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Valentine’s Giveaway Day 2: What’s Your Best Falling-in-Love Story?

Valentines Giveaway Day 2: Whats Your Best Falling in Love Story?
It’s Day 2 of our Valentine’s Day giveaway! If you are lucky in love, here’s your chance to share your happy ending and win.

GIVEAWAY: Shout your love from the virtual rooftops and your buddies at Blik and Knock Knock will reward the best aw-shucks-tear-jerking-romantic anecdote with a bundle of true love. Give us the best falling-in-love story and receive a lovetastic prize pack from Blik and Knock Knock.


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Valentines Giveaway Day 2: Whats Your Best Falling in Love Story?

Pull at our heartstrings. No, really, please do. We have our tissues ready… Let’s hear those love stories!

Details: Comment right here on OUR blog by 11:59pm PST on 2/1/12 in order to be eligible to win. The winner will be announced on 2/2/2012. (US and Canada only.)

UPDATE: Congrats to Jill Welch. You’ve been selected as our winner! Thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us.

17 Responses

  1. Crystal Z

    I met the love of my life while working a job during college. He would never talk to me at first, but I would constantly make an effort to talk to him. His friend worked with us and said that he was just that way, not very talkative. One day while talking to him at work, I mentioned that I started going back and listening to older bands and mentioned one particular band. Without a word, he got up a few minutes later, walked outside, and came back. He grabbed a CD of that bands he had in his truck and started playing it for me. Our friendship grew from there. I knew he was special from the start and that he would be a big part in my life. Months and months later I had been over at his apartment working on a college art project and watching movies and afterwards, it was time for me to head back home. He was acting really strange. He walked me out, but hesitated at the porch and when he did get off the porch, he hesitated at the back of my car. I kind of shrugged it off and said bye as I usually did and drove home. I hopped on my computer the next day and I see an email from him titled “I didn’t know what to do…” and in the email, he continued with “.. but I didn’t want you to leave”. The rest is history and we’re still together almost 9 years later!

  2. Kim

    This is from an article we wrote about our meeting online way back when…we’ve now been together 11 yrs and just bought our first home :)

    Him: “Many attempts have been made to refute the advancements of technology. These days modern purists tell us that it is the downfall of civilization, and the certain ultimate cause of our demise. This may be true, however, I have a story to tell about one of it’s advantages.

    The Internet is the most vast form of mass communication available today. Millions of users laugh, surf, play, cry, and masturbate each day. You read articles of how people meet and fall in love over the Internet, find long lost siblings, birth parents, and soul mates. Did I ever think that I would emotionally prosper from such a vessel? Find a deep, sincere and everlasting love? Of course not.

    Then one day …she found me.

    Me: So one day while surfing I found this link on to a place called Badasschick. I thought the name sounded cool, so I went and checked it out. I thought “Wow, about time there was a place that wasn’t angry women but self-assured, confident and gorgeous women.” Or the other spectrum, guys ranking on women. So I wandered around, reading articles, looking at the pictures and thought “I am going to mention this site on MY Web site.” So I looked around for an image to use and found a cool postcard of some of the girls’ butts in a row. Being the conscientious person that I am, I sent an email to to let them know I was using the image on my server and if they wanted me to remove it, to please let me know.

    Him: I got this email from someone named Kim asking permission to use an image from as a linkback on her page. I saw no harm in it, so I obliged. The address to her Web site appeared in the footer of her mail, so I decided to pay it a visit. I poked around reading some of her thoughts, viewing her images, etc. In the next several days, I received some more emails, about articles she posted on other sites saying how she enjoyed Remembering that I saw her ICQ number on her site, I decided to add her to my list to thank her for her comments.

    Me: Then I get an ICQ from some guy named AngryGuy, saying he is with Badasschick. I thought “Hmm kinda wierd, a guy saying he is with BadassCHICK.?” He seemed harmless enough, and so we started talking. Mostly about Badasschick and internet / Web site shit. He seemed pretty knowledgable and seeing as I am always looking to learn new stuff, I picked his brain and asked his opinion about a few things. That, I guess, is how we started our friendship:) We seemed to have quite a bit in common…and sure enough, before long, we were talking about more personal things like tastes in music, movies, and websites.

