of which complement one another. The line is designed to be mixed and interlocked.


In the simplest form, it’s the composition of color groups that both support and complement each other. Mina thinks spatially and envisions color blocking as a tool to create vibrant, livable spaces.

We love Mina’s idea of taking simple forms and shapes in color-coordinated shades, allowing you (the consumer) to layer and build on a dramatic scale. We want you to take a chance, have fun and play with the existing angles and lines throughout your home.

Color blocking will resonate with those of you who grew up playing with LEGOS and colored blocks. You can follow the directions and make exactly what’s on the package or take it to another level and create your own design. To encourage you to take a chance and tap your creativity, we’re giving away 3 sets of Color Block Parallel and 3 sets of Color Block Slant. To enter to win*, tell us where you’d begin your color blocking journey.

And remember, playing with blocks is always fun!

Giveaway Details: The Color Block giveaway runs from April 10 until 11:59pm PST on April 14, 2013. To enter, leave your comment below. Valid only for US and Canada residents. Winners will be announced on this blog on April 16.

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners: Zita Major, Beth Spellman, Kathie Vaught, Lauren Fulton, Katherine Niemela and Colin Roache.

147 Responses

  1. Diana

    I’d color block our plain white doors. Wrapping around the top would be cool – two different designs since they’re not symmetrical :)

  2. Eric Agner

    I’d use them to modernize the 80 year old DC rowhouse we’ll be rehabbing this year.

  3. Mike Whincup

    I would block the hell out of our dining area and our boring white walls.
    Bring some color, life and imagiantion to where we eat. A certain talking point for guests!

  4. margaux verdera

    without a doubt, my living room is in NEED of these awesome colorblocks! those Parallels are awesome! and would add some serious pizzaz to my slowly but surely coming along space!

  5. Brianna Deihl

    I’m getting a new roommate for the first time in 8 years.

    I’m nervous.

    I’d put the sweet blocks in the living room and let her arrange them so she felt like the place wasn’t ALL mine.

  6. jennifer f

    i would start colour blocking in my very blah white dinning room (the room also has pink carpet, God help me!)
    When we moved into our home the walls were terribly UGLY! We are slowly working our way through the house but haven’t made it to the dinning room yet. I have tried to spice it up with our children’s art but would love to make the room appetizing with the grey colour blocking (grey because it is our colour scheme of our house)
    We are hungry for colour blocking in our dinning room :)

  7. Noelle Booth

    My room would look amazing with these! Definitely putting them there if i win!

  8. Koren

    My family room needs more color!

  9. Steve C

    A kids play area, creating a focal point around a trunk of toys or bookcase.

  10. Anitra Terrell

    Color blocking everywhere!! Just kidding ;0) I would put these cool vibrant blocks in my bathroom (for starters). It’s all white and in desperate need of color. Next stop above my bed! I think the colorblocks would look really fun as a headboard or focal point above the bed.

  11. Holly Kennedy

    In the dining room, for sure. This would be perfect!

  12. Heath

    I would totally color block the walls outside my office. This particular corridor is circular and honestly, it’s a minimalist circular expanse that makes you feeling you’re walking the unfinished floor of the USS Enterprise. (They never showed this in the movies for good reason!) It’s time to unleash some color on our miserable walls.

    Make it so!

  13. Aaron B

    I would start with my home office. It really needs livening up.

  14. Ian Sans

    I would attempt to color block at a court house or post office… they seem so ridiculously depressing that a burst of color could turn moods and heads. If there was any leftover material, our recording studio could use a burst of color as well. The dull white walls could use a splash of inspiration. Color creates moods and energies that resonate within people, and anywhere color could be blocked, it shall be blocked.

  15. Scott

    I have a stairway space that looks like a U that I have been dying to figure out what to put in there. I love the organics of this piece and look forward to putting it on my walls!!!

