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Take a look. No, take a 2nd look. Is it real or not?

A master of visual pranks, Dan Witz, the Brooklyn-based realist and street artist has created three shocking graphic art pieces – all part of his “WHAT THE %$#@? (WTF) series. Meet WHAT THE %$#@ TAZ, WHAT THE %$#@ GOAT and WHAT THE %$#@ MICHAEL.

How did he think of that?? The idea for WTF was born while Dan was stuck in the notorious LA traffic and is named for the universal reaction the installations inspire within the viewer. Dan is known for using his mastery of the visual deception of trompe-l’oeil* and photorealistic painting techniques to create conceptual visual pranks.

*Visual illusion in art as used to trick the eye into perceiving a painted detail as a three-dimensional object.





Taking Blik down a new path. Witz’s pieces are a new form of wall art for Blik. The printed “grate” graphic is backed by a 1/8″ thick plastic board that the art piece giving it a 3-D quality. Installation is easy with the four removable, self-adhesive 3M mounting squares.

Describing his philosophy behind his body of work, Witz explains, “I’m trying to exploit our collective tendency towards sleepwalking by inserting outrageous things right out there in plain view that are also practically invisible.”

Just ask Scott Flora, Blik co-founder about working with Dan. “Dan Witz is clever. He defines and challenges what it means to be a street artist with his mix of humor and shocking material.”

Psst…done something a little illegal? To celebrate the new wall decals, we are giving away five copies of Dan Witz’s new book, In Plain View: 30 Years of Artworks Illegal and Otherwise. The book is a 30-year retrospective of Dan’s street work and live art filled with full-color, full-page illustrations that document his expansive work.

In keeping with the theme of his book, tell us if you’ve ever done something a tiny bit illegal. We’re just looking for minor infractions here. Don’t worry, we’re not narks or your mom.  We’ll pick the five winners (illegal and otherwise) at random. Some of our own personal infractions for inspiration include: using fake ID’s in college, using the carpool lane when we’re the only one in the car, taking change from a charity coin jar and sneaking into movies without paying.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Leave your comment below by 11:59pm on Friday, August 5, 2011. Winners will be notified by Tuesday, August 9, 2011.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who submitted their illegal stories. We had a laugh reviewing your comments. Congrats to Cristina, Emily, Pen, Carol and Jessica – you’ll be receiving In Plain View shortly!


In Plain View: 5 books to giveaway




41 Responses

  1. Nick

    I have used milk crates for purposes other than storing milk. I have been told I do similar things with cinder blocks, wooden cable spools and other items found in dumpsters like publicity stills of 1980′s WWF wrestlers, but I’m pretty sure none of those things are Class C Misdemeanors in New York City.

  2. Jessica Fry

    I once switched the clearance price tag onto a pair of jeans the same brand as the ones on clearance because I felt it was unfair to tease me with the lower price for uglier jeans!

    : P

  3. Wendy A

    I love Dan Witz’ mind provoking stuff…I can’t wait for the grates to be available to order..I want one or two

  4. Ryan

    Brilliant! I had never heard of him. I’m off to Google his art. Thanks, Blick!

  5. Danial

    I’ve turned left during a red light. It’s one of those pesky, hardly used lefts that take forever to change for the one poor soul who is waiting to turn.

    Both my eyes work well, and it’s a totally straight, flat road…so I figure, if no one is coming, or waiting behind me, I can turn.


  6. Chris P


  7. Gabriel

    Once, with a group of friends we sneaked a lot of burgers and fries from a restaurant into the movie theater. when we started eating, you could smell it everywhere in the room.

  8. Mike W

    We did a fashion trade show in Barcelona and spent most of the time stickering every single booth that was there with our own fashion brand (maybe not illegal)
    Although we did some weat pasting just off Las Ramblas on the evening – We call it art, some people call it vandalism!

  9. Brian T

    I saw the photo without reading the article at first, and my first reaction really was “WTF”!