    Him: After talking to her for a while, things between us started to change. We had lots of things in common, but it was more than than just movies and music. Deeper things. Things about human behavior, theories, future goals. It was then that I started seeing her a little differently. Never had I met someone whose words were spoken so much like my own. We talked on the phone, exchanged pictures, and much more. It was almost saddening becoming so close … especially since she lived 2000 miles away. Then one day we messaged each other while I was getting ready to leave to go on a cruise. It was then she sent me an MP3 that REALLY touched my heart. The whole time I was in the Bahamas, I missed seeing her on ICQ, or hearing her voice. It was torturous.

    Me: When he went on that cruise to the Bahamas with his neice, I realized I had really missed him. When he got back, he sent me an email – but it was the picture attached to it that touched me. He wrote in the white Bahamian sand “Wish you were here” and took a picture of it to send me. It was the small things he did like that which made me smile. The MP3 I sent him was from a CD I had not listened to in quite some time. I popped it in on the way to work just before he left for the cruise. There was a song on that CD which I hadn’t heard before. (See what happens when you buy a CD for one song!) Before it even heard 30 seconds of it, I cried and thought “My God, this is about HIM.” That’s when it all just fell into place for me. In that one moment in my truck, on my way to work. I can’t explain it any other way. It all felt right.

    Him: I was working on my computer with a client looking over my shoulder when I received a message from Kim. Of course we playfully tossed around the idea of her leaving the snow-ridden mountains to be with me here in the tropics, but it was the contents of her message that grabbed my heart and squeezed it. The message said: “Say the word, and I won’t go into work tomorrow. I’ll pack my stuff, get in my truck, and just drive.” I calmly excused myself from my client, grabbed my cordless phone, and rushed to the bathroom where I frantically called one of my best friends (and BAC editor) Crystal for advice. She said, “Take a chance. Do what you feel is right.” I knew that what I felt WAS right. Everything with Kim was so “right” that it was scary. I sent her a message back … It said: “Yes baby, yes. Come to me.”

    me: We only met two months prior, and via email. Will he make me feel in real life like he did in the messages and emails and phone calls?
    I was going crazy…I told him to “Say the word” and he wasn’t answering. I thought, “Oh, Lord, I blew it.” So I sat there patiently, at my desk, at a job I don’t care a lot about, just holding my breath and praying. When his message finally came through … I thought I would just about burst into tears. It all felt right. I quit my job on the spot, went home and started packing my stuff. I touched many things that day that meant a lot to me. I knew I couldn’t fit everything into my truck, so I said my goodbyes to most of my stuff. I left behind a lot of my past and a lot of things that had meaning and were a part of me. I knew that what really meant the most to me was waiting for me 2000 miles away. I packed all night and in the very early hours of Thanksgiving Day 2000, Bear and I began our journey…

    Him: Not that I was a dirty pig or anything, but I spent the next four days cleaning my house, getting rid of all my old crap, and clearing closet space. I packed my long-empty bachelor pad refrigerator with more food that it had ever seen. I bought flowers, got a haircut, and fixed all of the dead light bulbs. I was preparing for a new life. The whole time I felt such anxiety. “What if she didn’t like me more than a friend?” “What if she wasn’t the same person in the pictures?” “What if there was no attraction or chemistry?” I was a wreck .. especially the last 30 minutes before I was expecting her. I decided to do some work on my PC to pass the time, and then a “knock.” I ran to the door and swung it open. She was more beautiful than I could have ever hoped.

    me: “Goddamn, it’s humid.” Those were the first words that came out of my mouth. I had just sat in my truck, at a 7-11 less than ten minutes away, thinking over and over – what AM i going to say when he opens the door? “Goddamn, it’s HUMID” is what all that careful thought afforded me. Four days and nights, I drove and ate and sat in hotel hot tubs. I could not help but wonder if I was doing the right thing. We only met two months prior, and via email. Will he make me feel in real life like he did in the messages and emails and phone calls? Will I like him? Will he really like me like I felt he did? And it was the same answer to every question. YES, this is it, this is what some only dream about, and I am DOING it! He answered the door, our eyes met, I said that silly thing about the humidity and we both laughed and hugged each other and it was…perfect.