  16. Jessica

    I have to say my kitchen would look so much better with colour blocked walls.
    The entire room is just white on white on black. I know that seems very modern, but the entire kitchen really dated. I mean, for goodness sakes, I live in a 130 year old home.
    This colour blocking would be the best thing that has hit my kitchen in– who knows when (I mean, I’m not 130 years old…). Help this blah become ta-dah!

  17. Annan

    I would DEFINITELY color block the entry way leading up to the second floor (stair case). It has this horrid wall paper and the walls are an ugly off-white. :( It looks old as hell and… unappealing. I need some bright colors!

  18. Floriana

    There’s a horrible damp patch in our living room that it’s becoming like the stain of blood in The Canterville Ghost – the more you try and get rid of, the more it reappers!
    We would like to replaster the whole wall and spruce it up with vibrant orange-red-yellow colours as a contrast with the grey Dublin skies.
    Colour blocking is definitely what we need, so we can finally have a summer here in Ireland!

  19. Ricardo

    Definitely the perfect place for me to Color Block is my recently cleaned up GARAGE!.. We just purchased this older home as we are remodeling, I just revamped the garage as well. And in this process, discovered BLIK and Mina David’s work which I will use as a backdrop to our hallway gallery..BUT. I did not want to paint our car park yet.. did not want to leave it drab and so will add ANISE field to this BUT with this new Color Block graphic– what a great way to PUMP UP THE VOLUME as we drive and park each day. Thanks!

  20. JD Ham

    My plain white dining room. Nothing going on in there now.

  21. Sara

    My 10 year old daughter’s new basement bedroom! It has low ceilings and something creative like color blocking would add a little pizzaz!!

  22. Crystal Bess

    My long hallway would look awesome with color blocking. It would transport you.

  23. Joanna

    The blue and green parallel lines are so serene and would go beautifully in my bedroom. It would definitely add a calming flow to the room.

  24. cherie

    my. white. wall.

  25. Lindsay

    I’d either colorblock the boring empty wall in my kitchen to “spice” things up a bit, or create a faux headboard with colorblocking!

  26. joe large

    In my office. We’re supply temporary cooling to contractors..Beige walls, beige carpet…want something that wakes up my employees and other contractors that come into my office.

  27. Devin

    I would color block my living room!! My walls are cement so its hard to hang anything on them, so these would add such a pop of color and juxtaposition to the furniture there

  28. Ashley Smith

    Wow! I am currently chalk painting my kitchen table and know that these are perfect for my 2 year old to help me design and lay out! He has been dying to help me work on the table. We would have a beautiful piece of art that we created as a family. That would be the perfect addition to our new home. Bare walls are boring!

  29. Kellie

    I love this idea! I would wrap them around the two walls my tween daughter’s bed is pushed up against (and the ceiling) for an extremely colorful retreat to read and lounge in.

  30. Jessica

    I’d definitely do my office wall. It’s so bland right now. It’s in an old frat house and all of the walls are a lovely cinder block in white.

  31. Melissa F

    I have a very long, blank wall in my bedroom because nothing seems to fit on it. Everything I try always looks too small and gets swallowed by the space. I am tired of looking at the blank wall and these Color Block Panels are the perfect solution!! I love that I can put one block up at a time and get inspired on where to place the next.

  32. Jason

    I have been searching for a way to handle my awkward space between the my dinning and living room. Color Blocks Slant would be a perfect solution to blend the 2 spaces while adding a little punch! As a designer I really enjoy the organic process of apply Color Blocks! I would love to spend a week applying them to a room floor to ceiling.

  33. Brent

    We moved into our home only to have to strip an steam layers of wallpaper off. So for 2 years we have plain magnolia walls. Id love to add a splash of color to our walls. At least for a focal point and to marry up the rest of the colors in the furnishings in the living room

  34. Beth S

    My oldest will go off to college in the fall. My middle son wants to move into his room while he’s gone. These would let my middle son make his big brother’s room seem more like his own room!

