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Blik’s Picks: Top Ten of the Year

What a year! 2010 has flown by and before the year goes out with a bang, we wanted to give props to the Blik wall graphics that made our year. We asked 10 Blik staffers to tell us their favorite graphic of 2010.

1. Scott, Blik co-founder

The entire line of Atari graphics: Centipede, Pong and Asteroids.

“My personal love of Atari started out when I was a kid with the Atari 2600, so being able to launch these three classic games was a dream come true.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

2. Jerinne, Blik co-founder

Night Owls by Amy Ruppel

“As a Portland native, I connect with Amy’s work. Her nature themes are so much a part of growing up in the Northwest.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

3. Nick, Operations Manager/Custom Projects Manager

I Never Saw the Sign by David Bray

“Dark and Sexy, YES PLEASE.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

4. Paul, Designer

Mega Man Re-Stik

“I worked on designing the Mega Man graphic from start to finish (helping Mega Man leap from screens to walls) which is why this Capcom classic is my pick for 2010.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

5. Ryan, Designer


“My first day at Blik I covered our walls with the 8 bit shapes. The product impressed me with it’s ability to transform a large space so quickly and easily. Instant art installations? I knew I was with the right company.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

6. Uly, Shipping Manager

The Helium Menagerie from Threadless

“A fun, clean design with a dash of humor.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

7. Cody, Social Media

Socket Light by Mina Javid

“My pick is Socket Light in charcoal with an Inca bulb. They have a classic look and make me feel like I’m in a cool urban loft.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

8. Heather, Public Relations & Marketing

Punctuation Flowers by 2×4

“I love Punctuation Flowers’ abstract pops of color and typography roots. The graphics speak louder than anything else in the room.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

9. Eduardo, Production

Super Mario Bros. Re-Stik

“My pick is Super Mario Bros – a classic game brought to life.”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

10. Christy, Customer Service Superstar

Untitled Heart by Keith Haring

“I have to give it up for Untitled Heart by Keith Haring. Not only was Keith my first crush in 1984, but I think the design is all about finding true love out on the dance floor, and who doesn’t want that?”

Bliks Picks: Top Ten of the Year

2 Responses

  1. A Casa da Va

    Love the ‘I NEVER SAW THE SIGN’ decal!

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