    Him: I was a firm disbeliever in the power of the Internet to unite people. How could a person possibly fall in love with someone through email and phone calls? I heard all the stories and still thought it was bullshit created by scripted afternoon talk shows. I was online romance’s greatest nemesis, and then it happened to me. So next time you write off that person with the weird handle that adds you to their ICQ contact list, remember this story … The Internet is a strange and wonderful thing.”

    Sorry the formatting is off a bit, if you go to the actual site you can see it better:) I think we are absolutely living a love story :) thanks and happy valentines day! Oh yea! We got engaged on Valentines Day….wanna see the chocolate box he hid the ring in?!

    thanks again!

  3. Stephanie C.

    A little over 4 years ago, I was visiting Kansas City from Omaha, for the weekend, to spend some time with a friend. I saw this sweet little red head walking through a bar. It was right at that moment that I leaned over to my friend and told them… “I want to kiss that girl…” A long story short, the next four years consisted of me admiring her from afar; whenever I would by chance be in Kansas City for a visit. About 7 months ago, I got accepted into a grad school program in Kansas City, and moved my whole life there to start my schooling. About 6 months ago that pretty little red head and I ran into each other, and about 5 months ago we started dating. In an effort to keep the story short, let’s just say I wasn’t the only one admiring from afar. We are now moved in together, and are getting a puppy next month 

  4. Jill W

    I had finally removed myself from a terrible relationship with Mr. Mean, and moved, NEVER to fall in love again. I had even given up my own beloved motorcycle to escape. Well, here I was living in the Wild West of Cody, Wyoming, which is also a haven for motorcycles riders of all kinds, due to the proximity of Yellowstone National Park and all things wonderful. Every day at my job, I could hear the “rolling thunder” outside my window, and felt a little wistful for a special someone to share a road trip with.

    Our town has a fund raiser every summer for cancer patients, which I work closely with. I agreed to tag along with a casual “date”, and ride behind him, to feel the wind in my face again. At the start of the ride, my friend wanted to introduce me to T, saying “you’re just gonna love this guy”. We eyeballed each other off and on all day, at different stops along the route. He was funny, handsome, and made us all smile. Wistfully, at the end of the event I left alone, feeling somewhat sad (and a little pink from the sun).

    A co-worker had been hounding me for months to get together with she and her fiancee, and his best friend….a blind date situation. No thanks! and no thanks again, and again, and again. She wore me down. We arranged to meet for a burger on the deck of our local saloon. Lo and behold, it was L from the cancer/motorcycle event! It was also love at first sight. We spent hours talking every night. Very quickly we realized we were meant for each other.

    We have been happily married three years, have eight grown kids between us, and a bunch of pets. I have my own Harley Davidson to ride again with my husband beside me, travelling the west.

    Every year, we re-visit the “scene of the crime” and participate in the fund-raising event, celebrating our anniversary. We are living happily ever after in bliss!

  5. Ashleigh

    After a string of terrible relationships, I decided to go the unconventional route and try online dating. After signing up for a few, I quickly realized how sketchy they all seemed. I figured finding a geeky guy would be easy right? Wrong. Unfortunately in life, people lie. They lie even more online. So while Geek12345 seemed like we’d get along, we in fact did not.

    So I decided to go on a website that was just for geeks. A geek love site. After making my profile, I looked at all the guys who… weren’t very geeky. Oh, you like football? How.. is.. that.. geeky…?

    I was disappointed, it didn’t seem like anyone was my “type” of geek. I want to play video games and you not get upset that I beat you.

    I eventually found this guy named Richard. He seemed nice, and we corresponded a few times through the website and phone calls. We eventually decided to meet in person.

    When I first saw Richard, he seemed like a great guy. We shared a lot of interests and he was extremely fun to hang out with. I felt like he was something special and somehow the stars aligned and all that.

    We’ve been together for a year now, and while things aren’t financially great, the love we share for each other is the greatest gift I have ever received. He is the first guy who has treated me like a lady and whom I’ve felt the most comfortable with.