  35. Nadine

    I work at a college of art and design yet I stare at a blank white wall everyday! I’ve been waiting for something to “come to me” or “inspire me” or “present itself to me”. I have one faculty person who calls me every now and then to find out if I “put anything on my wall” yet. I need artistic intervention. I need blik. I need my students to think my wall is “coollll!” Help!

  36. Athena Roth

    These are so awesome! I would love to color block my living room’s white walls! Thanks for the chance, Athena.

  37. Sherry

    Ooo, gotta have this! I’d use it on the wall that goes from our living area up the stairs (not too many) to the second floor. And I might even start it going around the corner in the kitchen, so that it can be appreciated on many levels–literally! We already have lots of color in our house; we have modular origami everywhere. This would continue the theme…

  38. Palma J

    I would color block behind my bed because the ceiling is slanted and framed pictures are not an option there. The color blocks would look great!

  39. Beth K

    I was thinking about doing this in my office/guest bedroom already, except using a more labor intensive process with paint and tape. This way looks much easier! We’ve been remodeling a run down foreclosure we bought a year ago, and now we are getting to the end of the process. So less labor is better!

  40. Julie

    I would colorblock a headboard for my bed in my bedroom. I would colorblock the wall and ceiling to give it a canopy look! So exciting. I love the colorblock!!

  41. Abigail

    I would colorblock my hallway. The front half of my house – the kitchen, dining room and living room – are shades of yellow, orange and red. The hallway leads to the back half of the house – a bathroom and two downstairs bedrooms – which are shades of teals, blues and greens. Your colorblocks would solve my dilemma on how to “connect” these essentially disparate rooms of color in a fun, creative way!

  42. Janine C

    I’d put the mint/blue Colour Blocks in our very plain, very white bathroom – its a blank and boring room that desperately needs some life injected into it!

  43. Georgia Browne

    If I won this wonderful creative-making color-block set, I would place it in my computer corner that is soooo dull and boring looking., I have a teak desk, a teak shelf unit and a rolling chair. Nothing else. No color, no vibrancy, nothing. It would jazz up this space. gb

  44. Claire

    I would definitely use these in my white kitchen to pop in some colour, they look awesome!!

  45. Rebecca

    If we won a colorblock we would put it on our only dining room wall of our brand new 900sq ft apartment. It would make such a huge impact as it’s the very first wall we see when we walk in!

  46. Andrea

    Wow, these wall decals would help me wake up if I decorated the snooze-worthy breakfast area in my rental home! I was completely bummed out when our landlord painted the whole house beige before we moved in (it was full of color when we viewed it). I can’t live well without color!! Please help!

  47. Katy

    We just bought a new house, and our guest room/playroom/office/home theatre is having some serious identity issues (as you can tell). The color blocks would seriously help that poor room’s pain.

  48. Kara B.

    These are brilliant! I could use them in every room, frankly, but the best place in my home/studio in my entry and stair. It’s has some nooks and crannies leading from the ground floor to a second floor loft – and at the top the Color Block Parallel in Blue would blend perfectly with a modern art piece of the same vein! And for once, my tiny entry vestibule would feel apart of the rest of my house. Congrats, Mina!

  49. Patrick

    The bathroom might be a fun place to color block. Splashes of colors to match or clash with other things with in the room.

  50. Robbie

    I’d color block the back corner wall of my restaurant that is near a wall of windows and connects to a paint your own pottery shop.

  51. Joshua Irish

    I’m currently building a video studio in my garage (finished the floor this past weekend and steamed green screen yesterday) and was looking for a good way to have a solid backdrop for a variety of shows like NerdKO, Cheeky Geek, and the Zeke and Storm show. My friend told me about this promotion and pointed out this would be amazing as a backdrop for our shows. I sincerely hope you pick me because I flat-out NEED something to give our videos more depth and color. Either way, awesome product and I’m sure I’ll buy some anyways! :D

  52. Amanda

    I’d color block the big boring wall behind my bed. The grey would look great with my grandparent’s mid century modern headboard that I’m refinishing in yellow!

