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AS SEEN IN: PROXART MAGAZINE, FALL 2011We were flattered when the new indie magazine, Proxart wanted to do a feature on us in their Fall 2011 issue, #PM7. (In case you are flipping through it now, we’re on pg. 15.)

What’s Proxart you ask? Best described in their own words, they are “a survey of the creative environment.” Sounds deep and very creative to us.  We were even more flattered when we saw that Bon Iver cover artist Gregory Euclide and Blik artist Patrick Hruby were in the issue as well.

The story opens with the question, “what happens when you make quirkiness portable” and explores the evolution of Blik and our product line.

Read the entire article by downloading the issue now or ordering a print copy here.

Photo credit: Benjamin Hunter for Proxart.

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  1. Sanchito

    Great Photo!

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