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View out Plane Window (with Monster) & Don't Let Your Cat Near this Dude

FUNBUS by Dan Golden has stopped at Blik and dropped off four quirky designs that are sure to make you smile, giggle and maybe even chuckle. Just take a look at Days Stuck in This Room, Don’t Let Your Cat Near This Dude, Hole to Another Universe and View Out Plane Window (with Monster). Smiling now? Thought so. The new collection at Blik marks the introduction of FUNBUS, a new division of Dan Golden Studio.


Days Stuck in this Room & Hole to Another Universe

How does he come up with this stuff?
“In Days Stuck in This Room, Don’t Let Your Cat Near This Dude, Hole to Another Universe and View Out Plane Window, I found it fun to explore 2D vs 3D space, and play with several ideas that interest me, like alternate universes, giant red-eyed, cat-eating mice, old Twilight Zone episodes and our quotidian existence.” Want to know more about Dan’s inspiration? Check out his Pinterest Inspiration Board.

What’s a FUNBUS? Can we get a ride on it?
Many of Dan’s favorite childhood memories are of family trips taken in a funky white van with the word “FUNBUS” printed in colorful letters on the back. Those days (and the bus) are long gone, but the spirit remains; lo-fi and authentic.

We were told there were be giveaways.
You are correct! We’re giving away not one, but five Dan Golden bundles complete with one Dan Golden-designed pillow and one of his new graphics. How to Win: Since FUNBUS is all about connecting with people and making them smile, we want you to tell us: What quirky, fun thing makes you smile? Share your favorite viral video, cartoon or whatever makes you giggle and want to pass on to your friends.

Small Print: Comments must be posted below by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 8, 2012. Five winners will be chosen at random and announced on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Sorry, winners are not able to choose their graphic and/or pillow. Open to US & Canada residents only.

*UPDATE: We’ve got our winners! Congratulations Lisa, Christa, Tina, BB,  and Shachar. A big thanks to everyone who entered. We had a great time going through the entries! 





49 Responses

  1. AdriaticBlue

    This Chameleon being afraid of an iPhone is a smile winner for me! Perhaps one day he will embrace technology. :-)


    My dog Jack makes me smile. He is a jack russel and the cutest dog ever. I am not sure how to give you a picture here! But you can see him on the pinterest board I made

  3. Valerie Rigsbee

    The president doing the vulcan salute. If this doesn’t make you smile, are dead inside.

  4. Jessica

    holy moly, my 18 month old has me rolling in laughter on a daily basis. The way she devours food, the way she is able to communicate fully using limited gestures and words, and the way she laughs uncontrollably while playing peekaboo. My husband is very protective of her and wouldn’t let me post clips, so you’ll have to take me at my word!

  5. Shachar

    I must have watched this video more than 20 times, and it still makes me laugh every time.

  6. Linda
  7. Allison C

    My dog Q*bert usually makes me smile with all of his antics and anything with fat little animals with beady eyes. So basically any product made in Japan. I just can’t resist cute beady eyed animals.

  8. Jenny L

    The newest meme that’s sweeping the nation, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy!

  9. Sofia

    Any video of Boo makes me smile! He’s also very famous on Facebook!

  10. Ashley

    I love comics, and I love whimsical interpretations of history and bygone times. Kate Beaton always does this really well, but the little series “Nemesis” always makes me laugh out loud:

  11. Amy

    This week, Felicia Day (and her fabulous crew) is responsible for making me laugh:

  12. Julie

    The sneezing panda baby. Classic.

  13. Abby

    I love tumblr mashups. They make me giggle. One of my favorites is Downton Abbeyonce. Downton Abbey stills described with hilarious accuracy by Beyonce lyrics:

  14. keiadnae

    Anything that Don Hertzfeldt does always makes me grin, giggle, and maybe shed tears, all at the same time.

    Here’s one of his movies:

  15. The Pngn

    I really want to send a box of cupcakes (possibly made out of string?) to the person who invented yarn bombing. Trees need sweaters toooooo!

  16. Carolyn

    I saw this on MTV’s Ridiculousness…thought it was funny…never thought how jumping jacks could be hard for someone who’s never done it before!

  17. bb

    I will never NOT laugh at this Married To the Sea cartoon.

  18. Doug C

    My Dog and cat made me smile all the time, My dog Chlo loved the cat and always wanted to play with him, but he absolutely HATED Chlo, she would just stare as the cat and smile and crawl on the ground closer to him until he freaked out and ran. It was just so funny how Chlo hopelessly wanted to play with him.

  19. Mary FS

    The black hole is so great, I need it for my teenagers rooms. Which I refer to as the “black holes”. I would add a line at the bottom “All the clothes are waiting for you on the floor”. I guess I am a little annoyed that I have 2 black holes in my house but at least I had a good laugh.

  20. Tina
  21. christa

    A bit immature but I never knew it happens like this! Definitely learn something new everyday…

  22. Hazel

    That Hole to Another Universe is my favorite!

    Here’s a video that I guarantee will put a smile on your face :)

  23. may-ling

    the oatmeal’s recent comic always makes me laugh out loud:

  24. Scottie

    I first discovered this video around 8 years ago, and it made me laugh so hard my stomach muscles hurt. It also blows my mind how anyone could have the time, patience, and dedication to make a stop-motion movie like this. Enjoy!