  53. DJ Ramsay

    I have this amazing reception table that Id love to color block. It would bring a vintage piece back to life with tons of personality. The red hues would work perfectly!

  54. Kathie

    I would do my open stairway from one floor to another — it would certainly break up the plain jane walls. I would also use this as a headboard in my guest room — the “fit” would be perfect! The possibilities seem endless

  55. heta s

    I would color my master bathroom. Colors not sure.

  56. Kelley

    I would help my granddaughter color block her bedroom as she has been wanting to do this for sometime now…

  57. Rose

    This is the answer to my empty and very blah looking garage. I’m determined to keep it uncluttered and what way to do so by showcasing a nice display of art that shouldn’t be covered. Short of getting graffiti artists in there, I would say that a background color that compliments the color blocking palette would not only make my garage stand out in the neighborhood, but would keep up the energy level as we double the garage as a home gym. The vibrant colors are sure to keep us moving!

  58. Florence Mims

    I would color block on the walls in the sun room! I would make it look very peaceful, like soft waves in the ocean.

  59. Diane

    No brainer – my office! It is below ground and I have no windows or access to natural light. Color blocking will liven up the place. It certainly needs it!

  60. Duncan S.

    Bathroom is Dying For A ColorBlock Treatment; I Like The Wrap-Around Style AndHow IT Would Really Make The Space! (Sorry For All The Caps; Phone Is Feeling Dramatic, Apparently…)

  61. Tonya

    BATHROOM!!! Everyone who comes by ends up having to use the bathroom at one point! I would LOVE to tell them all about it and where I got it so they could get their own!! I absolutely LOVE your wall graphics! Getting Mario for the kids’ rooms soon!

  62. Barb K

    My color block adventure will begin in my Living Room. It need help.

  63. Melissa

    I would color block the ceiling directly above our bed!
    It’s plain and white and could use a splash of color and style!

  64. a n n a

    Here’s our color blocking haiku:

    Hole in the wall – no!
    Colorblocking is the way
    To fix it in style!

  65. Kim Collins

    I would color block the tray ceiling in my bedroom. The awesome colors and mix of interlocking and over-lapping shapes would add even greater depth and interest. Definitely something I’d love waking to and admiring just before turning in for the night!
    Block-on Blik !

  66. Liz

    My old Brooklyn apt bedroom. Its drab walls need life, dimension, color!!!!

  67. Sarah

    My black wall! I moved into this amazing old loft a few months ago with 12′ ceilings, and there was an accent wall painted that orangey brick red popular in the 90s. Ew. I had it painted black thinking I’d do something cool with it….and now my something cool could be blik color blocking!

  68. tootie

    I would most joyfully color block my dining room wall that has been impossible to decorate. The wall contains a light switch, thermastat, and the air intake. Color block is just cool and slick enough to distract your eyes from all the obstacles! LOVE IT!!

  69. Soupy

    I would love to color block above my dining room table or my pantry doors!

  70. Heela

    I’d Iove to color block a large blank wall in our living room. It needs something big and bold.

  71. Elizabeth

    This would definitely liven up my bland, white, and not to mention rented, bedroom wall! I love this!

  72. Brigitte

    I currently live in a pre-war with lots of original details and high ceilings. Since I have been thinking of doing something with the ceiling color blocking it sounds really great in any room. Right in the middle of the room with an amazing chandelier – opposites attract …

  73. Matt

    My kitchen is a triangle. Everything is at an odd angle. I figure color blocking could be its natural camouflage. Maybe then it won’t look so strange? Or maybe I just won’t be able to navigate through all the confusion. I don’t know but I NEED these!

  74. Zita

    We have large white walls in our living room and they’re waiting for the perfect decoration. THESE blocks would be absolutely perfect for them!

  75. LisaT

    My living room is due for a major refresh and ColorBlocking one of the walls would be a great way to revive the walls in that room.