    I played hockey (goalie) once and forgot my jock…if thats not illegal, it ought to be!

  10. Blik

    Hi Wendy, They’re available now. Here’s a link to start shopping.

  11. Amy

    First off, I love to dance, which isn’t illegal, but my moves just might be! One of my fav things to do when I have a car full of friends is to blast the music, unbuckle my seatbelt, which IS illegal, and while I am at stop sign or light, do a chinese dance fire drill! Everyone gets out of the car, runs and dances a full circle around the car while singing at the top of there lungs, and then gets back in the car and move on!! A little dangerous as well!

  12. Vera P

    I helped ‘place’ rogue pandas on various movie posters and walls in LA.

  13. Craig

    I have been leaving vinyl cut letters of phrases from Yeats poems and Stones’ lyrics on Canadian mailboxes. I’m fairly certain it’s a federal offense. But eh, it’s Canada!

  14. Carol S.

    I was in a restaurant once waiting for my meal and the guy next to me got up to go to the bathroom and I stole some of his food off his plate and ate it.

  15. Angela

    I ran several stop signs and red lights once when I was driving my mom to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Not the best idea!

  16. Pen

    As a teenager I used to break into the Sunday School by my house at night to have a place to hang out with friends. At one point I even had my own key. Thanks for the ice pops.

  17. Rachel

    My friend and I snuck into Where the Wild Things Are. However, we didn’t take into account that it was a weekday afternoon so not a lot of people were out seeing movies. At first, we get in there and are thinking, “Yay! Private screening!” It wasn’t until one of the workers came in, saw us, and pulled out a pad and started writing that we realized that if no one else was in there then nobody bought tickets. So, it was blatantly obvious that we were no supposed to be in there. As soon as he left, me and my friend bolted out of there. We went out one of the side exits (I had already parked over there just in case). As we are leaving, we drive past the main entrance and see the manager running out headed towards the side where we just came out at.

  18. cyang

    i stole an orange cone from the great america theme park in san francisco after my high school senior trip. and i still have it 8 years later :D

  19. Owen A.

    Once took a picture in front of a sign decreeing no photos of the area. Then promptly ran away.

  20. AJ


  21. Caroline C

    In high school, a bunch of friends and myself moved a bunch of traffic cones from a construction site to block off main entrances to our school during exam time.

  22. Catherine

    I “steal” street signs as a hobby, I’ve collected approximately 55 over the last 7 years and plan to add plenty more….

  23. Heather

    I was in one of those stores in the airport with my Mom and we were looking at those little pop up maps for the city that I was going to visit. My Mom and I can be pretty silly and we started talking and joking around and forgot about what we were even looking at. We decided to leave the store and I didn’t realize it until I was boarding the plane that I didn’t put the map back at the store!

  24. angie

    i once lied in the comments section of a contest just to win art for my home… no jail time but instead a cool conversation piece. (hopefully)

  25. Rose

    me and a friend once drove for miles on the highway on the narrow strip between the lanes and the side of the road to catch a plane. I was sure we were gonna get caught but we ended up getting away with it… and we made the flight!

  26. BH

    I defaced a billboard. Truth over mind control.

  27. Sarah

    Once upon a time there was a 16-year-old girl who wanted to have an amazing party while her parents were out of town. She snuck out of the house in the middle of the night to find “decorations” around town. One such decoration was a “South 69″ highway sign that she THOUGHT would be easy to take. Unfortunately it turned out to require a saw and about an hour to saw it down at 3:00 a.m. by the light of her open car door. When finally she had the sign in hand, she got back into her car and sped home, only to find that leaving the car door open for an hour with the lights on had weakened the alternator… She rolled into the edge of town, and into a gas station, just as the car died. She then had to wait several hours until it was light outside and it would be appropriate to call her parents and let them know that the car had died on her way to “buy breakfast.” She hid the South 69 highway sign in some nearby bushes and never returned to reclaim it. It remains there to this day.