  6. JennyLou

    The first time I met my now boyfriend he was a mess. He was dealing with the end of his then relationship and I just happened to be sat next to a mutual friend when he sidled up to the bar to talk about it. I didn’t see him again until we crossed paths on the subway platform two weeks or so later. I teased him for how drunk he had gotten that night and asked how it had resolved. He said it had ended the next day, but for the best. We chatted the whole way into midtown.
    We wound up on the same train every day that week while I was doing a freelance job and had a really lovely time chatting with each other. We started seeing each other right away after that, but quietly just in case it didn’t work out (we have many mutual friends and were both recently single)
    Because we were so low key I didn’t find out until a month later that he almost NEVER gets into work before 10. He had a 9am meeting that first day and got up an hour early every day that week to “coincidentally” be on the same train. His entire office knew he was enamoured from the start, and I have been since the moment I found out.
    Still happily together over a year later and I still love every time we ride the subway together.

  7. Baroque Clouds

    Growing up in a rather strict, conservative household, one of the main reasons I left home was to unshackle myself from the tether of a very well meaning and loving (or perhaps rather too loving?) and slightly overbearing mother who, as I grew older, seemed to be less mother and more boa constrictor.

    I had been a Canuck, and moved to the Midwest to do a degree in something obscure (which I didn’t end up finishing – and neither did my honey to be, but that’s another story). So there I was, barely 20, and had been so sheltered in life that I had the sum total of negative experience of life under my belt.

    And then I met Mr. Love – which, by the way, is his last name. We were two new students in the same postgraduate program, and took classes together; we had to do projects together; I didn’t have a car, so he would take me grocery shopping. Of course, I was floored by him: what a great dude. The smile of a sunny day, the patience of a gardener…and all the other lyrics of “A Pretty Good Man” by Buffy Sainte-Marie apply. And he shared my STTNG “Nerd Based Reality.” But he was unavailable; taken; nearly betrothed…. until he wasn’t betrothed.

    She dumped him. He sighed. He was an unhappy man. He came to me to talk. (He also talked to whoever would listen, as does happen in such situations) We would cook dinner together. I was astounded at his ability to finely chop cilantro. We hung out together with friends, or sometimes not. We just liked each others’ company.

    In the meantime, I was exploring all the wrong ways to have relationships: finding dudes who didn’t really want to be around me; trying to please dudes by liking all the things that they liked; allowing slackers into my life. Hey, cut me a break – I was an emotional 13 year old in the body of a 20 year old.

    A year passed. We were friends.

    Then we went hiking over Thanksgiving break. We went to Big Bend National Park.

    Whoever has said that dry, mountainous regions are boring places is a rank fool. Actually I don’t know anyone who has said that, but I’d like to ward off any such comments.

    We hiked together – miles and miles, up and down mountains. We saw a sea of clouds adrift from 10,000 feet up in the Chisos mountains. We bathed in muddy rivers of canyons. Well, actually, I did – because he told me that I smelled and I needed a shower. He also made me wash my feet one time because we had to sleep in the same tent.

    After a week of hiking and contemplation, we made the 24 hour car drive back home to the Midwest. One of our more memorable stops involved eating at a local diner that had meat in everything, including the salads (and I am vegetarian). I also remember cutting my nail at the table and seeing the nail fly into his glass of water. He looked very tired. But he didn’t leave.

    I also snored at night. And he didn’t leave.

    But when we got back home, he went back to his lady friend he was seeing, and I went back to my lonely, cold apartment.

    It was only a month or so later, when he was accepted into another graduate program 800 miles away, that I the thought: I don’t want to live without this man. I want to sort of, kind of, really be in the general environs of him.

    And he must have felt something of the same. About 6 weeks after our hiking trip, we pledged our undying love for each other, over a game of scrabble and a shot of whiskey.

    Back country hiking changes everything.

    Mr. Love, I’m so glad that I met you.

  8. Mike

    I went to Home Depot for some project materials and came home with a wife. She was the cashier, our first date was 2 days later, and now we have a 2 year old together…. oh yeah, forgot to mention that she was the one who asked me out, not the other way around.

