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if walls could talk

if walls could talkif walls could talk
if walls could talk

Being the decor commitment phobes that we are, we understand how daunting your bare, naked walls can be. Especially those bright white ones. They want to be happy just like everyone else (that’s what they tell us, anyway). You could paint them, but do you really want to? Will your landlord let you? Master scrapbook designer, Noel Culbertson, recently struggled with similar questions and decided to dress up her large white walls with blik Iron Vines. We thought you might find inspiration in her insights and beautiful photo journal of the installation process on her blog paperpassionpixels. It’s a fun makeover that will show you how simple it is to blik your space. We think her wall looks happier, don’t you? And if you’re a scrapbook-er, be sure to check out her striking designs.

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