  76. EK

    We’re surrounded by vaulted ceilings. The color block slant would definitely complement any of the corners where our high walls meet these ceilings.

  77. Erika

    Would use it to colour up my baby boy’s room, he is due in August and we dont want to go with any baby blue or teddy bear solutions, these blocks would look great with toys around them!

  78. Suzanne

    In our basement my BF has set up a mini skateboard park in the space where the band practices. Though, the space suites us just fine for the function, it is NOT visually appealing. I don’t know how anyone can be a creative thinker in the drab environment. I would love a set of the blocks to either spruce up the painted (cream color) cinder block walls are the cement (grey-green) floors.

  79. Anita

    My mother has lived in the same house for 40 years, and I’ve moved in for a few months to help clear out decades of extra stuff so she can move to a smaller, easier to care for condo. Since I work from home as a copy writer, I need a comfortable, creative-feeling space in the middle of all this change. Wall decals I can put up in my own way would be the perfect accent to my home office here.

  80. AC

    I would color block our awkward (but hugely empty) wall going up the stairs.

  81. Trish

    color blocking would wake up my office space. I am a social worker ,specializing in work with kids with autism and other social challenges. Most of my studentslove to build, are fascinated by color and shapes, This could be a great conversation starter!!

  82. El

    I would bring my living room to life in my new apartment off-campus. It is currently a depressing space with white walls and is off putting to my friends. I would use the color blocking to make all my friends jealous of my place. Please help out a broke college student who is in love with this wall decal design!

  83. Carol

    We just bought our house 3 months ago and have been looking for original decorating ideas – and color blocking is awesome! I would color block the wall going up the stairs – most people would ignore this area or hang up dated pictures of plants – I think this would be an unexpected area to pack a color punch!

  84. Tiffiny

    My kitchen ceiling for sure!!!
    There are two ceiling fans and lights and it would be amazing to see colors shooting out from them.
    It would be great to have the kids help and incorporate the idea of heathly, natural foods make a very colorful plate!
    Maybe then make their plates match the color blocks the via fruits and veggies???? Art=healthy humans :)

  85. Megan

    I think I would have to begin in my kitchen/dining area… that wall has been screaming for COLOR, something exciting since we moved in 3 years ago!!! It’s blank. It’s wide. It’s boring. It NEEDS color blocking!!

  86. Kristen White

    I am a renter and of course that usually means all white walls. In my case this is absolutely true. I would love to add some color to my bedroom, in particular. I have an interesting tri-sided wall on the south side of my room that would be ripe for color blocks!

  87. Jo-Anne

    I am redoing a bedroom into an office. The walls are light gray and the desk is a lacquered red desk. I would color block the wall behind the desk to create an amazing back drop to the desk.

  88. Chaz

    I would color block above our bar in the dining room, it needs more pizazz that will match the various colors of alcohol we have on display.

  89. Jan Nash

    We are getting ready to move from Florida to California which is going to be a huge life changing event. The hubs and I have lived in FLA our entire lives so we are taking a bold step which would go perfectly with the bold color blocks! I would use them to jazz up our new place and it would become a conversation starter with all the new friends we will be having over for soirees.

  90. anna l.

    Here’s my HAIKU for using the colorblock parallel in my daughter’s bedroom:

    Hole in the wall, no!
    Colorblocking is the way
    To fix it in style!

  91. April

    I’m am getting a new apartment, and I am turning one of my rooms into a pole fitness room. I would color block there to give the walls a fun focal point to what will have to remain a mostly empty space.

  92. Rodrigo

    I bought my house from my father who married an older southern lady (I live in SoCal) and she had it looking like the antebellum period in here so it would be nice to brighten up the place. All the walls are either dark red or velvety brown or gold. Very dark. I would probably have to start in the enclosed patio next to the pool though because that at least is a canary yellow and it would be interesting to see the reflection of light off the pool play with the color of the blocks.