  9. Caryn H

    I met my true love in jr. High :) he followed me around like a puppy dog in 8th grade. He would follow me down hallways wayy out of his way from HIS classes and when I would turn around there he’d be. But he would just look at me then turn around. After he finally got the nerve to ask me out we dated all through high school and now happily married with a baby girl :) people told us it would never last. But i can honestly say that we are so lucky to have found each other and young love is a lasting love!

  10. Sandy

    My husband & I met in junior year of high school. I knew instantly that he was the person i was going to spend my life with. After high school we got married, and quickly found ourselves raising two young daughters. After 4 years of marriage, we found ourselves growing apart & no longer willing to repair our relationship, so we divorced. Over the next year, he & I worked diligently on ourselves in hopes that we could one day reconcile, and we have. :) we have been back together for over a year now & are deliriously in love.

  11. Kayla

    Well I recently found love with my soon to be boyfriend :) My lover used to be my brothers friend so I would see him all the time when he came over to my house when I was younger. Last year around my birthday, which is the day before Valentines day, I told his sister to tell my recent lover to be my Valentine. He wrote me a message on FB saying how he’s be my Valentine in 2012. That message led us to talking then going to the mountain together, hiking, and baking bread with each other. We are so content with each other and the funny thing is we’re not even FB official. In about two weeks we plan to make it official though :) It has been the best 11 months throughout my life. He is there for me for when I need to talk. I love my Boogie and can’t wait to begin my official relationship with him :) :) BY the way, I layed the Slick Rick moves on him first! We plan to harvest our own bees to make local honey and grow our own flowers. We will then open a shop where our bees pollinate our flowers, and our flowers will give the bees sweet sweet nectar. Look out for our business in the future! Haha.

  12. Elaine

    I met my now husband when he was 19 and I was 17. I was on a trip to Ireland to visit relatives. While there my cousin took me to visit one of his friends. I went along, not thinking much of the friend. He was a rocker, I am not. He professed his undying love for the band Rush, I hate Rush. Later that night we all went out clubbing. By the end of the night we were a couple.

    We had a wonderful holiday romance that lasted two years. Two years of pouring our hearts out to each other and writing weekly letters to each other. Yes, this was before email. However, when you’re young and 3000 miles apart, these things come to an end. We stopped writing and went on with our lives. He in Ireland, me in Canada. As he remained friends with my cousin, over the years I would hear how he was doing. When he got married, I cried the night away (much to the chagrin of my then fiance). Little did I know it, but I was living my own Adele song.
    Fast forward to 2008. I had just finalised my divorce and had a horrible year. My treat was that I was going to Italy. On the night of my departure, I received an email from him. He too had a failed marriage and was starting again. He thought it would be fun to contact me. Emails led to Facebook, Facebook led to man chat and finally to Skype. We decided that he would come visit me in Canada over Christmas. He was due to arrive 16 years to the day that we first met. He flew from Ireland to NYC, then was supposed to connect to Canada. Only the entire eastern seaboard was covered in a pea soup like fog. There he was, stuck in the airport in NYC, not knowing anyone. I was able to find a flight to buffalo for him. He was in the last seat on the last flight & I came and rescued him. The moment we saw each it her, we knew it was love.
    We spent the following year flying back & forth between the two countries. We celebrated my birthday by meeting in Paris. And finally, I made the jump and moved to Ireland. In 2011 we had our baby girl and got married. We’re now living the dream in Ireland.

  13. Craig

    This is really the easiest way to tell you.

    Friends in the beginning, friends forever.

