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Art Heals: Manifest Equality Opens

Art Heals: Manifest Equality Opens

Manifest Equality Shop graphics

Art Heals: Manifest Equality Opens

Equality Arrow

Art Heals: Manifest Equality Opens

Spray-painted mural by Retna, El Mac & Kofie

As Manifest Equality prepares for its VIP opening tonight, we are thrilled to present a sneak peek of the space. Blik proudly transformed the raw space into a massive pop-up art exhibition that goes live tonight with events continuing through Sunday.

We created the exterior banner for the giant sign outside; a quote “with certain unalienable rights, that among these are … liberty and the pursuit of happiness” that wraps around the interior of the space (pictured); interior and exterior graphics for the onsite shop; the logo/entrance wall that proclaims Manifest Equality’s mission statement and an exterior “Equality” arrow on Vine (pictured.)

“Being a part of Manifest Equality has been a tremendous experience for Blik,” said Scott Flora, co-founder of Blik. “The high caliber of artists involved have created an inspiring visual call to action that speak volumes about the fight for equal rights.”

The Manifest Equality gallery will be open to the public, March 3-7. Visit for more details.

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  1. Janette Redd Williams

    It’s called “Manifest Equality” and there’s a VIP night? How exactly does that “manifest equality”?

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