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We asked new Blik artist Amelie Mancini of Left Field Cards to share with us five fun facts about herself. Left Field Cards x Blik wall graphics launched yesterday (MLB opening day) and we can’t get enough of her witty, playful style. Take it away, Amelie!

1. Left Field Cards started in late summer 2011, when this funny idea of making my own baseball cards popped into my head. I bought a few linoleum blocks, some linocutting tools, inks and started carving. At the time, I was in between jobs and had no money, but plenty of time on my hands! Block printing doesn’t cost much to get started and I’m a hard believer in DIY so I thought, why not print my own baseball cards? It will be fun! Maybe other people will like them! (They did).

2. I was born and raised in France where we don’t have baseball. It’s a little weird to have become so obsessed over something I knew nothing about until my late twenties, but now I can’t imagine my life without baseball! I barely survive the off-season.

3. I was peer-pressured by my Brooklyn-bred friends into becoming a Mets fan and not a Yankee fan. I had no idea what I was getting into at the time but now I wouldn’t change it. Someday the Mets will be good. And that day my heart will be filled with such incredible joy. I actually have dreams about the Mets winning the World Series. It’s the purest kind of happiness I’ve ever experienced, albeit in dream form. I really hope they win someday. Oh man.


4. If I were a baseball player, I would like to be a catcher. To be honest I like telling people what to do, and I would like to be able to do that by simply flashing secret signs with my fingers! Catchers are so bad-ass: look at Yogi Berra, Roy Campanella, Johnny Bench, Gary Carter, Buster Posey… I’m excited about this new Travis d’Arnaud kid the Mets just got! And of course my favorite baseball movie is Bull Durham.

5. I have been to eight ballparks so far and it is my personal goal to go to every Major League ballpark in the country. Another goal of mine is to eat hot dogs in all of these different ballparks. And watch baseball. I have big dreams.

Thanks, Amelie! Shop the entire Left Field Cards collection at Blik and let us know which graphic is your favorite.

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