  14. Jennifer N.

    My falling-in-love story isn’t the most romantic or the most thought provoking but it is juvenile. My fiancé and I first met in high school during freshman year but we didn’t talk or get to know each other until senior year. He was nice enough to sit next to me in Econ class (since I was such a dork and loner at the time and still am). We exchanged AIM screen names, flirted a bit in class and online. As I got to know him I started to like him. He’s the logical type, very meticulous, self-composed, kind and gentle and I’m the more sensitive one, who is over-emotional, free spirited and a little bit obnoxious. We’re opposites but not all is lost because we share the same morals and humor, especially when it comes to our impatience towards jerks and jerk-y behavior.
    He did like me but I wasn’t the only one. He liked my acquaintance and I found out the hard way. One day after school as I was waiting for my ride home I was minding my own business and possibly talking to a friend (I don’t remember that much, I might’ve been alone on account of my loner ways) until he caught my attention, waving his arm as he says “Hi Ms. N!”. I looked to where he was calling from and he was standing next to my acquaintance, flirting up a storm with her (yes, it’s that dramatic because I was a high schooler with deep emotions and crazy hormones). Now I know he wasn’t my boyfriend at the time so flirting with anyone is fair game. What’s not cool is the fact he was flirting with her right in front of my face! Does he not know we had a flirting thing on too?! Not only did he flirt with her in front of me but to even call me to make me see him at that moment. I told him this story later on when we were exclusively dating and he says he didn’t do anything wrong. I think he did do something wrong because my feelings were hurt, damn’t! In fact, I was so angry I had to vent to my little sister (who was 10 at the time) and to my friend Cheri. Cheri and I had a mean nickname for him, Preparation H, because he had major plumber’s crack due to his baggy pants. With that nickname in mind I began to draw a caricature of him with the help of my sister and friend. We drew him with long, untamed, greasy hair; a large nose with long hairs coming out of the nostrils; pimples covering his face; his plumber’s butt sticking out from his side (which is anatomically incorrect but my inner artist said ‘screw it’); a smile full of jagged, decaying, crooked teeth and the pièce de résistance- stink lines with flies hovering all around him.
    I’m 25 years old now and I’m the victor! Back to the story- about a year after high school my fiancé who was still my friend at the time went to USC and I went to an obscure community college. It was then that he missed me and wanted to be with me and I felt the same. Old school style (or elementary school style) of loving someone still works I suppose because I did everything from the unwritten book: I had a mean nickname for him and I drew ugly characters of him with stink lines. The last thing I have to do to is throw some pebbles and worms at him and that might hasten the wedding date.

  15. Bethany

    He was my bartender and I gave him my number on a cocktail napkin. Two children and fourteen years later, we’re still madly in love. The End

  16. Michelle

    My first day in the Colorado National Guard, I was touring the facility and meeting all the people I would be working with. As I was chatting with my new direct supervisor, a large group of people came into the room. I had noticed a very tall soldier with a very strong chin. When I was introduced to Specialist Butcher I thought to myself, “I will be looking at that chin for the rest of my life.” I thought it was a good thing at the time and we have been married for 12 years and have two beautiful children, also with strong chins.

  17. Nicole (@helloknicole) & Asa (@asaalger)

    My dashing boyfriend and I met each other under unusual circumstances, but it certainly made an impression on me!  I was casting a very high profile photo shoot, and one of our models dropped.  In a fluster I appealed to the masses of the Internet.  A friend of a friend, he sent me a email with an offer to help. Attached was a photo of a man with half his hair shaved off, the other  half a mess, and a goofy grin slapped on his face. I knew he’d be perfect.

    The shoot was a grand success and even with all the models prancing around he only had eyes for me, standing in the back with my clipboard in hand.  We chatted backstage and hit it of amazingly but I was flying out the next day to the other coast, so we said our goodbye’s.

    What do you know I arrive at the airport next morning and who is waiting for me but him?  He said he might just happen to be going in the same direction if I’d have him along.  He explained that he had taken a week off work just to see if he could come with me!  I took the chance and said yes with my heart a flutter.

    During the flight we talked for hours and he made jokes, and when the flight attendant announced that both pilots had heart attacks he lande the plane on a small island nation in the pacific.

    The island was so beautiful that when the other passengers were evacuated, we decided to stay aslew asked along the beach, fished in the sea for our diner, and rode magical seals.  After  the sun had set and we sat warming ourselves by a fire, I told him that none of this was ever supposed to happen, to which he simply replied that everything happens for a reason.  He kissed me under the stars and later slept on the beach as the lights of the galaxy shined extra bright, just for us.

    After a month  in paradise we rode two unicorns back to civilization and have been together ever since!  Best (almost) year of my life Asa, and more to come! Love you babe!

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