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Blik Custom: SIGGRAPH 2011

Blik Custom: SIGGRAPH 2011 Curious about what Blik has been up to lately, eh? Earlier this month, we ventured to picturesque Vancouver, Canada to participate in SIGGRAPH, the world’s premier conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Blik took part in The Studio at SIGGRAPH where attendees were encouraged to roll their sleeves up and get hands-on in the Home of Creative Invention. It was an amazing space where experts and attendees both experimented with the latest technologies like large-format printing, motion capture, interactive music, software suites, high-end computing workstations, and laser scanning.

Your pals at Blik sponsored an interactive collaboration piece where attendees were each given a custom-designed decal to place on the wall. The collaborative wall was very popular (we hear that The Studio staff even had to make sure that no one walked away with the decals) and evolved throughout the week. Take a look for yourself. And if you were lucky enough to attend SIGGRAPH, let us know how the conference was for you.

Blik Custom: SIGGRAPH 2011

Blik Custom: SIGGRAPH 2011

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