    That girl was me. :)

  28. Stephanie

    My friends and I often drive through the national park near where we live. The park is open to traffic till midnight but we always go aroud 1 or 2 in the morning There is a long tunnel that runs through the middle of it and we always park by the “no stopping in tunnel” sign and run up and down the tunnel in the dark. We walk to the end of the tunnel and lay on the roadway to star gaze most days too. Totally illegal! But is is a way Crazy sensory deprivation experience!

  29. Debbie

    Yup, sure did. At the ripe age of about 39! I was an executive chef at a well known local restaurant. The front of the house manager brought his newly purchased paintball gun into the restaurant to show everyone his new toy. It was in the evening and he took some employees out on the back dock to watch him shoot his gun. Well, I really wanted to try, so I was pretty convincing and he let me. There were street lights in this back parking area and I shot out one of the lights without even aiming and it made a huge noise-both the gun and breaking glass. I ran inside and swore the police were going to show up any minute because I assumed someone from one of the adjoining businesses would have called the police. They never showed!! lol

  30. theCHERIEmint

    My friend and I ate our order off the tray on the counter at McDonalds’ because we didn’t have enough cash on us, while pretending we were waiting for a friend who was coming with money. Oh wait. That was Paris and Nicole on the Simple Life.

  31. Jasper

    Once, a friend and I used a water powered fire extinguisher to wet all the walls of a train car then stuck all the topless page 3 girls from the british newspapers to the windows! To say the least, some people were quite astonished to see their train pull up at the next station. XP

  32. Christine

    I helped “close” 8 Starbucks in downtown S.F. with soapy windows and for lease signs and a “message from Starbucks Corporation” stating they were closing to make room for local coffee bars.

    I also touched (then mayor) Gavin Newsom’s hair. Not technically illegal, but I still made a fast exit.

  33. Rea

    jumped off from a bridge with a rope in the middle of the capital of hungary

  34. Janice Dunn

    I may have driven by a construction site and unburdened them of a few bricks that were scattered about in what may or may not have been a pile. I used them to trim a great firepit I had just built in my yard. Weeks later when I drove by the area again the front of the building had taken shape at the construction site and it was clearly a church. From then on we always referred to the fire pit as our holy fire. The going to hell in a handbasket jokes went on all summer. :)

  35. Aime

    I took my dog for a walk on a Sunday afternoon while my neighbors were out. My dog had to go “number two” and went in their yard. In my neighborhood, it is required to pick up after your pets. I left my dog’s present in their yard and continued on my way.

  36. Michelle

    I had not had the impulse prior to (or since!) :
    Was shopping for a Mother’s Day gift at the mall when I saw a store display featuring a CD that I often rented from the library. It was getting sort of tiresome to have to go back in every two weeks and re-check it (in the days before online check out!). It was on sale in store and thought I should just break down and buy it. Before walking to the counter, I went around the corner of the aisle to look at something else and the CD accidentally slid from my hand and into the bag I was holding. I instantly had the urge to fish it out, but the devil inside me noticed that there was no one who could have seen and that no store sensors would out me. I pretended to look for a few more seconds and then strolled out –five finger discount acquired!

    The CD: The Very Best of Ella Fitzgerald. Gangsta. Mom would have been proud.

  37. Emily Loo

    I was ten and an avid collector of stationary. I decided to be badass and steal an eraser from a local stationary shop, mission impossible style.

  38. cristina

    As a teenager, my friends and I snuck into my friend’s house while she and her parents were out of town and threw a little party. We got caught (of course) because their decrepit dog Cookie somehow escaped and ran straight over to the neighbor who was feeding him while they were away. It didn’t help our cause that we failed to clean up thoroughly and left behind a beer bottle cap or two.

  39. Jess

    this looks awesome!

  40. Dimon

    I love street art like this. Great stuff!

  41. Dimon

    Oh, and I jaywalk. Alllll the time.

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