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blik gets a daily dose from domino

blik gets a daily dose from domino
One of our favorite magazines, domino, gave us some amazing praise this week. We are feeling a little flushed by the highlight from The Deal Hunter, Nick Olsen–who, coincidentally, has an architecture background just like blik co-owner, Scott Flora. If you aren’t already in-the-know, domino is a style magazine centered on home, “the most important expression of who you are and how you live.” It’s tailored for fashion-conscious people who are always on the look out for the “best-designed items.” Design consultant and personal shopper wrapped up into one cool magazine, domino is one of the freshest voices in house and home publications. So take a peek if you don’t already subscribe. And be sure to read the rest of Nick’s blurb on blik. Thanks, domino!
blik in domino daily dose

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