  93. Maggie

    I would start in our bedroom. We only have one poster on the wall and it looks a bit sparse. These colour blocks are totally my style.

  94. Liz

    Well it would be just in time to put up on the new walls I am putting up right now, in the wake of flooding from Hurricane Isaac, in the office/bedroom of our house.

  95. dan

    I would color block my ceiling.

  96. Flo

    We’d turn our tiny apartment into a Jetsons style apartment of the retro future!! In live with color blocking!!

  97. Johnny Vinton

    I have a fireplace that desperatly needs some Blik love !! I have been trying to decide on what to do with it and this would be PERFECT !!!

  98. bb

    I’d colorblock my stairway/hallway. It’s such a big space, trying to cover it in framed art would look pretty weak.

  99. Jessica

    Just bought a new house and the main room has an angled roof, this is a perfect way to enhance that!

  100. karen amaral

    Well, Visually I can see this in my middle hallway, with a wrap around to the kitchen so connecting in a (trick the brain) look that rooms are somehow connected. The home was built in 1884 located in one of the hottest area’s in San Francisco.
    I would use the ceiling and walls to complete look.

    The front of my building is original — but I’ve pulled it into the 21st century by wrapping metal around the bay windows. On the metal I’ve installed a red font, which has the lyrics of “Echoes” by Pink Floyd.

    Your brilliant blocks would add to the new direction of home.

  101. Rafael J

    I would colorblock my master bedroom wall and my living room wall. The colors would liven up both of those spaces…it’s a great idea.

  102. Lauren F

    I have a huge blank white wall behind my dining table (16′) and it could use some color blocking. It would make dinner parties way more enjoyable!

  103. Kristen

    I’d color block my living room!

  104. Christine

    I would colorblock our dining room. The room is pretty large and a big, bold graphic like this would work wondrously! It’s the room in our place that is a continuous work-on-progress.

  105. kate

    the sunroom!

  106. Vera

    I would colorblock my floor and create paths to the different areas— kinda like choose your own adventure.

  107. Jen

    I would colorblock my rather boring white walled apartment living room! I currently have some old maps tacked up, but would love some bright vibrant color to change the space and make it more interesting without painting!

  108. Andrew

    I would color block from the wall through the ceiling to further distort imperfect corners and horizontal lines.

  109. Lauren

    I would colorblock the plain white walls of my very monochrome apartment. I love the idea of using the blocks to go around corners or up onto the ceiling. It would really make our space a lot more vibrant and interesting!

  110. Laura

    I would colorblock my kitchen! That’s where everybody likes to hang out and cook and eat, so everybody would get to see these beautiful decals!

  111. Anthonichiwa

    that would look wonderful in my garage

  112. christa

    i would use these along with the babybot decals in baby 2.0′s nursery due August.

  113. Natalie

    We would colorblock our giant, blank wall that greets us as we walk in the door every day in the living room. Finding art for that big space has been a chore, but one of these would be so perfect.

  114. Stephanie G.

    I’d color block my white kitchen walls~! Make it come alive with passion with the orange slant pattern :D

  115. Kelly

    I am an art teacher and I would LOVE these in our art room. The kids would LOVE them and we could have so many discussions and lessons to tie in

  116. Rachelle

    I painted my walls 50% grey just for something like this to come along! I’ve been looking for a way to do a simple, clean, fun statement wall behind my bed and this is the answer! It would be great to integrate some simple colored prints in complementary colors.

    Also, angles are my favorites. Curves get in the way.

  117. lisa mcfarland

    the kitchen wall

  118. Yenniet

    I’d put it all over my office- a way to break up the blah walls an inspire me.

  119. Michelle

    I would color block my ceiling and add colored pendant lights coming out of them. It would look as if the colors were dripping down into lights! I’m loving the green parallel series.

  120. Erin

    I would color lock my daughter’s bedroom and playroom! Perfect way to bring some brightness to her spaces! So prefect for any child’s room or space to bring a modern touch without being too grown up.

