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Last week, we launched Babybot in Dinoland from our friends at Babybot. Who’s Babybot? Just the award-winning Canadian baby store for modern parents. We thought we’d delve a little deeper into the brand and find out more about those crazy Canucks.

So we give you 7 Fun Facts about Babybot – in their own words.

1. Babybot was created by a small group of designers who worked together at a digital agency on brands like Rolex, Hyatt Hotels, Mercedes Benz, Gucci + Infiniti. One time a client said “no” to a cool idea we pitched, so we started Babybot.

2. The name “Babybot” was inspired by an episode of America’s Next Top Model. (Don’t ask).

3. We hail from the great white north (Canada). We don’t ship our products by dog sled but we do say ‘eh’ a lot.

4. Our studio was a local pub for a year. We don’t remember much about that year… or even which year it was.

5. Last year’s Babybot fan of the year (on Facebook) won for being “Silent but Deadly”. He narrowly beat out ‘Half Monty’ and the ‘S-bomber’ for the big win.

6. We have a lineup of fun brand mascots that hang out with Babybot including Beaverbot, The Cyclops Twins and Xylobot. A poop-bot named Skidz debuted in our Babybot Land decal by Blik last year.

7. Our warehouse phone’s ringtone is “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys. Sometimes we don’t answer right away because we are bustin’ out some fresh moves.

Another fun fact about the Babybot and Blik partnership is that illustrator, Felix Wong, who designed all of the Babybot x Blik graphics, also designed the graphics for our custom project with Kaiser Permanente. When Kaiser commissioned Blik for wall decals for the three pediatrics floors at their San Francisco Medical Center, we immediately thought of Felix. Each floor has a distinct San Francisco theme (City, Golden Gate Park, and Fisherman Wharf), bringing the outside in for visitors and patients. Felix excellently created individual characters to guide visitors through each floor.

2 Responses

  1. Kita

    Babybot justs gets more and more awesome.

  2. Babybot

    Ooh! Another even funner fact is that both Felix Wong + Renee Bender of Babybot used to work on the Kaiser Permanente account at the digital agency! It all comes full circle….

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