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A few weeks ago, we put together a list of our favorite love-themed graphics for Valentine’s Day. Today, we’ve gone a step farther and designed seven custom Valentine’s Day cards. The Blik Valentine’s Day cards can be ordered exclusively through Society6. Order a pack now to have them in time for your Valentine. The cards come in three sets: a 3 pack, 5 pack and a 10 pack.

As our Valentine’s gift to you, we’re also giving away seven sets of the 10 pack of cards. So, seven lucky winners can save their pennies and get a set of 10 cards for free. We’ve have one set of each card to giveaway. Let us know which design you’d like to win and we’ll do the best we can to match those up.

Comment below on what card you’d like to win for that special Valentine in your life. We’re not usually the sappy type, but once a year, we’ll make an exception. You can also send us your funny, silly Valentine stories – you know we heart those. Leave your comments by Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 11:59pm PST. We’ll announce the seven winners on Friday, February 8. And if you win, make sure you get back to us ASAP! Don’t leave those Valentine’s Day cards without a home. Or if you don’t want to wait to win, order a few from the Blik shop on Society6.

Choose from the following cards:
Make Room for Love
Candy Hearts
Chocolate Hearts
Love Garden
I Love You Like…
Shot Through The Heart

Winners must live in the United States or Canada to win. Winners who do not claim their prize by the set date, will forfeit their chance to win.

UPDATE: The seven winners were randomly selected and have been notified.

14 Responses

  1. Tina

    The I Love You Likeā€¦ card is my favorite!

  2. Tamara Arment

    I love you like is my favorite. It is something that I say to my spouse! Things like: I love you like potatoes love gravy!

  3. jennifer f

    I love you like…
    is my favorite card
    ours would be i love you like chips love dips

  4. Julie

    “Candy Hearts” is adooorable!

  5. Diane

    Valentine’s Day and chocolate are forever. Chocolate Hearts!!

  6. Whitney

    I love you like… SUCH a cute card. My hubby would love it.

  7. keiadnae

    I Love the “I Love You Like” card!

  8. Ann

    I love the XOXO card! That would be perfect for my hubby. I always sign my notes, emails, texts, etc. with xox. Now my daughter does the same thing when she leaves notes for us!

  9. Janet

    Love garden. So cute!

  10. Kathie

    My favorite is ” I Love You Like”.


    I like the candy hears !

  12. Carrie

    “Make Room for Love” words to live by.

  13. Cami

    I want the “Shot through the Heart” one because love hurts!! I would be giving them to friends…

  14. Liz


    something abt this one really stands out to me.

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