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Blik’s Biggest Fan + Lomography World Tour Auction Winner

As you may remember, the Lomography Diana World Tour was in LA at the Lomography Gallery Store from Oct 14 to Nov 14. Artists from all over Los Angeles contributed to the project by reinventing a Lomo camera. Blik designed “Diana’s Autopsy,” a wall graphic that was auctioned off to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Venice. One lucky winner, Steven Moran, was the highest bidder and took home our custom Lomo graphic.

We’ve named Steven our #1 Blik fan because he owns several of our graphics including of Montreal Skeletal Lamping, The Ugly Duckling, and Tree Town. He has also participated in multiple giveaways. But what’s your only complaint Steven?

“I think I’m running out of space, I may only have room for two more Blik designs. Sad times – I might need to get a bigger place!”

Yep, Steven it’s settled. You need a bigger place. Great job on the Diana Autopsy install!

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Bliks Biggest Fan + Lomography World Tour Auction Winner

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