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Next week, we’re launching four new graphics from FUNBUS by Dan Golden. The new collection at Blik marks the introduction of FUNBUS, a new division of Dan Golden Studio. Before the launch, we thought we’d introduce you to our friend Dan.

Five Fun Facts About Dan Golden

1) Before focusing on art & design, Dan considered a career as a singer songwriter. Some of his influences included Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, James Taylor and Paul Simon. In the mid-90s, Dan self-produced a mini-EP which he dedicated to Janeane Garofalo called “The Button-down Mind of Dan Golden” (He named the tape after Bob Newhart’s famous comedy album, “The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart.”) Less than 50 copies exist and are worth millions. (Ok, tens of dollars.)

2) One of Dan’s favorite foods growing up was cotton candy. (Technically not really a food.)

3) When Dan was a child, he resembled a small Woody Allen. (Complete with glasses.)

4) Dan once auditioned to play Orville Redenbacher’s grandson in a commercial. He didn’t get the part.

5) Visiting the Bionic Man set at Universal Studios in the mid-1970s, Dan was picked out of the audience to jump over an airplane. (Which he did, no sweat.)

Still craving more Dan Golden? Check out his interview on in the loop, the CB2 blog. And stay tuned for the launch of the graphics next week!

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  1. janelle pagana

    I think your stuff is creative abd fantstic really love the concepts blik maybe be birthday great stuff really love it

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