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Blik in Our Homes: Co-founder Scott Flora

As part of our extra special birthday month, we wanted to give you a glimpse into our homes. Every other month, we’ll take you on a tour through a home of one of the Blik founders or staffers. The first stop on our journey is the crib of Blik’s co-founder Scott Flora. While many of the walls in Scott’s house have Blik graphics, we present to you three distinct rooms.

In his living room, we see Hybrid Design’s “Heart Breakout” in a delicious cotton candy hue. The striking David Bray graphic “I Never Saw the Sign” is prominently featured on the back wall with a glimpse of “Anise” on the far right peeking in from another room.

His daughter Aja’s room is bright and cheery with “Flutter” decals by Christy Flora. In the midst of the butterflies, lies Christy Flora’s original handmade paper butterfly box.

Lastly, one can gaze into the large “Fernwood Mirror” in Scott’s guest bathroom. It adds a perfect touch of elegance and boldness to the space.

If there’s one thing you can learn from Scott’s home, it is you can never have too much Blik. We’ll be back in November with another chapter of Blik in our homes. Stay tuned!

Blik in Our Homes: Co founder Scott Flora“Heart Breakout” (left)  “I Never Saw the Sign” (middle) “Anise” (right)

Blik in Our Homes: Co founder Scott Flora“Flutter” Re-Stik                                             “Fernwood Mirror”

Blik in Our Homes: Co founder Scott Flora“Invisible Robot”

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  2. Nishita

    I’ve just ordered the Anise from Fab…I just know it’s going to be great. Can’t wait to decorate my bedroom walls :)

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