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Photo courtesy of Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times

Blik Design/Build, the custom arm of Blik, recently manufactured and installed a custom designed stencil for Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles. Once the stencil was installed, our talented team hand painted the 10′ x 10′ graphic on the corrugated metal and wood surface. It was Blik’s first stencil and all we can say is wow!

What is Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles? A super cool large-scale permanent craft marketplace. Launching last weekend, the classic World War II-era waterside warehouses will grow to be home to hundreds of individual craft-artists, designers, and artisanal food makers. Each artist presents their unique handcrafted goods in a vibrant patchwork of market stalls. Crafted is open Friday-Sunday every weekend. Based on the crowds they received last weekend, we think it’s a bona fide success and can’t wait to get out there and shop for some handmade goodies. Won’t you join us? Check out more photos from the Los Angeles Times here.


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