  121. Erin

    I would color block my daughters bedroom and playroom! Great way to bring some brightness to her spaces! So perfect for any child’s room or space, to bring a modern touch without being too grown-up.

  122. Ginger Borshov

    We’d totally Blik the wall in our shop. We have several of your awesome graphics up already and recommend everyone to your on-line shop. I bought my sis the singing birds (do re me fa so la ti QUACK!) for Christmas and she loves it. Keep up the good work!! :)

  123. Greg

    I’d block the wall in my living room to take the focus off on my insanely odd and close neighbors who windows look into ours.

  124. RebeccaL

    I would color block from my main living area down my hallway.

  125. Nancy F

    I would color block my powder room…how fun!

  126. Andrea

    I would love the color block in my front living space… conversation piece it is :) I am glad I found Blik:)

  127. Claire

    I’d color block our living/dining area. It has very high ceilings and very plain walls.

  128. L

    I’d color block the living room where my 2 year old has “decorated” the walls.

  129. CC

    We just moved back into our apartment after 7 months due to a fire. Our landlord isn’t allowing painting, so we would love to decorate our son’s room with Color Blocks. Very cool!

  130. Cathy

    Color Block my office wall, behind me, so that they show up on all of my webcasts. I spend much of my day on WebEx calls with colleagues and customers and this will be a beautiful, Color Blocked background.

  131. Colin

    I’m a digital installation artist in a soon-to-open multi-warehouse gallery and studio space in Oakland’s arts district. I would color block the hallways t attract visitors to our back studios!

  132. Nico Suave

    I would Blik up the wall in the front room behind the TV. I have a small one, and mainly use it for movies, so it would be the best art wall! Then if I am reading a book, or having people over, I can glance at my sweet wall and get smiley :D

  133. Anna

    I would color block in our new house right around where we plan on hanging our tv in the living room!

  134. amy

    I’d color block my daughters playroom.

  135. lena

    I’d colour block in my living room behind the entertainment unit. We’re going for a retro, 70′s vibe — and this would fit perfectly. I love Blik!!

  136. Nhi P. Tran

    Color block would be great for adding interest to all the living space in my house.

  137. Janet butler

    I would color block my new baby’s room!

  138. RK

    we’re hosting a party for a group of students from Jamaica next month and we’d love to kick-off our party room with a colour block!

  139. Alexis

    I would color block the living room. I am a very sociable person and I like my visits to feel welcome, it makes me feel great when I can make my guests feel just like home. I would color block the living room with bright colors that reflect Southern California

  140. Dr. Mc

    I have various Blik installations throughout my dental office now. The wall above the gameroom window would POP after colorblocking…will take photos to prove it!!

  141. ATL

    The shared space in our office could sure use some color! White walls is no good for a creative team.

  142. Beth

    Color blocking is a perfect decorating solution for teen bedrooms. We have 3 teens and a pre-teen and this would be perfect for helping them to individualize their personal spaces!

  143. Blik

    Congrats to Zita, Beth S, Kathie, Lauren F, Andrea & Kate! We’ll be emailing you to get your mailing address. If you don’t hear from us, please email pr(at)whatisblik(dot)com

  144. Kathie

    I am so thrilled to have won the color blocks and cannot wait to get them on my walls! I am also considering one of the headboards that Blik has…great stuff. Thanks again!

  145. Larry

    These would be perfect for our nursery.

  146. Nelly Bloom

    Without doubt, a pop of wonderful colours can offer an incomparable gift of fun to a bland and plain room. So why settle for simple and plain wall decals when you can actually play and decorate your home or even your work place with artistic touch – that will surely brighten up your everyday life!

  147. Kate

    I’m doing one wall in my bedroom a Tiffany blue, and on the opposit wall I want to do some color blocking, but in tones of that same blue but lighter. (I don’t want to overwhelm the room.) I wish I could visualize it before I tackle it. All of the color blocking on this site are done in such bold colors that I just can’t see it in my head!

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