  25. The Mayer Gang

    This cartoon still cracks us up, years later.

  26. karen

    One day I came home and found a large white female boxer in my yard. She’s lived with us for a year now, and I adore her! When I let her out of the pen after work, she bounces up into the air repeatedly (like popcorn, my husband says) and spins around like a whirling dervish. She is one happy dog, and nothing makes me laugh like she does!

  27. Sarah

    Recently, this article about re-watching “Titantic” made me laugh at my desk:

  28. AE

    Anything from the Tragedy Series…especially this one, as I have an identical twin :)

  29. lisa

    This clip: Rita Moreno singing (or trying to) with Animal on drums. It’s from the Muppet Show, and it never fails to make me laugh.

  30. ChrisP

    My collaboration with my friend and writer Danny Fiedler always makes me laugh. You can see his words on my photos at:

  31. Vera

    My traveling panda is quite the character and makes me laugh without saying a word.

  32. Ashley

    My 2 year old makes me smile because he is totally at that age where he regurgitates everything we say in a way that is not-quite-right and absolutely hilarious!

  33. Maggie Soladay

    I love Dan Goldin. he makes me laugh. But so do Hilary Clinton’s texts.
    yay for tumblrs


  34. Jen

    I know it’s old-fashioned, but I can’t resist a good knock-knock joke. The cornier the better, they get me every time!

  35. Corrina

    Going to the zoo and mirroring the chimps’ movements!

  36. Damaris Toepel

    My westie Higley is a small dog and it cracks me up when he fetches his frisbee and brings it back in his mouth. It’s literally twice as big as his head, but he gets so happy and brings it right on back to me. :)

  37. Alan

    Reading the comics every morning before work.

  38. Cija Black

    Yes it’s immature, but I love this image “How Easter Eggs are Made” …and it’s timely. Make me giggle every time I see it.

  39. JanaBananna

    The actual cycle of life :D

  40. BJ
  41. Ashleigh

    The Snorks! Anyone remember that show? It was like The Smurfs, but underwater…and way better! This show was so weird and quirky, but I loved it!

  42. Emily

    that which makes me laugh tends to be of sad, pathetic, or awkward in nature. this story is of the awkward variety. the other day i was in a tj maxx store trying on shoes. i have a bit of granola taste when it comes to footwear which i’ll be the first to admit, may age me a great deal. when shoe shopping, my habit is to remove my left shoe which fastens via a velcro (granola) laden ankle strap. I tend to bypass the rip sound of velcro by slipping my foot out of the strap in order to expedite the shopping process. as there wasn’t a mirror in my aisle, i was forced to round the corner to find one leaving my broken in velcro sandal behind to wait for my return. once finished with the mirror, i headed back around the corner to find a middle-aged woman trying on my shoe. she was attempting to slide her foot in as i had grown accustomed to doing, but with no luck. blushing now, i prairie dogged my head back to assess the situation. surely, she’ll notice that it is not a new shoe, she must have seen the gorilla like foot print that is left behind in worn sandals. but then i heard the sound of my velcro tearing. she liked what she saw and she wanted to give it a spin. i peered around the aisle once more to see her now in a low to the ground lunge-like position, wearing my left shoe, now scanning the discounted shelves for its right mate. NO!!! the obvious and sensible thing would have been to break up the party and claim my shoe. and yet i couldn’t bring myself to break it to her in an outright manner. i instead likened myself to the character of Michael Bluth of Arrested Development. surely, this is how he must have felt upon visiting his fugitive father in the family home’s attic only to discover George Sr. decked out in his dead wife’s maternity clothing. what i wanted to say was “miss, please give me back my lactation bra, as you can plainly see where my milk has dried leaving behind that stain.” but alas, i tobias funke-d the situation, waiting it out for her to guess that i was gay, er, rather, that the shoe in fact belonged to me. moments later, she rounded the corner with the shoe to scan the other shelves when my waiting it out, lack of courage strategy paid off. she spotted my right foot, wearing the mate to the sandal in her hand. she looked embarrassed as she handed over the coveted velcro-ed sandal and i shamefully walked away, cursing myself for allowing the charade to carry on as long as it did. i should’ve just given her left foot a high five and said, “i like your moves.” to which she could have responded, “i like your style”. the end.

  43. Alison

    This response video to the “Asians in the Library” video makes me laugh every time. xD

  44. Kat

    My brother’s turtle. Possibly the largest and fastest red-eared slider in the world, she is a veritable Houdini. He tried to trap her in the kitchen with a box. Ten minutes later she was walking around the living room. She also seems to think that she’s a cat, and likes to hiss at us.

  45. David

    Fraggle Rock. Seriously. I don’t know why. All I know is 20 years later, I have a dog named Sprocket.

  46. Jess

    I absolutely love this cute video! :D

  47. Norman

    the secret love in your eyes makes me smilw

  48. Rachel

    Cats. Cats doing funny things. In real life, in pictures, doesn’t matter. Here’s a recent one:

  49. Christina

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